Gunn: “Wolf... ram...
Wesley: “And hart...
— Charles Gunn and Wesley Wyndam Pryce[src]

The Covenant of Trombli Holy Books were a trio of sacred texts that belonged to the Covenant of Trombli. The cover of each volume was engraved with the head of a wolf, a ram and a hart, respectively, demonstrating the link between the Covenant and Wolfram & Hart and its Senior Partners.

The books were written in Trionic - no one volume was complete without the other two. A passage in one abruptly stopped and continued in the next volume, and completed in the third.

The books contained information regarding the Cursed One, the Groosalugg and the Com-Shuck ritual that was to take place between them.

The books were similar to SCRSQWRN, as Wesley and Fred determined they bore the same spell to open portals between the Earth dimension and Pylea. Unlike SCRSQWRN however, the spells had to be read combination with a formula - which determined the portal location - that the priests possessed.

The Wolf book can be seen in "Couplet" where Angel and Wesley visit the bookstore.

The Hart

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