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Dames is a Tales short story. It was originally published in Drawing on Your Nightmares one-shot.


A vampire is walking down a road at night, thinking of how he had gotten into that situation. He's a grifter playing cards at a Las Vegas casino, and got into the job not for the money, but the excitement. He saw a beautiful woman getting dragged out of the casino by security guards and followed them. Outside, he confronted them, who drew their guns on him. He easily killed them and, to his surprise, did not frighten the woman. Instead, she urged him to drive her somewhere. She brought him to a cliff in the middle of the desert and, just as he wanted to bite her, she threw him in. She later collected his watch and wallet from what she believed was his corpse. Sometime later, he woke up and climbed out the pit and smoked a cigarette, just as the sun was rising, while he was burning to death.


  • The story was set during the 1940s, but the exact timing is unknown.



  • Unidentified vampire
  • Unidentified dame



Behind the Scenes[]



Unidentified vampire: "I never thought I'd meet a monster smelled like lilacs."