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People called them the Cordettes. A bunch of girls from wealthy families. They ruled the high school. Decided what was in, who was popular. It was like the Soviet secret police if they cared a lot about shoes.

Cordettes was the name used to refer to the clique that Cordelia Chase led while in high school; it was formed by the wealthiest and most popular girls in Sunnydale High, determining who and what was popular. Angel once compared them to the KGB, if the aforementioned organization had cared a lot about shoes. For example, when Buffy Summers arrives on Sunnydale, Cordelia makes her take the test to integrate the group. However, Buffy is quickly ejected when she speaks with Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Harris (main scapegoats of the Cordettes) and especially to have "attacked" Cordelia with a picket in the Bronze. Even though they were originally led by Cordelia, they later turned on her after she began to date Xander Harris. During this time, they were led by Harmony Kendall. Certaines Cordettes remains friendly with Cordelia. For example, during the start of the school year 1998 or the day before Christmas. Contact between the group apparently ceased after graduation, although this may have been facilitated by such developments as Harmony being sired and Cordelia's unwillingness to reveal the scale of the trouble she now faced in making a life for herself in Los Angeles.

Known members


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Behind the Scenes

  • The name "the Cordettes" was mentioned in "Rm w/a Vu" by Angel. Cordelia's cliche was given no such name during the time it existed.


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