Darin MacNamara was a minor antagonist during season 1 Angel.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Darin and his brother, Jack, operated XXI, an underground fighting ring where captured demons and vampires were forced to fight for the amusement and betting of L.A.'s social elite. In order to quell rebellions, the brothers encouraged competition between the demons by offering freedom as a reward for any combatant who won 21 fights. The brothers also invented a special type of magic shackle to keep their demon slaves contained. Anyone who wore one of the shackles would be incapable of passing through several magical barriers scattered across the fighting arena, lest they be painfully disintegrated. Their operation was secretly backed by the law firm Wolfram & Hart, which both helped finance the brothers' business and represented them in court.

In early 2000, Darin and Jack decided to capture Angel and force him to fight in their ring, both because of the business that his infamy could bring and because they considered they'd be repaying Wolfram & Hart for their patronage, since the ensouled vampire had proven to be a threat to the firm's interests in the past.

This plot turned out to be the brothers' undoing. While taunting Angel with his predicament, Jack got taken hostage by the vampire, who tried to use him as a bargaining chip so he could liberate himself and all the other enslaved demons. Darin, more concerned with his business than his family, shot his own brother dead to remove Angel's human shield and let the guards tranquilize him. Now seeing the vampire as a threat, Darin sent him to fight Val Trepkos, the most powerful demon in the arena, who also only needed one more victory to be free, in the hopes that it would result in both Angel's death and a massively profitable fight. However, with help from Cordelia Chase and Wesley Wyndam-Price, Angel managed to release the slaves from their magic shackles, triggering a revolt against Darin and his goons.

Ultimately, Darin was killed by Trepkos, who fastened one of Darin's own magical shackles around his arm and threw him through one of the magical barriers, burning him up into a pile of dust.

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