Cyvus Vail was a demon and a powerful sorcerer, not to mention a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn. He was portrayed by Dennis Christopher.


Cyvus Vail was one of the most powerful beings in Los Angeles, with metaphorical tendrils extending throughout the city, obtaining and ensuring his power thanks to his vast wealth, his magical power and his membership of the Circle of the Black Thorn.

After Angel agreed to take over the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart in exchange for a new life and memories for Connor, Vail was the leader of the elite team of powerful sorcerers hired by the firm to reshape reality and alter the memories of those involved in Connor's life. Afterwards, Vail kept an Orlon Window, a magical artifact that allowed him to observe reality as it was before the alteration.

In the following months, Vail managed to obtain the Resikhian Urn in which the demon Sahjhan, had been trapped by Justine Cooper. Sahjhan was an old enemy of Vail, and had tried to kill him many times, for which Vail sought to have the prophecy of the Nyazian Scrolls (The one sired by the vampire with a soul shall grow to manhood and slay Sahjhan) fulfilled.

In order to recruit the one prophecized to slay Sahjhan, Vail sent his minions, Kith'harn demons to harass Connor's new family, the Reillys.

Conner was able to kill Sahjhan after Wesley smashed the window. Afterwards, Vail disappeared until Angle was inducted into the Circle.

Wesley Windham Price was chosen to kill Vail by Angle when the team decided to kill the Circle of the Black Thorn. Vail mortally wounded Weasley with the former Watcher's own knife, only to be knocked back from Wesley's last magical blast.

He was knocked out when Illyria found a dieing Wesley and had comforted him in Fred's form. Vail taunted her, seeing what he thought was a frail human girl trying to take a swing at him. Illyria changed back to herself quick enough to finish the punch, puting her fist through Vail's head, smashing it.


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