Cordelia Chase had various relationships over the years.

Romantic[edit | edit source]

Look, Buffy, you may be hot stuff when it comes to demonology or whatever, but when it comes to dating, I'm the Slayer.

Angel[edit | edit source]

Cordy uses her last day to set a misguided Angel on the right path.

Cordelia noticed Angel before she found out he was a vampire, exclaiming "Hello, salty goodness!" when she first saw him. Cordelia made moves on him multiple times, claiming the possibility of her asking him to dance,[1] wanting him to walk her home after discovering the severed remains of dead cheerleaders[2] and flirting with him when he was waiting for Buffy at the Bronze.[3] She eventually gave up as, according to Xander, she wouldn't succeed in getting between Buffy and Angel.[3]

While Angelus was soulless and murderous, Cordelia supported the idea of killing him and was shown to criticize Buffy for making out with him so soon when he had his soul restored.[4] Cordelia moved to Los Angeles in search of a career as an actress and soon joined Angel Investigations. Cordelia saw Angel's worries over being like Angelus again and promised him she would stake him if she had to despite her friendship with him, much to Angel's gratitude.[5] When Angel was guilty over killing a good demon and confessed how the Shanshu Prophecy was like his "light at the end of the tunnel," Cordelia comforted and encouraged him. She explained that she knew him well enough to know that he will eventually be rewarded with the Shanshu, and she would be there with him when it happened.[6] In her early years in Angel Investigations, Cordelia was greatly protective of Angel and did everything she could to help him, but nonetheless denied having feelings for him, describing her taste in men being "a little less broody, a lot more spendy."[7]

After Angel abandoned his mission in his obsession to take down Darla and Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia felt the most betrayed and hurt out of all of them. While she was angry, she still cared for him and expressed a partly hidden hope he would find himself again. After Wesley was shot and Angel showed up to check up on him, Cordelia was noticeably cold towards him. She immediately ordered him to leave them alone since he chose to walk away before ignoring him to see Wesley. Reluctantly, Angel left.[8] After Angel was hesitantly brought back to Angel Investigations, Cordelia was distant from him and dismissed all of his attempts to make things up to her. She had told him they were no longer friends and responded badly to Angel's criticism of Harmony, reminding him of his own betrayal while with a soul. When he bought her dozens of new clothes, Cordelia was so excited by it she had forgotten she had ever been mad at him.[9]

Cordelia would also be annoyed by Angel's protectiveness over her after her set director criticized her appearance and embarrassed her, but later admitted she had embarrassed herself more than by him.[10] When a shocked Angel mistakenly believed Cordelia declared her love for him, she angrily denied it and asserted her love for the Groosalugg.[11] Following Buffy's sudden death, Cordelia was the most in touch with Angel's grieving despite his attempts to act normally and repeatedly tried to get him to open up to her. Eventually, Angel admitted he felt like he was betraying Buffy by still existing, thanks to the doubts James had spurned in him. Cordelia denied this, managing to cheer him up a little by saying he was honoring Buffy's memory by living, not betraying her.[12]

When her visions began to manifest physically due to the involvement of Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia confided in Angel her fear of them despite her simultaneous desire to be useful towards him and the team, pitifully wondering if she deserved all this suffering according to The Powers That Be. Once she was saved thanks for Angel, she thanked him and described it as the most selfless thing he ever did for her.[13] She eventually fell in love with him. However, various events (particularly Cordelia's possession by Jasmine) kept them from admitting their feelings to each other, although shortly before Cordelia died, they revealed their love for one another and shared a single kiss. She died loving Angel, knowing that Angel loved her back.[14] During the Fall of Los Angeles, Cordelia came to a dying Angel to ease him into death. He told her he loves her but cannot go with her. However, when he saw a vision of himself apparently on the side of evil in the final battle, he was prepared to leave with her, only for Cordelia to bring him out of his mood by informing him that he could never allow himself to be what he saw in the vision.[15]

Alexander "Xander" Harris[edit | edit source]

After always snubbing Xander, Cordelia started dating him.

After repeatedly being thrown into life-or-death situations together, Cordelia and Xander began a physical relationship that eventually became a real romantic attachment. At first, both Cordelia and Xander insisted on keeping their relationship a secret until Willow had caught them kissing. Cordelia briefly broke up with him[16] because of the negative effect that their relationship was having on her social standing, but after he showed how much he cared about her, she agreed to date him again.

Cordelia still constantly used teasing and insulting barbs directed at Xander but it became clear that she actually held genuine feelings for him. She had also displayed jealousy towards Xander's unresolved love for Buffy more than once,[17][18][19] as well as his attraction towards Willow and Faith. This was made completely clear when Cordelia had mistakenly believed that he had turned into a fish monster and she had said that she would still date Xander even though he became a monster, showing a rare moment of devotion from her side.[20] In a life or death situation with Buffy, Cordelia privately confessed to her to that unless it was some temporary insanity, she genuinely fell in love with Xander. When questioned of this by Buffy, Cordelia didn't deny it and described him as the type to grow on you, like a Chia Pet.[21]

Their relationship was permanently ended roughly a year after it began, when she caught him kissing Willow. She felt hurt and stupid because of this and remained bitter toward him, Xander's snide remarks never helping. While in the hospital, Cordelia told Xander to stay away from her but after he left, cried silently in pain.[22] She consequently cut most of her ties to the Scooby Gang and noted her bad luck, saying she always fell for total losers like Xander and ignored all of his calls to try and apologize. Nevertheless, in the her wish's alternative timeline, Cordelia was genuinely frustrated that Willow and Xander were vampire lovers, concluding that she could never win.[23] Still bitter, Cordelia took great pleasure in noting the unappreciative attitude the Scooby Gang regarded him with, harshly calling him the "useless" part of the team and that he was the "Zeppo," intentionally playing on his insecurities. After the apocalypse was averted, she once again came back to insult him but it backfired. Xander instead smiled in satisfaction at her, much to Cordelia's confusion and frustration.[24]

Cordelia was also acutely aware of Xander's jealousy and dislike of her superficial feelings for the new Watcher Wesley but was entirely unrepentant. She was instead greatly smug and satisfied by this, continuing her advances happily.[25] After Cordelia seemed particularly bitter in one of their trading insult sessions, Xander had mocked her, assuming she wasn't accepted into college. In return Cordelia, had shot back: "Once again, the gold medal does to the Xander 'I'm As Stupid As I Look' Harris," showing him her invites to several colleges. This caused him to be slightly surprised and impressed.[26] Xander soon came for his "daily dose of bile" by seeing Cordelia, as usual insulting her dress that screamed "nympho". Cordelia quickly became angry and stressed, consequently revealing to him how her father had not paid his taxes for eight years and that because of her financial issues, she had to work at a clothing shop to pay for a dress for the prom, no longer had a home, and was broke. Bitter and clearly hurting, she immediately expected him to tell his friends how she finally had what was coming to her and to mock her. However, Xander didn't tell them and instead secretly bought her the dress she wanted. Shocked and touched by this, Cordelia genuinely thanked him in gratitude and they settled on good terms into a hesitant friendship at last.[27] They spent time together during graduation[28] and aided in defeating the Mayor Wilkins.[29]

After going to Los Angeles, they appeared to grow apart; out of all the Scoobies, she only ever was seen to phone Willow. However, Cordelia still viewed him as a loser; while discussing Doyle's interest in her, she stated that she was done with fixer-uppers, specifically naming Xander. Cordelia would be the only girl romantically involved with Xander who has no supernatural element to her whatsoever but would later become half-demon and then a higher power.

Allen Francis Doyle[edit | edit source]

Doyle passes his visions onto Cordelia through their first and final kiss.

Cordelia first dismissed him as a badly-dressed loser and refused to fall for another "Xander" (specifically stating she was done with losers for good) , but as they spent more time together, she began to consider the possibility of a relationship. Cordelia was shocked to realize that she was now less shallow in her taste in men and was looking for someone who was both brave and had "substance". After Doyle had saved her life, she became attracted to his bravery and started to develop genuine feelings for him. However, any further development was briefly put off when his ex-wife arrived in town for him to sign the divorce papers. After the ordeal was over, Cordelia gave him a borderline tactless pep talk and genuinely claimed to him that "people like him didn't always finish last."[30]

Cordelia was even prepared to date Doyle after learning about his half-demon nature, despite her typical disdain of demons, revealing her feelings for him. She was initially angry with him for keeping the secret from her, but claimed she wouldn't care about something like that. Cordelia and Doyle kissed shortly before his death,[31] which gave her his visions from The Powers That Be. Cordelia was heartbroken after he died, which is shown when she breaks down crying while trying to do a commercial. While she initially was angry with him for giving her the visions and she didn't think she could ever forgive him for it, Cordelia realized the importance of his gift and felt grateful for it later, seeing it as something he left behind for her.[32] She still cared for him and was saddened after watching an old video of Doyle.[14]

Groosalugg[edit | edit source]

All though unwillingly forced into to preforming Com-Shuck, the two fall in love at first sight.

Cordelia first met the Groosalugg when she landed in Pylea and become the Princess of Pylea because of her sight. She was meant to mate with him and become the savior of Pylea, something Cordelia was against when she assumed he was an ugly demon. However, once first seeing him, she was instantly attracted to Groosalugg and listened to his life story for hours. Enamored by his charm and bravery, Cordelia comforted him by informing him of her parents' tax fraud when she was in high school.[33]

Cordelia appeared eager to sleep with Groo until the realization that doing so would cause her to lose her visions. She firmly rejected it, not wanting to be useless to Angel Investigations. Cordelia soon after had a vision of him getting killed by a green-skinned demon and was excessively worried over him, begging Groo to not fight. After breaking up the fight between him and Angel, she declared her love for him and was very sad to leave Pylea to return to Los Angeles. She gave him a goodbye kiss before returning home.[11]

When the Pylean government collapsed, Groo found a portal to Los Angeles and sought his Princess out again. They carried on their relationship and were able to become intimate once Cordelia bought a "mystical prophylactic" from a demon bordello that prevented her from losing the visions with intercourse. At first, it seemed as if this really could be happily ever after, but Groo chivalrously stepped aside and left town when he realized that Cordelia's true feelings were for Angel.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Daryl Epps — Daryl was a football champ who died in a rock climbing accident. Cordelia had held a one-sided interest in him while he was alive. He was later resurrected and selected Cordelia to be the head of a mate his brother Chris sought to create.[2]
  • Jesse McNally — Cordelia had a disdain for Jesse, similar to Xander and reject him constantly.[34] The night of the Harvest, he invited her to dance at the Bronze. Mesmerized by his new attitude and look, she accepted, unaware that he had become a vampire and wanted to sire her. However, Darla took her away from him as part of a failed attempt to sacrifice her to Luke.[35]
  • Owen Thurman — Cordelia expressed an interest in him and flirted with him on many occassions, only to become frustrated with the fact that his interest was also directed at Buffy. They began to competitive pursue him, Cordelia even taking the opportunity to seductively dance with him when she wasn't there. However, she eventually gave up as his attentions began to fully shift toward Buffy, much to her great displeasure and annoyance.[36]
  • Mitch Fargo — Cordelia's popular boyfriend was to reign beside Cordelia as May King before he suffered a brutal beating from the invisible and psychotic Marcie Ross. It appeared that they seemed to date each other for insincere reasons as Cordelia was disappointed by his beating as his bruises would make their photo together look bad while when asked about being on Cordelia's arm as the May King, Mitch responded "It's not her arm I'm looking to be on."[37]
  • Kevin Benedict — Unlike many of her conquests, Cordelia seemed to genuinely adore this popular boyfriend. Unfortunately, he was murdered by vampires on school grounds on the day of the prom.[38]
  • Richard Anderson — He was a rich member of Delta Zeta Kappa, a fraternity cult at Crestwood College that sacrificed girls to the demon Machida in exchange for worldly success. Cordelia dated him briefly (she believed that fake laughter would sustain the relationship) before he attempted to offer her as a sacrifice.[39]
  • Jonathan Levinson — After the traumatic experience with Richard, Cordelia was put off by men in college so moved onto younger men as she was seen at the Bronze with Jonathan, who presented her with her drink. The only problem was that he forgot to ask for the extra foam.[39] This probably only lasted this one time, although Harmony did tease Cordelia, after her breakup with Xander, by pointing out Jonathan as a potential boyfriend.[23]
  • John Lee Walker — After her break-up with Xander, Cordelia tried to seduce John, partially for to bless Xander. However, John rejected her, as he didn't want to be seen with the girl that Xander cheated on her. However, he was not opposed to seeing her in private. His alternative timeline's counterpart was less arrogant and invite her to the school's winter brunch.[23]
  • Guy Matthews — Guy was stood up by Cordelia, who was meant to meet him up at the Bronze, but never showed. Furious, he confronted her at the school where she claimed he was just a rebound. He tried to assault her, but was intercepted by Buffy. After he threw the weakened Slayer on the floor, Cordelia started hitting and asking him what was wrong with him.[40]
  • Pierce — In Los Angeles, Cordelia once went to dinner with the marketer Pierce, attracted to him because of his wealth. During the date Cordelia was pushed to boredom when he continued to talk about his job. Dropping her off, he left her after he fled in his car when the vampire Russ attacked.[30]
  • Wilson Christopher — A trendy Los Angeles photographer who impregnated Cordelia with demon spawn;[41] he and his associates were subsequently beaten up by Angel.
  • Connor — Cordelia generally served as more of a mother figure to Connor while he was a baby and when he returned from Quor'toth as a teenager. Shortly after, Cordelia accepted Skip's offer to become a higher being, leaving Earth for another plane. Cordelia and Connor bonded after she returned to Earth with amnesia, as he was the only one who didn't lie to her. Connor developed romantic feelings for her, but Cordelia was reluctant to pursue any such avenues until her memories were restored. After being possessed by the evil entity known as Jasmine, it used Cordelia's body to seduce Connor. Later in the series, Connor noted their relationship was fundamentally oedipal.
  • The Beast — Whilst possessed by the entity that would become known as Jasmine, Cordelia would appear to have a relationship with its' demonic servant The Beast, kissing him and asking him to "Give momma some sugar."

Friendships[edit | edit source]

I can be surrounded by people and be completely alone. It's not like any of them really know me. I don't even know if they like me half the time. People just want to be in a popular zone. Sometimes when I talk, everyone's so busy agreeing with me, they don't hear a word I say.

Cordelia and Harmony bonding over good times.

  • Harmony Kendall — Harmony was Cordelia's best friend in high school, though Cordelia considered herself lonely in her popularity.[37] When Cordelia began dating Xander, Harmony led the Cordettes in ostracizing her. Cordelia then broke up with Xander for their approval but later gets back together with him and severs her ties with her old clique, even calling Harmony a sheep. After graduating from high school, Harmony, now a vampire, was reunited with Cordelia in Los Angeles. The two rekindled their old friendship and Harmony briefly considered working for Angel Investigations. Cordelia was initially unaware of Harmony being a vampire and wrongly assumed she was a lesbian but still nonetheless showed support for her. Upon realizing she actually was, Cordelia was still quick to trust her and believed she should be given a chance despite being soulless. However, in the end Harmony was drawn to Doug Sanders's vampire organization they were investigating and betrayed them. Cordelia had the opportunity to kill Harmony chose not to, telling her leave Los Angeles and never return.[9] When Cordelia awoke from her coma she was reunited with Harmony who was working as Angel's secretary. Even though Harmony was happy to see her, Cordelia still pointed out the fact she tried kill her the last time they saw each other.[14]

Cordelia and Buffy in their Homecoming dresses.

  • Buffy Summers — When first meeting, Cordelia acted friendly with Buffy, sharing her history book and willing to accept her into her clique because of Buffy's fashion sense. However, this friendliness ended when Buffy held Cordelia by the neck with a stake, believing she was vampire. After this, Cordelia then destroyed her chance of popularity by calling "everyone [she knew]."[34] She continued to act arrogantly toward her, thinking she was weird. Buffy and Cordelia also had gone through competitive phases with each other, especially when their romantic attentions were originally on the same men, for example Owen[36] and Angel.[39][3] When joining the Scooby Gang, Cordelia became nicer to her, needing Buffy to accompany her to the Delta Zeta party and claiming their sisters with 'really different hair' (Ironically, this was true. Their personalities were somewhat similar and their relationship reflected that of bickering sisters).[39] Despite this and the numerous times Buffy saved her, Cordelia still criticized Buffy and held little hope in her fight against evil, only when in danger herself she actually had faith in Buffy. Despite this, Cordelia was shown to be most sympathetic and understanding after Buffy's self-imposed exile, even defending her against Xander's criticism. While this was a rare act of kindness and friendship from her, it did nothing to help Buffy as Cordelia had tactlessly called her a "freak of nature" and Angel as well.[42] At the time of the Homecoming dance, Buffy and Cordelia were at warfare trying to reap the votes for homecoming queen. They were extremely competitive and antagonistic with each other, Cordelia labeling her as a "crazy freak" and Buffy shooting back that she was a "vapid whore" until broken apart by Xander. Eventually teamed up when in the middle of SlayerFest '98, Cordelia developing a newfound understanding of Buffy and her reluctant status as Slayer. Mistaken for Faith, she had fended off Lyle Gorch, intimidating him with her confidence after his wife was killed[43] After she and Xander split, Cordelia became openly hostile again to Buffy and the Scoobies. While she expressed sympathy toward her, Cordelia bitingly blamed her for all of the things that had gone wrong in her life since she met her. This consequently erupted into a wish to the vengeance demon Anya, where Buffy had never gone to Sunnydale. Initially happy by this development, after realizing the chaos her hometown was in, she regretted it and admitted it was much better with Buffy around, though died in the process.[23] Cordelia did show occasional acts of kindness such as physically defending Buffy when she was weak and immediately agreeing to drive a clearly weakened and distraught Buffy home without complaints.[44] She had also once grudgingly admitted to vampire Willow that she only truly noticed her ex-boyfriend Xander because Buffy made him seem so much cooler by hanging out with him.[45] Cordelia continued to have a love/hate relationship with Buffy, shown when she had called her a friend to Wesley, she had corrected it, claiming Buffy to "not go that far."[46] Cordelia had also had no qualms about insulting Buffy when she was put in the conversation, rudely saying it was restricted for people who actually had a future, briefly depressing her.[26] However, when Buffy was given the Class Protector Award, Cordelia seemed genuinely happy and proud of Buffy, just like the other Scoobies.[27] Soon after though, when she was displeased that Wesley was leaving due to Buffy cutting ties from the Watchers Council, she angrily noted that Buffy only ever thought of herself. Cordelia did help out against the Mayor[29] and soon after departed to Los Angeles to become an actress, permanently parting herself from the Scooby Gang and Sunnydale.[47] Cordelia's love/hate of Buffy never changed, even describing her as a "Cry Buffy."[48] When told that Angel had kept his presence from her while in Sunnydale, she disagreed with his choice and claimed he had been unfairly avoiding her. Cordelia expressed sympathy towards Buffy, saying that she would be bothered herself if her ex-boyfriend came to town to protect her without even telling her he was there. However, she criticized Buffy's choice of clothing to Doyle and was a very vocal detractor of Buffy and Angel's relationship. Cordelia would later that day criticize Buffy for her selfishness and immaturity, bluntly telling her she couldn't have Angel as well as save the world. Buffy was annoyed with this, but persisted on where Angel was. Cordelia let her go find him without complaint. The day was erased so neither have memory of their argument.[49] With Buffy's death, Cordelia did admit to Angel she missed her and encouraged him to honor her memory by living and helping people.[12] Cordelia was also genuinely happy over Buffy's resurrection and quickly told Angel,[50] though this did not stop her from mocking Buffy's relationship with him.[51] Buffy was also told at some point that Cordelia had passed on. In a dream, Buffy (who had been thrown back in 1997) told Willow that some day Cordelia would be dead after she had teased her, saying it rather flippantly.[52] Despite their differences though, Buffy did consider Cordelia a friend and both seemed to care and have respect for each other.
  • Willow Rosenberg — In High School, Cordelia heavily ridiculed Willow particularly for her sense of dress, though did enlist her help in hooking up the sound system at the prom and asking her if the tomato was either a fruit or a vegetable. Willow took her criticism passively though reacted badly when she discovered her relationship with Xander, jokingly claiming Xander's phone number was '1-800-I'm-Dating-A-Skanky-Ho'.[18] In their Senior Year, Willow created a website to support Cordelia's campaign against Buffy during Homecoming simply because she asked first, though betrayed Cordelia later when she let Buffy have five minutes to sabotage her website.[43] After Xander cheated on her with Willow, Cordelia seemed to easily get over Willow's side of the affair, but did engage in a one-sided conversation about the "ethics of boyfriend stealing" with Willow's vampire counterpart before letting her out of the library book cage. Ironically, assuming she had been killed, Cordy seemed vaguely sad before quickly brushing it off and instead asking Wesley if he was doing anything that night.[45] Cordelia seemed to lose contact with all the Scoobies except Willow. When trying to find information on decrypting files, she called Willow for assistance (who was, at the time, dealing with her own file decryption for Adam).[53] She had explained the steps to her for "an hour and forty-five minutes," eventually succeeding and gaining access. Cordy affectionately called her by her nickname "Will" before ending the conversation.[54] Cordy believed that Harmony had became a lesbian and scolded Willow for not telling her, though Willow informed her that Harmony was actually a vampire and subsequently informed Cordy about her own recently discovered sexual orientation. Cordelia was surprised, but awkwardly expressed her approval.[9] When Willow is brought in to re-ensoul Angel, she goes to have a reunion with Cordelia and greets her as an old friend though unbeknownst to her, Cordelia was possessed by Jasmine at the time and was trying to kill her.
  • Oz — Out of all the Scoobies, Cordelia seemed to get along with Oz the most without conflict, never thinking of him as a loser and interacting with him before either of them joined the Scoobies when she dated Devon. She liked his definition of a "shin dig" and "hootenanny" when discussing what type of welcome back party Buffy should have,[42] and was delighted to see him when he visited Angel Investigations in Los Angeles, hugging him, asking him about how the gang was going and calling him the "total embodiment of all things Sunnydale" [55]
  • Anya Jenkins — Cordelia quickly became friends with Anya after the latter joined the Cordettes and should sympathy to her despite the other clique members making fun of her. However, Anya was a vengeance demon, lured by Cordy's despair and pushed her into making a wish that changed reality. After that the wish was reversed, Cordelia didn't remember the alternate reality that was created and However, their friendship appeared to have discontinued then after.[23]
  • Dennis Pearson — After Cordelia stood up to his mother, the ghostly Dennis used Cordelia's body to reveal his corpse and cast his mother away. The two then lived together peacefully as roommates with Dennis occasionally looking after her as when he blocked the door, trying to warn her when Faith was in the apartment and giving her a bubble bath to ease of the pain caused by her visions or when she get supernaturally pregnant by her night with Wilson Christopher. A relation that the ghost tried to prevent (it remains unknown that it was by jealousy or because Dennis perceived Wilson like evil). During her birthday, Dennis threw her a surprise birthday party only to learn she was dying from her visions. Cordelia was close enough to Dennis to bathe in front of him, as she remarks that "The only action I'm getting is a ghost who is good with a loofah."
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce — Cordelia was initially attracted to him during her last year in Sunnydale High, constantly flirting with Wesley, likening him to James Bond. She even tried to hid that fact when she asked him to help her with her English homework since he was English, and that the best way to do that was at a restaurant at eight. She also dreamily noted he had a great voice, and should tape record books, much to Xander's jealousy and annoyance.[25] They danced together at the Prom.[27] They also shared an awkward kiss at the school library after Wesley was fired from the Watchers Council. Cordelia seemed disappointed and unsatisfied with the kiss afterwards, not feeling any spark with Wesley's amateur way of kissing.[29] She would reunite with him again when he became a "rogue demon hunter." She had immediately kissed him in a failed attempt to get rid of her visions before even realizing who he was. Wesley still at the time had remnants of his infatuation with her, but Cordelia was already over her superficial feelings for him.[32] In a sharp contrast to their initial behavior towards each other, Cordelia and Wesley were prone to arguing with each other just about anything. Wesley didn't understand her superficial and blunt personality, while Cordelia found him too uptight and stuffy as well as being a drama queen. Cordelia had also commented quite abruptly that "hell will freeze over" before she ever slept with Wesley.[56] Wesley would once state that his conversations with Cordelia were "discussions the first three minutes, then just bickering and hair-pulling."[7] After Angel had fired them from Angel Investigations to focus his entire attention on taking out Darla, Gunn, Wesley, and herself had gone to Caritas to find out their destiny. The three of them conflicted with each other and blamed all of them to some degree over what Angel was going through. Cordelia had blamed Wesley for speaking up about his obsession with Darla because he made Angel feel guilty about it and they threw a bunch of insults at each other. However, the three of them overcame that when she and Gunn started to work under Wesley.[57] Cordelia's friendship with Wesley was again established to be very close, as she had stayed to comfort Wesley with Gunn in the hospital after he had been shot in the gut.[8] However, their relationship was strained when Wesley was tricked into kidnapping Connor and lost him to Quor'toth, to the extent that Cordelia adamantly refused to speak to Angel on Wesley's behalf at Fred's request, making it clear she didn't care about Wesley's feelings or his side of the story [58].
  • Charles Gunn — Initially, Cordelia and Gunn were at odds. Gunn viewed her as superficial and incompetent while Cordelia found him unpleasant and challenging. When she had a vision of him being assaulted by Deevak, she was determined to protect him despite his insistence for her to leave him alone. However, the two form respect for each other after Cordelia's visions was proved right and she advised him to stop being so eager to put himself in danger.[59] Cordelia was insistent that Gunn would get paid for his services to Angel Investigations,[7] but would later come to slight conflict with each other when Cordelia mocked Gunn and his resistance to Angel's leadership while they were still just reeling from the firing Angel had given them.[57] Both supported each other repeatedly, facing Angel's dismissal or when Gunn owed a price to Jenoff, up to Cordelia's death.
  • Lorne — Despite Cordelia's previous opinion on demons, Cordelia and Lorne developed a fairly good relationship. Lorne described Cordelia as "hot-o-rama" as well as calling her several other nicknames and she helped him regain his body when he was decapitated in Pylea. Lorne attempted to regain her memory and the two greeted each other happily at Wolfram & Hart and Lorne, as Head of the Entertainment Division, claimed he could revive her acting career.
  • Winifred Burkle — In another time, Cordelia would have disdained her as with Willow, evidenced in the time they reverted back to their teenage selves. However, Cordelia always acted as a sisterly figure towards Fred, having listened and helped her to reinvest in the human world after her exile in Pylea. However, along with everyone but Angel, Cordelia was also a little unnerved by Fred's strange behavior.[12] Encouraged by Angel, Cordelia decided to spend time with Fred and get her to out in the real world, describing her as "sweet and adorable," but nonetheless admitting she did not quite understand her. When held at gunpoint by Gunn's crew, she showed sympathy for Fred that her first time out had been so terrible when Cordelia had promised her she'd be safe.[60] Cordelia had always been the most conscious of Fred's strong crush on Angel, and frequently encouraged him to address the issue despite his belief it would blow over by itself. After Fred saw "Angel" (an old man who switched bodies with him) make out with Lilah, Cordelia was quick to comfort her and show sympathy for her unrequited feelings.[50] She, along with Wesley mockingly acted out a display of Buffy and Angel's relationship to Fred when she questioned it. As Fred eventually got over her crush she noticed Angel's feelings for Cordelia and encouraged the idea of them being together. During Angel Investigations visit to the ballet, Cordelia took Fred shopping for dresses that they would wear once and return because of the money involved. There Cordelia helped pick out an outfit for Fred so she would impress Gunn while Fred helped her in finding a dress to impress Angel.

Antagonistic[edit | edit source]

  • Faith Lehane — Cordelia always seemed to have a negative opinion on Faith. When Faith first arrived Cordelia didn't take nicely to her promiscuity (calling her "Slut-o-rama" when first seeing her) and especially since Xander obviously expressed an attraction towards Faith, provoking Cordelia's jealousy which made her claim that Xander had a thing for Slayers.[61] The fact that Faith became a criminal increased the disdain of Cordelia who considered her as a psychopath. When Los Angeles was plunged in an eternal night and Faith (then in her redemption) came to help Angel Investigations, Cordelia did not miss to remind her of her criminal past. Even though at the time Cordelia was possessed by Jasmine who didn't want Faith killing the Beast, Cordelia probably wouldn't have taken kindly to her since in their last confrontation Faith elbowed her into unconsciousness at her apartment.
  • Spike — Even though never interacting in Sunnydale, Cordelia already was cautious of his presence in Los Angeles when he came to get the Gem of Amara while he seemed properly acquainted, complementing her appearance and wondering if she lost weight. When meeting four years later at Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia beforehand was told of Spike's redemption and greeted him peacefully though claiming his hair was then silly for it. Spike, having been told by Lindsey (posing as Doyle) that Cordelia was possessed, bit Cordelia before Angel rescued her. The two then fought before clearing things up where Cordelia claimed that even though she and Spike both had souls, hers was better. The two then seemingly sorted out their differences when teaming up to stop the fail safe.
  • Darla — When Angel started to become unhealthily obsessed with Darla to the point their business was suffering as well as Angel's own actions, Cordelia began to have extreme dislike towards her out of concern of her friend. Darla had also given Cordelia to Luke to feed on at Sunnydale in 1997.[35] When Darla was dying of syphilis, Cordelia was casual over it and didn't seem to care whether she lived or died; Angel did though, so she didn't voice her complaints.[62] When Angel had fired her from Angel Investigations, Cordelia put the full blame on Darla and everything she done to him since.[57] A year later, when a pregnant Darla return in Los Angeles, Cordelia shows himself nice and obliging with her, forgetting that she is a cruel and dangerous creature. However, when Darla, more given thirst than in the ordinary, bites her almost inevitably, the relation becomes again tense between both women.
  • Amy Madison — Although they know each other since the childhood, Cordelia has for Amy, the same consideration as for Willow and Xander. Cordelia even showed herself particularly cruel to Amy, during a cheerleader session, simply because she makes her stumble unintentionally (however, Amy was possessed by her mother). Even after Cordelia joins Scooby Gang, the relation remains tense mainly of in the fact that Amy became a witch.
  • Lilah Morgan — Although Lilah was already a long-time enemy, Cordelia meets her that two years after her first machinations. Lilah, by making so that her visions are forged, almost killed her. When the misogynist half-demon Billy Blim rages on Los Angeles, Cordelia confronts the lawyer for to stop him. Reluctant and herself having been struck by Gavin Park under the influence of the demon, Lilah is allowed convince by Cordelia when she raises a parallel between her, implying that if Cordelia would have chosen the evil path, she would have become as Lilah and what no b queen has to undergo of damages. Lilah is later killed by Cordelia, then possessed by Jasmine.
  • Eve — Cordelia took an instant dislike to Eve when first meeting, instantly introducing herself proudly and following it with "I didn't ask" when Eve was about to say her name. After hearing that Lindsay impersonated Doyle, Cordelia took her anger at Eve by pulling at her ear while calling her "Lilah Junior," threatening to feed Eve her Manolo Blahniks (which Cordelia complimented) and wanting Angel to torture her.
  • Maude Pearson — Maude somehow mistook Cordelia for her son's girlfriend. She got possessed by Dennis to break a wall he was trapped inside by Maude, as he destroyed her.[48]

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