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The miracle child. For his time has come. Praise be. Praise be. Praise be.

A cult of vampires worshiped the "Miracle Child," whose birth was foretold by the cult's Great Potentate, Ul-Thar.[1]


The cult first contacted a pregnant Darla in a hospital and informed they wanted to protect her "special child." They intended to kill the humans from the Angel Investigations team that accompanied her and use their blood to nourish the mother. They would then slice her open, wear her entrails as a belt, and consume her eyeballs before they worship the Miracle Child. The AI team fought the cult off and dusted two of their vampires before escaping.[1]

After Connor's birth, the vampire cult competed with a biker gang and Lilliad demons to take the child from Angel. Angel tricked them with a bomb, which obliterating them all.[2]