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A cursed seal was placed along the mummified body of the Inca Princess in order to prevent her from waking up from her death.[1]


In 1997, the Inca Princess and the seal were on display at the Sunnydale Natural History Museum. The tour guide narrated that "the Princess remained [in this dark tomb], protected only by a cursed seal, placed there as a warning to any who would wake her."[1]

The seal drew the attention of Rodney Munson, a student of Sunnydale High School, who tried to steal it. However, he accidentally broke it, which awakened the mummy.[1]

Rupert Giles found fragments of the plate when he investigated the disappearance of the mummy, but he had difficulty deciphering all of the pictograms on the artefact. The Inca Princess, feigning ignorance, translated a figure with a knife as "bodyguard," in reference to the warrior devoted to preventing her resurrection.[1]

This "bodyguard" sought to retrieve the seal from the Scooby Gang, while the Inca Princess tried to convince them to destroy it. The Scoobies eventually concluded that reassembling the seal would be able to trap her again. Apparently, the mummy had a psychic link with the cursed seal, since she sensed that Giles was in the museum while she was at the Bronze.[1]