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Daddy Issues, Part Two is the seventh issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on February 29, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


Horrors across the London landscape have led Angel and Faith to a certain hot new vampire in the underground scene... Drusilla. She is back in her homeland and feeling better than ever!

While Angel indecisively deals with Dru, Faith must sort out an unexpected guest of her own who promises to rile up her inner turmoil with stories from the past.


Angel reminisces about when he stalked Drusilla in 1860. She was everything he was not; a dutiful daughter, a devout Christian, an unspoiled and innocent girl. With only one look at her, he knew she would become his masterpiece. Angel remembers how he slaughtered her family and how she turned to God for help. But Angelus planted the idea of her being evil into her head, and he killed everyone she turned to for help, convincing her there was no salvation for her. When there was nothing left for him to destroy, he aimed at her mind. He made her insane and then sired her, condemning her for eternity.

In the present, Drusilla tells Angel he knows she always loved having pets, and a friend suggested a Lorophage demon. Normally, these creatures didn't feed on vampires because vampires don't have a soul to feel the trauma and pain for the demon to feed on. But, thanks to Angel, Drusilla has been able to feel pain and trauma even without having a soul. When her new Lorophage friend woke up from hibernation, it nourished itself on every trauma Drusilla had. She can still remember what Angel did to her, but all the fear and pain are now gone. She decided to be like Angel and start helping the helpless. Usually, a Lorophage demon keeps on sucking the victim's trauma until there is nothing left but a corpse, but, with Drusilla's guidance, everybody can be happy. People disabled by fears and ghosts of their pasts now come to Drusilla for help. She took away their pain and, in the process, her pet gets fed too.

Angel doesn't buy it; he knows people are getting crazy hurting one another, and he attacks the Lorophage demon, but the demon easily defends itself. Drusilla says she can't help everyone; some people are too disturbed, but Angel can ask anyone with her. Some of them tell their stories and traumas, thanking Mother Superior for her help. Drusilla explains she had to use another name because she knew Angel was in London and didn't want him to track her until she was ready. And now she was. She also obeys Harmony's rules; the people she heals are so thankful to her that they let her feed on them, just some drops of blood from each, and she doesn't kill humans anymore. And she offers to help Angel overcome the pain from his past. Angel gets mad, puts on his vamp face, and attacks Drusilla. He says she doesn't have a soul and is incapable of doing selfless things. However, Drusilla hasn't killed anymore, and Faith stops him and, looking at the crowd, says they should go. As Faith and Angel leave, Drusilla says she is waiting for him to come back when he is ready.

Outside, Faith and Angel start arguing; Angel wants to stop Drusilla, but Faith reminds him they need a reason to start a war. He says they have a reason; Drusilla drives people crazy taking their emotions away, which are what makes them humans. He blames himself for abusing her and turning her into an abuser. Faith disagrees because people go to Drusilla voluntarily. It is not their job to interfere when people want to do that, and some people seem pretty good next to Drusilla.

Suddenly, Faith sees her father waiting for her. She quickly hides her weapon behind her back. Pat tries to touch her face, but she pulls back and asks what he is doing here. He says he is different now; he has been sober asks for a second chance to fix things between them. Faith doesn't believe him and walks away. When she reaches back to Angel, he tells her he didn't smell alcohol on her father. Faith tells Angel he should be the last one trying to give her any advice about parents because he has avoided his child every time Connor has called him. Angel says that was the best thing to do because he swore to give Connor the best life he could offer, which Angel realized is a life away from him. Angel tells Faith he could never change what he is, but her father could. Faith runs after her father.

Alone, Angel walks to an abandoned house at the East End. Inside, he finds Drusilla where he slaughtered her family. All those years, she could hear their screams in her head over and over again, but now she can return and is considering buying it. Angel apologizes for what he did to her. Dru says she was just a stupid girl believing her gift to see the future was a curse, and she would have had a terrible life if he hadn't sired her. She is finally free because Angel set her free, and she wants to return the favor to him. The Lorophage demon attacks Angel, trying to suck out his pain. Angel says this isn't freedom but lobotomy and tries to fight off the demon, who is much stronger than him. The demon stops when Drusilla commands it to through her hypnosis. She says she misses the screams and the pain she used to cause to her victims, but one must move on and not hold on to the past. And so must Angel, but she will give Angel the choice he never gave her and won't change him until he asks for it.

Dru tears up Angel's shirt and says her mind isn't the only thing that's clearer, but her sight as well. She sees the Tooth of Ammut, the devourer of souls, attached to Angel's right nipple. Even with the end of magic, it still works as a magnet for fragments of the spirit, and Angel has merged it with his flesh. Dru understands his plan: when he finds the pieces of Giles' soul, the only place they get to go is inside Angel. She then warns about adding a third voice when he already has Angel and Angelus living inside him. As Angel leaves, and Drusilla offers her help again; she can take away his pain for killing Giles before it goes too far, and she knows better than anyone what it is like to hear voices in your head.

Meanwhile, Pat is amazed at everything that now belongs to Faith. She tries to justify the weapons in her house, but her father already knows she is a Slayer and is proud of her. He shows her his chip of being sober for the last six months and says he hopes for a new start with his daughter. Faith's phone rings and she has to leave for an emergency. Alone, Pat answers his phone and goes through Giles' collection as he says: "Don't worry, sire, you're gonna get exactly what you asked for."


  • Faith previously mentions her father when she said, "Dad might as well be a ghost," in No Future for You, Part Two.
  • Drusilla claims that Angelus is inside Angel and always talks to him, trying to get him to do evil things which Angel denies. Angelus said something similar in "Orpheus."
  • Drusilla warns Angel of the risks of having "three voices" inside his head. Her prediction will come true when Angel gathers Giles' soul entirely, causing him to shift erratically between the inhabitants and go insane (Death and Consequences, Part Four and Spike and Faith).
  • Pat's casual reaction to Faith being a Slayer contrasts from Joyce's harsh reaction to when Buffy came out as a Slayer in "Becoming, Part Two."
  • Drusilla discovers Angel's solution to bringing back Giles, explaining the odd Giles mannerisms he had portrayed in Live Through This, Part Four.



Organizations and titles[]





Death count[]

  • Drusilla's entire family, killed by Angelus (in flashbacks).
  • Several nuns, killed by Angelus (in flashbacks).
  • Unnamed cashier, shot and then fed on by Angel (in flashbacks).

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Drusilla: "Nothing that goes on here should affect your delicate sensibilities. You're stuck in the past, Angel. But you don't need to be. It can't hurt you anymore. All that crushing guilt. Two hundred years' worth. I don't know how you get out of bed each day. Let me take the burden from you."
Angel: "No. You have no soul. You're not capable of doing anything selfless."
Angel: "Faith... it's none of my business but just so you know. I don't smell alcohol on him."
Faith: "Okay, he's a sober bum. Halle-friggin-lujah. Drop it, Angel. No way am I taking family advice you. How many times has your kid called? And how many times have you blown him off?"
Angel: "For his own good. All I ever did was get him hurt. Cost him his childhood and the closest thing he ever had to family. When Connor was born I swore I'd give him the best life I could. I finally realized that meant staying the hell out of it. He's a man now, with his own life. And he's a lot better off without me in it."
Faith: "Sure, that's easy to see from the other side of the damn world. "
Angel: "Faith... you're a grown woman. Do what you want. All I'm saying is, I can't change what I am. Your father can."
Angel: "I'm sorry... what I did to you... what I took from you..."
Drusilla: "Oh, stop. I was a stupid little girl who believed my second sight was a curse. What sort of life would I have had? Shut away in a nunnery, slowly shriveling up? Ministering to lepers? Praying to a God that who couldn't be arsed whether I lived or died? I'm precisely where I should be. You set me free, Angel. Let me do the same to you. "
Drusilla: "Angelus your human friends imagine him as an evil thing locked away in a vault, who only creeps out if you lose your soul. But I know better. He's always there. Talking to you."
Angel: "That's not true. "
Drusilla: "Of course it is. Like a devil on your shoulder, whispering evil, tempting things... and my, he's a persuasive one, isn't he? He never had trouble getting into my knickers."
Angel: "Angelus doesn't exist. Not as long as I have a soul. It's been that way for over a century."
Drusilla: "Has it really, Angel? Or has there been the odd little slip? Shall we look into your mind and see? Back in the seventies, when that cashier was shot in front of you. When you fed on the blood pumping out the last of his life. Who was urging you on?"
Angel: "That's enough. And it doesn't matter. I'm good at ignoring people. I'm doing it right now. Goodbye, Drusilla."
Drusilla: " I can take the guilt away. Fix it so you can live with killing that poncy librarian. Let me help you, Angel. Before this goes too far. I know what it's like to have voices in your head. Three is too many. The day will come when you can't keep them quiet anymore. And oh, what a bad day that will be."
Pat: "Pumpkin. C'mon. Don't scam a scammer. I know you're one'a those girls. Warrior princesses."
Faith: "It's 'Slayers,' Dad. How'd you—"
Pat: "When I seen 'em on T.V., I figured it out pretty quick. Explained a lot. Kind of a relief, actually, knowin' the stuff I saw back in the day wasn't D.T.S."
Faith: "So, you're not, like... freaked out?"
Pat: "At what? That my little girl can kick anyone's ass? I wanna have a friggin' party."