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Daddy Issues, Part Four is the ninth issue of the Angel & Faith comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on April 25, 2012, by Dark Horse Comics.


Still reeling from her father's unexpected appearance, Faith goes rogue, taking on Drusilla and her pet demon. It's time to burn off some anger. Angel is hot on her tail, but he may be too late to save her from Dru, and ultimately herself.


Angel rushes into the church to save Faith, who is willingly at the mercy of the Lorophage demon. He attacks the demon and starts talking to her to get her back to her senses. However, Drusilla tells him it is too late; the Lorophage demon has already removed all of Faith's trauma. Faith says she remembers everything but doesn't care anymore, and the little voice telling her that she deserved everything bad that happened to her is gone. Angel asks how she feels about killing the innocent professor some years ago and tries to make Faith understand her mistake, saying the pain from his memories keep him from repeating them and pushes him to atone.

Drusilla tells Angel he is missing the point: not everyone has his capacity for self-flagellation and, even if Faith regrets it, it is too late. Angel asks if the Lorophage demon can restore Faith's emotions, and Drusilla starts fighting Angel, saying she and anyone else won't be a shattered helpless thing again. Angel argues they already are broken, only in different ways than they used to be. The Lorophage demon punches Angel and members of the cult hold him. Faith asks them to let Angel go, but Drusilla explains they will only fix Angel like they fixed her.

Faith watches Angel struggle until she decides to help him. Faith accuses Drusilla of using her, and Drusilla insists she won't give up on "saving" Angel. Together, Angel and Faith fight off Drusilla and the cultist attacking them. Angel's sword breaks on the Lorophage demon's chest, and the demon goes on to insert its claws into Angel's brain. Turning the demon's hands into its own head, Angel apologizes Drusilla. The process frees Faith, Drusilla, and the cultists followers from its effect. Drusilla cries in despair until she absorbs her insanity back, and she happily hugs Angel. Angel turns to check Faith, and she harshly rebuffs him; she knows he had to do it, but she needs him to leave her alone.

As the re-traumatized cultists understand what happened, some of them attack Angel and Faith. Angel asks Drusilla to help them and offers to help her too, but she talks in riddles about a bleak future and runs into the night. Angel and Faith escape the angry crowd, and Angel consoles Faith. She understands him and asks about the fragment of Giles' soul Angel absorbed from the Highgate Vampire, revealing she noticed the Tooth of Ammut on him. Faith agrees to assist him on his journey to resurrect Giles, but says she can't deal with a crazy and soulless Drusilla. Angel agrees Drusilla is a mess, but says that, before she met him, she was beautiful.




Organizations and titles[]




Death count[]

  • The Highgate Vampire, forced by Angel to absorb himself.

Behind the scenes[]


Pop culture references[]

  • Drusilla mumbles, "All the king's horses and all the king's men," quoting to the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty.



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Faith: "I... I feel... I feel great. I mean, I remember it all. My dad, the Mayor, everything they did to me... but I don't care. That jones for a family that always gets me burned... that little voice saying I deserve every crappy thing ever done to me... it's gone."
Angel: "The memories I've what I've done are agony. The weight's like a physical thing crushing me... and keeping me from doing it again. If there is some part of Angelus inside me, this is what keeps him locked away. It's what pushes me to do whatever I can to atone. That kind of pain's not a traffic ticket. Something you try to get out of. It's what you fight through so you can become stronger. The shortcut you took didn't make you better. It made you less. The woman who came to L.A. and tortured Wesley... who tried to get me to kill her... that desperate, broken girl... that's who I'd expect to give up like this. Not you."
Drusilla: "That's quite enough of that sort of talk. You want everyone to be like you! A shattered, helpless thing! I will never be like that again! None of us will!"
Angel: "They already are. You just broke them in different ways."
Faith: "I'm not sure what I believe anymore. But I'll tell you what I know. You don't give up on people. And you're right. I don't either. So let's do this thing."
Angel: "You mean—"
Faith: "I'm in. Drinking the Kool-aid on board the resurrection train. So let's have at it. The whole nine."
Faith: "Hold on. What I said about us not giving up... I didn't mean Drusilla. Soulless, okay. Crazy, I can work with. But soulless and crazy... that's a bridge too far. The chick's a mess."
Angel: "Yeah. She is. But before she met me, she was beautiful."