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Danny was the human bartender at D'Oblique.


Danny worked as the bartender of D'Oblique, a popular singles bar in Los Angeles. He met the vampire Angel when the two got involved in a bar fight after two patrons insulted Cordelia Chase, whom they believed to be a prostitute. The following night, Danny told Angel about Kevin and Sharon Reichler, two of the bar's patrons who, unbeknownst to Danny, had been used as hosts by a Burrower Demon known as Talamour.

Danny became the host for Talamour after having sex with one of the bar's female patrons. Talamour used Danny's body in its attempt to make Kate Lockley its next host, only to be stopped by Angel. As Danny's body began to decompose due to the demon's presence, Talamour tried to seduce other women, only to be rejected when Danny's skin began to fall apart. Danny finally died when Angel set his body on flames in order to slay the demon.

Afterward, all the deaths caused by Talamour were blamed on Danny.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Obi Ndefo.