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Tara Maclay finishes the Curse of Cadria

Blind Cadria, desolate queen, work my will upon them all, your curse upon them, my obeisance to you.
―Tara Maclay[src]

The Curse of Cadria was a spell that made the desired target or targets blind and deaf of the presence of demons. The spell required an invocation to the goddess Cadria and blowing a magical red dust, which flew from the casters hand and then shot into the targets' eyes, the latter unaware of the spell.

The Scoobies fall to the spell

In september 2000, Tara Maclay, under the belief that she was part-demon and that her demon self would manifest, cast the spell to prevent the Scooby Gang from seeing it. As a result they were blind to an attacking group of Lei-ach demons.

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