My name's Courtney. Cort's okay. But don't call me Coco. My sister does that -- I hate that.
―Courtney the Vampire Slayer[src]

Courtney was one of the thousands of new Slayers whose powers were activated by Willow Rosenberg's spell.


The daughter of separated parents, Courtney blamed herself for the failure of their marriage. She was recruited by the Slayer Organization and joined a trainee squad. However, considering herself ready, she left her squad to slay vampires. During a botched first attempt, she was saved by Faith Lehane and Rupert Giles. As she explained that her squad was doing nothing, a second vampire tried to kill Courtney, though the young Slayer managed to kill him.

Afterwards, Courtney told Faith and Giles about the "Slayer Sanctuary", a place for Slayers that wanted to forsake their calling. Courtney joined Faith and Giles in their visit to the sanctuary, located in the European town of Hanselstadt. There, Courtney met former Watcher Duncan Fillworthe, the man behind the refuge.

However, the so-called sanctuary was a trap, Filworthe put word of the refuge to lure Slayers to the town and sacrifice them to a demon that kept vampires away from the town. Courtney and Faith were taken by one of Filworthe's people to the library where the creature dwelled. There, Courtney witnessed how Faith was incapacitated and then was trapped in an illusion of her parents reuniting and manifesting their love for her. Faith came to her senses and killed the demon, however, leaving the town without protection.

Minutes later, Courtney joined Faith, Giles and the people of Hanselstadt to fighting the incoming horde of vampires.


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