"Daddy Issues, Part Four" was the ninth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series.


Angel, with his shirt still ripped in half, rushed into the church to save Faith who was willingly at the mercy of the Lorophage Demon demon. He attacked the demon and started talking to her to get her back to her senses.

But, unfortunately, as Drusilla told him, it was too late. The Lorophage Demon had already done his job and had removed all of Faith's trauma. She remembered everything but she didn't care anymore. The little voice inside her that was reminding her that she deserved every little thing had now gone. But everything had gone. Faith felt "five by five" even for the innocent professor she killed some years ago. Angel tried to make her understand her mistake.

Faith told Angel that he was missing the point. One, not everyone had his capacity for self-flagellation and two, even if Faith regretted it, it was too late. Angel attacked the Lorophage Demon in an attempt to restore Faith's emotions, but Drusilla defended the demon and started fighting Angel. She wouldn't be again a shattered helpless thing like he was. Angel informer her that what she couldn't see was that they were already broken but in different ways than they used to be. Disagreeing with him, Drusilla, the Lorophage Demon, and the people attacked Angel and captured him. Faith told them not to kill him, but Drusilla intended to use the Lorophage's abilities on him rather than ending his life.

Faith came to her senses and helped Angel kill the Lorophage Demon, freeing Faith, Drusilla, and Drusilla's followers from its effect. Angel turned to Faith to see if she was okay, but was rebuffed, and their conversation was angrily interrupted by Drusilla's re-traumatized followers attacking them.

Angel and Faith escaped from the premises and Angel made another attempt to console Faith. The conversation drifted into Faith getting Angel to admit that he'd been on a quest to revivify Giles. Faith agreed to assist him on this journey, and they went back to Giles' house while Angel ruminated on Drusilla.


The story was set after "Live Through This", but before "Women of a Certain Age".

  • While trying to get through to Faith, Angel reminded her of when she had asked him to kill her and had tortured Wesley, completely broken and desperate in "Five by Five". Flashbacks of this were also shown.
  • Drusilla's vision of a dark future refers to many of the future events throughout the season. "The pieces come together in your heart. Too many voices. All the broken children cutting each other like shards of glass" was a reference to Angel's compete gathering of Giles' soul and temporary insanity that had befallen him in Spike and Faith. "The ghosts of the past will come to visit you again" could be a reference to Whistler and Harold Jones.
  • Faith remained shaken and partially distrusting after the mess with her father but she then seemed to have regained her determination to atone for herself.



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Pop Culture References

  • Drusilla referenced S&M.
  • Driven into insanity again, Drusilla mumbled "All the king's horses and all the king's men" (a reference to nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty and "The drake in the field and the white coach", an allusion to another nursery rhyme.


Faith - " I ... I feel ... I feel great. I mean, I remember it all. My dad, The Mayor, everything they did to me ... but I don't care. That jones for a family that always gets me burned ... that little voice saying I deserve every crappy thing ever done to me ... it's gone. "
Angel - " The memories I've what I've done are agony. The weight's like a physical thing crushing me ... and keeping me from doing it again. If there is some part of Angelus inside me, this is what keeps him locked away. It's what pushes me to do whatever I can to atone. That kind of pain's not a traffic ticket. Something you try to get out of. It's what you fight through so you can become stronger. The shortcut you took didn't make you better. It made you less. The woman who came to L.A. and tortured Wesley ... who tried to get me to kill her ... that desperate, broken girl ... that's who I'd expect to give up like this. Not you. "
Drusilla - " That's quite enough of that sort of talk. (dodges Angel's sword) You want everyone to be like you! (strikes him) A shattered, helpless thing! I will never be like that again! (claws him) None of us will! "
Angel - " They already are. You just broke them in different ways. "
Angel - " Drusilla, they'll listen to you. Call them off. Drusilla, I can still help you. "
Drusilla - " Help me? Poor thing. There's not enough help for you. Now I'm myself again, I've skipped ahead in the book. And oh, the awful pictures. It's coming, you see ... for both of us. The pieces come together in your heart. Too many voices. All the broken children, cutting each other like shards of glass. Oh, oh, oh, the places you'll go. The ghosts of the past come to visit you again. And me as well. (moves towards church door) All the king's horses and all the king's men, together in the bath ... the drake in the field and the white coach ... (exits church) It's time to go, Angel. I am gone. I can't help you now. It's all torn apart. We're torn apart. In the end, we are alone. "
Faith - " I'm not sure what I believe anymore. But I'll tell you what I know. You don't give up on people. And you're right. I don't either. So let's do this thing. "
Angel - " You mean--
Faith - " I'm in. Drinking the Kool-aid on board the resurrection train. So let's have at it. The whole nine. "
Faith - " Hold on. What I said about us not giving up ... I didn't mean Drusilla. Soulless, okay. Crazy, I can work with. But soulless and crazy ... that's a bridge too far. The chick's a mess. "
Angel - " Yeah. She is. But before she met me, she was beautiful. "