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I shall look upon my enemy. I shall look upon her and the dark place will have her soul! Corsheth! Take her!
Catherine Madison[src]

A spell would call upon the deity Corsheth to trap the soul of the target within an object, also obliterating the target's body in the process. The victim would remain trapped within the object, fully aware and capable of perceiving the world around them.[1]

The spell manifested as small points of light that would swirl around the caster's body then coalesce into a single mass of energy that would blast against the target. The energy blast could be deflected by a mirror.[1]


The witch Catherine Madison performed the curse and tried to use it against Buffy Summers. However, the Slayer deflected the spell with a mirror, which caused Catherine to be caught by her own curse. As a result, Catherine's was trapped within her cheerleading trophy which she had won decades earlier.[1]



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