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And you get the Dagger of Lex for free with it! See the inlaid mother of pearl... underneath the black oozing goo?
Buffy Summers[src]

Dagger of Lex was one of the many artifacts available for purchase at the Magic Box.[1] It was eventually used to open the Seal of Danzalthar by Andrew Wells.[2][3]


While working at the magic shop, Buffy Summers used the dagger to stab a Ancient Mummy Hand, as she tried to obtain it for a customer. Stabbing the artifact, though, made her fail to satisfy the costumer and reset the time, as she was being tested by the Trio. In her second attempt, she used the dagger again and cut off its fingers, although still without success.[1]

In 2003, Andrew Wells got possession of the dagger, then with runes added to the blade and the mother of pearl absent from the handle. It was also engraved in the same language as on the Seal of Danzalthar. The inscription read: "The blood which I spill I consecrate to the oldest evil."[3] The First Evil, in the form of Warren Mears, told Andrew to "Drive the words deep into him", so he used it to kill Jonathan Levinson on the Seal.[2]

After the murder, Andrew washed off the blood and left the knife in the cutlery drawer of Buffy's home, explaining that she didn't have any steak knives. Buffy used it to threaten Andrew to get him to confess and repent from the murder of his friend, so his tears would close the Seal again.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • As with many of the weapons seen on the series, this dagger was a found prop purchased from a catalog for use on the show and altered. It is in fact the "Lion Pride Brass Dragon Dagger."[4]



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