Various comic stories have included crossover events between the various titles published. In most cases, the stories were alike crossover episodes, in which a main character from one series features in the other. Some times, though, stories were shared between both titles, alike crossover novels, or even exceptionally crossing over to outside the Buffyverse.

Past LivesEdit

Angel 16

A vampire hunter, Alexa Landry, has been spreading the word to demos she fought that Angel sent her. This leaves Angel with a horde of demons tracking him for revenge, while others try to find refuge in Sunnydale. As the Scooby Gang learn this, they join forces with Angel Investigations in Los Angeles. The four issue story arc was alternated between issues from both Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic and Angel main series.

City of DespairEdit

City of Despair-00a

Buffy is in Sunnydale and Angel has recently arrived in Los Angeles, but their astral essences are captured and forced to fight gladiatorial battles in the City of Despair. This is the first comic issue with the shared title of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comic series.

Note from the UndergroundEdit

49-Hellmouth to Mouth 3

Angel and Faith join forces in search for Buffy and the Scoobies in the lost city of Sunnydale.


Reborn TPB

The miniseries Fallen Angel: Reborn is the only instance so far in which a Buffyverse character is included in a publication from another universe. On a mission to reclaim three objects of power which she hopes will restore her former glory, Illyria must also dispatch of another "fallen" godling, namely Liandra, protector of Bete Noire.

Time of Your LifeEdit


In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Buffy is time travels into the 23rd century, when she meets the character Melaka Fray and the Haddyn universe from the Fray series.

Stranger ThingsEdit


Willow features on Spike series, magically assisting him in Las Vegas.

Family ReunionEdit


After leaving Buffy and San Francisco in Slayer, Interrupted, Willow features on Angel & Faith series. She stays behind in their dimensional travels to continue searching for magic in Willow: Wonderland.

Spike and FaithEdit


Spike leaves Buffy and San Francisco in Apart (of Me), Part Three to live his own adventure in Spike: A Dark Place. In the miniseries, he deals with Angel & Faith's Big Bads Pearl and Nash, and eventually receives a phone call from Angel, also seem from London's side, where Spike arrives in the same night. He helps Angel and Faith against Eyghon and deals with Angel's catatonic state. Faith then receives a call from Willow about Dawn fading away, so Spike returns to San Francisco, where he stays with the Scooby Gang until the very end of the series.

Old DemonsEdit


The story arc of Archaeus involved the both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith Season Ten series, which involved an appearance from Angel in Buffy.

The ReckoningEdit

B12-02-00a The Reckoning

In the Buffyverse series finale Buffy Season Twelve, Angel, Fred, and Illyria from Angel, as well as Melaka, Erin, and Gates from Fray, team up with the Scooby Gang to deal with the Reckoning against Big Bads Harth Fray and Wolfram & Hart.

Welcome Back to the HellmouthEdit


A scene is shared between the revamp series Buffy the Vampire Slayer issue #4 and Angel issue #0. While Drusilla approaches Xander to bite him, Angel watches the incident from afar. A short story, sharing both titles, then has Angel and Buffy visiting Anyanka's magic shop, looking for the same artifact within minutes.



Hellmouth is the first crossover miniseries of the Buffyverse, sharing both titles of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel 2019 series, when the title characters meet each other for the first time. The crossover event involved both main series as well.

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