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Behold D'Hoffryn! Lord of Arashmaharr, he that turns the air to blood and rains death upon— Miss Rosenberg! How lovely to see you again.

D'Hoffryn was a lower being and leader of the vengeance demons.[1]


Creating Anyanka[]

Selfless dHoffryn

D'Hoffryn recruits Aud.

In Sjornjost, Sweden, 880, the act of vengeance of a woman named Aud against her lover Olaf gained the attention of D'Hoffryn. Impressed, he offered her a position as vengeance demon and identified her true name as Anyanka. She accepted and became the Patron Saint of Scorned Women.[2]

In 1998, Anyanka was robbed of her powers by an alternate version of the Watcher Giles while attempting to exact vengeance on behalf of Cordelia Chase.[3] D'Hoffryn refused to help her, leaving Anya stuck as a human again.[4]

Recruiting Willow[]

D'Hoffryn attempted to convince the young witch Willow to become a vengeance demon after Oz left her. The break-up caused her to cast a spell that resulted in her accidentally making Giles blind, turning Xander into a demon magnet, and Spike and Buffy becoming engaged.[1]

D'Hoffryn was impressed by Willow's fury and the chaos it caused, so he forcibly teleported her to his dimension Arashmaharr to complete the conversion. Willow declined the offer — although she did request D'Hoffryn's help in ending the spell —, but D'Hoffryn left D'Hoffryn's talisman to summon him in case she changed her mind.[1]

Anya's dilemma[]


D'Hoffryn with Halfrek at Anya's wedding.

Two years later, D'Hoffryn was a guest at the failed wedding of Anya and Xander. While acting almost father-like during the wedding, after Xander left Anya at the altar, D'Hoffryn convinced her to become a vengeance demon once again.[5]

Anya's second stint as a vengeance demon was short-lived, her time as a human made her uncomfortable about unleashing vengeance like she had before, and during a confrontation between Anya and Buffy, Willow used the talisman D'Hoffryn had left her to help put a stop to the fighting. D'Hoffryn asked Anya what she wanted, and she said that she wanted to reverse the vengeance she had exacted which had caused a massacre at a frat house. D'Hoffryn granted her wish, telling her that it would require the sacrifice of a vengeance demon's body and soul. Believing she was about to die, Anya was resigned to her fate only to watch helplessly as D'Hoffryn summoned her friend Halfrek and immolated her instead. D'Hoffryn then left, disgusted with Anya, though not before rendering her human again and leaving the warning: "From beneath you, it devours."[6]

Despite his philosophy, "Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain,"[6] D'Hoffryn sent at least two demon assassins after Anya. They were both defeated, respectively by Buffy[7] and Spike.[8]

Magic Council[]


Having a board meeting with Anya, Jonathan and the other vengeance demons.

Preceding the end of magic, D'Hoffryn joined the Magic Council meant to deal with the growing threat of Severin the Siphon.[9] He, along with the Brahma, was one of only two members of the council to survive the destruction of the Deeper Well and witness the return of magic.[10]

Although D'Hoffryn collaborated with Buffy and the Scoobies to write up new rules about how the Magic Council would maintain the new rules of magic, it was later revealed that he had worked in a crucial clause to their rules; while the Scoobies had stated that each member of the council would have a particular power tied to their position, D'Hoffryn included a loophole that another member would inherit those powers if a Council member was killed until a replacement could be appointed, thus allowing him to eliminate the rest of the Council and take their powers for himself.[citation needed]

It was also revealed that D'Hoffryn created a ghostly copy of Anya that had been haunting Xander, considering her what Anya should have been after she felt rejected at Xander's decision to follow Dawn into another reality rather than stay with her. He is also allied himself with a fully-restored copy of Jonathan as part of his campaign, with Jonathan's vendetta against the Scoobies helping to refine D'Hoffryn's actions by giving him actual wishes to grant.[citation needed]



Buffy kills a weakened D'Hoffryn.

D'Hoffryn's intention was to free the power of vengeance demons from the whims of humans. However, Buffy prevented D'Hoffryn from being able to write in the handbook himself by telling various members of the magical community to not believe in D'Hoffryn's powers. D'Hoffryn quickly concluded that he should eliminate Buffy, so he stormed her apartment along with Jonathan, Anya's ghost and two other vengeance demons. D'Hoffryn scorned Xander for breaking Anya's heart, and Xander retorted that D'Hoffryn never cared for her from the beginning. D'Hoffryn then allowed Anya have her say, and she uses her power to avenge herself by incinerating Xander so he'd then be the ghost.[11]

However, as Buffy began to regret her decision to bestow such powers to the council, Anya granted Buffy's vengeance wish to remove all of D'Hoffryn's council powers. Anya then brought Xander back - having simply turned him into an intangible, invisible, and inaudible state rather than actually killing him -, and D'Hoffryn threatened the Scoobies with his remaining powers. Anya tried to use her powers to protect them, but D'Hoffryn burnt her to death. For betraying one of his own, Johnathan and the other vengeance demons teleported away to leave D'Hoffryn to face the Scoobies alone. Despite D'Hoffryn's confidence in his great power, Buffy cut his hand off with the Scythe, which caused him to immediately teleport back to Arashmaharr to get his limb regenerated.[12]

The Scoobies teleported after him in the dimension's medical center, using Dawn's key powers which were restored by the Slayer Handbook, which D'Hoffryn had left behind during the assault. D'Hoffryn attempted to bribe his way out by offering to grant each Scooby a wish. They all saw through this, knowing that there would always be a catch. Willow and Giles used magic to hold D'Hoffryn down while Buffy struck him with her scythe, beheading and killing him.[12]

Personality and traits[]

Haven't I taught you anything, Anya? Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain.

D'Hoffryn seemed gentle and kind, particularly towards the women he sought to recruit as vengeance demons,[1][2] to which he presented himself in a fatherly manner.[5] He showed a charismatic and charming personality and took pride in his demon's actions as a parent would with their kids.[2]

Nonetheless, beneath his friendly demeanor, D'Hoffryn remained a somewhat sadistic demon who obtained satisfaction by witnessing the suffering of others. He also had little tolerance for rejection, and, fittingly, was very vengeful, as demonstrated by killing Anya's best friend[2] then sending assassins after her to punish Anya for renouncing being a vengeance demon.[7][8]

Powers and abilities[]

As a lower being, D'Hoffryn was powerful entity with a range of mystical abilities. According to him, he possessed enough innate power to wipe out the entire Scooby Gang alone.[citation needed]

Wish-granting: ​Like all other vengeance demons, D'Hoffryn could grant the wishes of humans.[citation needed]

D'hoffryn electro teleport


Teleportation: D'Hoffryn could freely teleport between Arashmaharr and the Earth dimensions, as well as take others with him. When teleporting to a destination, he would appear after a bright light with several bolts of lightning that were capable of pushing back anyone close by. He didn't always teleport like this, as he was shown teleporting out in a similar fashion to his vengeance demons. If he wanted to teleport others he would wave his hand and the person is teleported to the desired location, like he did with Willow to teleport her from Arashmahar to her friends. This was distinct from the ability of his vengeance demons, who were incapable of teleporting others along with themselves.[citation needed]

Portal creation: D'hoffryn had the power to open portals to other dimensions by burning a hole in the ground. He could also take others with him, like when he grabbed Willow and took her to Arashmahar.[citation needed]

Superhuman physical traits Being that D'Hoffryn was a higher level vengeance demon, he possessed superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, and durability superior to all vengeance demons.[citation needed]

Telekinesis: D'Hoffryn possessed great telekinetic power, having once ripped open the side of a building.[citation needed]

Temporal fold creation: Anya requested D'Hoffryn to create a temporal fold so she could retrieve her power center; however, he refused.[citation needed]

Flight: D'Hoffryn could fly unaided.[citation needed]


Clairvoyant windows.

Clairvoyant windows: D'Hoffryn had the ability to create "windows," screens that allowed him to view events in other locations in other dimensions.[citation needed]

Resurrection: D'Hoffryn was able to bring back the lives of the people killed by Anya's wish granting, though only at the price of a vengeance demon's life.[citation needed]

Astral projection: D'Hoffryn had the power to astral project when he was at Arashmaharr or battling demons; he used it to contact Buffy by sending her an astral projection in a form of a floating head.[citation needed]



Pyrokinesis: D'Hoffryn killed Halfrek by merely looking at her, causing her body to catch on fire and disintegrate in seconds. He also killed the Mistress in this manner.[citation needed]

Cryokinesis: D'Hoffryn killed Keiko by manipulating her bathwater and freezing her solid, which, being similar to drowning (the way she died as a mortal) was enough to traumatize her into dispersion.[citation needed]

Life creation: D'Hoffryn has the power to create beings like ghosts as well as turn them in flesh and blood.[citation needed]



Soul-absorption: D'Hoffryn absorbed all the souls consumed by the Soul Glutton.[citation needed]

Energy projection: During the battle at the Deeper Well spring he displayed an energy based ability of which has effects that have yet to be revealed. He used this ability to kill the other members of the magic council. he used this power to burn and kill Anya's copy as a result for betraying him to the Scoobies.[citation needed]

Magic perception: He tricked Buffy into granting him expanded powers of perception concerning magic. He soon found out that Buffy was plotting against him.[citation needed]

Blood rain: He could make the sky rain with blood.[citation needed]

Magic Council powers: When D'Hoffryn killed all the other Magic Council members, he absorbed their respective powers which he possessed for a brief time before Buffy wished them away.[citation needed]

  • To sense any opponent's greatest weakness.
  • To drain the magic power of any being.
  • To absorb and redirect the kinetic energy of an attack.
  • To return any being to it's native dimension.
  • Invulnerability to magical attacks.


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