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Take solace in the fact that you're going to go out in a high note. I've been looking forward to this, degenerate. Titans do clash - and an angel shall fall.
―"Count Flouncy"[src]

"Count Flouncy, Theater Vampire Extraordinaire" was the nickname Angel gave to a vampire he faced following the death of the Demon Lords of Los Angeles. This nickname was due to his manner of speak and his clothing, reminiscent of Dracula. He was also the leader of a pack of vampires. His real name is unknown.

Angel encountered "Count Flouncy" while he was investigating the death of several women caused by a vampire. Angel interrogated "Count Flouncy" by getting Illyria to dangle him over the streets from his penthouse window. The interrogation was ultimately futile as "Count Flouncy" did not have any valuable information. Angel was disapointed that his team directed him to such a pathetic vampire. It was then revealed that the team directed Angel towards "Count Flouncy" rather than a tougher vampire because they felt that Angel's fighting skills had noticeably deteriorated. Angel's team knew that "Count Flouncy" was a rather weak vampire who posed little threat to an Angel who was "off his game." The reason for Angel's diminished fighting skills however was because he had been turned human, a fact which Angel was trying to hide. Upon hearing this secret revealed to the group for the first time, "Count Flouncy" considered that perhaps he could be part of the group too. This idea was quickly denied when Angel staked him.

It is almost certain that "Count Flouncy" was resurrected by the temporal fold caused by the Senior Partners to send the population of Los Angeles back to the moment previous to the Fall of L.A..

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