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Daddy Issues, Part Three is the eighth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on March 28, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


Faith faces off against a troubled Slayer and the Irish mob, which is no easy task with a visitor from her past clouding her thoughts! Even with support from Angel, will Faith be able to maintain her sanity and follow her new righteous path or will she take the easy route and fall back on her old, murderous tendencies?

Angel & Faith series writer Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) and series artist Rebekah Isaacs (DV8) are bringing the blood and the pain!


Nadira fights six of her fellow Slayers when Faith arrives and provokes Nadira to fight her instead. Faith tells her that fighting them is not the way to forget how Pearl and Nash killed her squad, and Nadira replies she was attacked and had to defend herself, just like she has to do now with Faith. Another slayer says Nadira has been beating anyone available, vampires, demons, and even humans because nobody can tell her where Pearl and Nash are. Faith promised Nadira she would find them, but weeks have passed.

Faith doesn't let a Slayer stop their fight, which continues until Faith holds Nadira down and tells her she has survivor's guilt. As Nadira cries, Faith tells her she will avenge her sisters faster with he fellow Slayer than by sending her friends away. Faith suggests a way to stop her pain without taking away her memories. Nadira punches Faith and argues she wants to feel the hurt and the guilt so that she will be able to make sure it never happens again. Faith warns Nadira will be dead too if she continues like that. Nadira walks away, saying she needs people she can trust and thought Faith was one of them.

Faith meets Angel outside of their home. They hear things breaking inside and find Faith's father, Pat, smashing bottles of wine to avoid drinking them. He tells Faith he is in trouble; Pat owes money to a guy from the Irish mod named Handsome Jimmy, who is after him. Disappointed, Faith realizes money is the reason her father came to her. Pat says the main reason is because he wants to repair his relationship with his daughter, but he doesn't want money, he wants Faith to kill Jimmy. Faith argues she kills demons and vampires only, but her father knows her past and that she lives with a vampire. He says Jimmy won't stop and she has to kill him for both of them. Faith tells him to get out of her house, but Jimmy already found him.

Handsome Jimmy and his minions arrive outside the house. Angel gives him 200.000 to cover the debt and tells Jimmy never to bother them again. However, Jimmy knows Faith is rich and has no intention of letting go of an opportunity after her father caused him a lot of headaches over the years. Angel puts on his vampire face to scare them, but the mob people attack Faith and shoots Angel in the chest. Injured, Angel is unable to defend himself, and the mob tries to shoot him in the head to blow it off. Without thinking, Faith grabs her sword and cuts off Jimmy's hand. Angel tries to stop the bleeding and help Handsome Jimmy while Faith stands stunned. Angel tells Jimmy's minions how to take care of his injury and threatens them not to say anything about it to the police. Finally, Angel warns them to take the money, go back to Boston, and never to bother them again, or they'll deal with him, or worse, Faith.

Back in the house, Pat happily asks if the screaming means Faith and Angel killed the guys. Faith grabs him and asks him what he did for the guy, and her father says he did whatever he had to do to raise her. Faith tells him again to get out of her house. Pat says she is no better than him and, just because she has money now, it doesn't mean she has changed. Faith hits her father and, cursing him, says she is what he made her. She tells him that all her life she has been desperate for a family; the father figure she found in Sunnydale wanted to kill the whole city, and he was still more of a father for her than her real dad. She says she even killed for him and has tried to believe she is a different person. Crying, Faith grabs Pat by the neck, telling him he is the one responsible for the person she is, and wonders why she should try to change because she never will. Angel steps in, and Faith lets her father go. Angel throws Pat out of the house, threatening him if he ever contacts his daughter again. When he goes back inside, he realizes Faith has left.

Angel tries to find Faith, but her Slayers are killing zompires without her. Meanwhile, Faith reaches Drusilla, who knew she was coming. Faith says she is tired of feeling how she feels and doesn't want to let people hurt her and for her to hurt anyone else. Angel runs to the church and sees Faith at the mercy of the Lorophage demon, asking Drusilla to take her pain away.




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Death count[]

  • One zompire, staked by a Slayer.

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Faith: "I get it. It's rough. But this isn't about them. You've got survivor's guilt. Bad. You don't think you deserve friends so you're running them all off. Better that than they figure out what a piece of crap you really are and leave, right? I've been there. It's no fun. It's also stupid and selfish. How d'you think you'll find Pearl and Nash faster? Alone, or with any army of slayers helping out? You really want to avenge your sisters or just throw pitch fits?"
Nadira: "I want it to stop."
Nadira: "I want it to hurt. I want to hold onto exactly how it felt to watch them die. I want it to eat at me until I avenge them. Then eat at me some more so I make bloody sure it never happens again."
Jimmy: "Who's this, your fella? Kind of a pretty boy, ain't he?"
Angel: "And you're a bad Irish stereotype."
Faith: "I'm what you made me, you son of a bitch! All my life! Letting people use me! 'Cause I'm so desperate for a family they can taste it! You should've seen the daddy figure I picked in Sunnydale. He wanted to wipe out the whole damn town. And he was still more of a father to me than you! I killed for him without thinking twice! Been trying to kid myself that was a different person... then you show up. You're right. I know what I am. 'Cause of you. And nothing I do will change that. So why even try?"
Drusilla: "You're certain."
Faith: "Hell yes. I can't... I can't do this anymore. Work so hard to get past it... go through all that pain... and the same pathetic daddy issues knock me right back to the starting line. I don't want anyone to be able to do that to me. I don't want to hurt anymore. I don't want to hurt anyone else. Just take it all away."