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Note: This article is about the dragon. For other uses, see Cordelia.

Cordelia was a male dragon that befriended Angel during the Fall of Los Angeles.[citation needed]


In 2004, this dragon was part of the demon army sent by the Senior Partners to kill Team Angel after the slaughter of the Circle of the Black Thorn. Angel himself expressed his desire to slay him, but very early on in the fight he realized that the dragon was an innocent duped into fighting on the wrong side, like Angel and his teammates had been.[citation needed]


The dragon swooping over the alley.

After Los Angeles was transported to a hell dimension, the dragon discovered Angel, badly wounded and then human, and carried him to the ruins of the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch. While going through neo-primitive rituals to heal his injuries, Angel dealt with the pain by speaking to an imaginary Cordelia Chase, so the dragon assumed Angel was talking to him and that Cordelia was his name.[citation needed]

Cordelia's most notable fight was a direct confrontation with Illyria, with the dragon seeming to have the upper hand against the unbalanced and still relatively weak Old One, although she seemed unimpressed by the battle herself. He also followed Angel to Silver Lake and flew over the area while Lorne and Angel talked.[citation needed]

As Angel readied for his battle against the Demon Lords' champions, Cordelia airlifted him to the arena. In order to prevent him from interfering, Cordelia was pinned to the ground by chains. But, when Team Angel returned, the Groosalugg broke the chains and the dragon tackled the demon Kenny.[citation needed]

After Gwen Raiden betrayed Angel's group, she blasted Cordelia, knocking the dragon into the sea. As she tried to convince Connor to back down, however, an enraged Cordelia returned, seemingly uninjured, and loomed over Gwen. The battle between them continued until the Senior Partners' larger army of many more dragons descended upon the scene, snatching Cordelia in their talons and teeth. Cordelia was later seen lying dead on the streets of Los Angeles.[citation needed]

Cordelia was restored to life with the Senior Partners' intervention when they reverted time back to the battle following the elimination of the Circle of the Black Thorn. In the battle in the new timeline, Cordelia and Illyria quickly slew the demon army with some help from Spike and Angel. Cordelia then transported the team to Wolfram & Hart and then to the hospital to save Gunn's life. However, Angel left Cordelia in the Groosalugg's care in order to allow himself to more effectively operate undercover, without the publicity he would otherwise attract following his rescue of the entirety of Los Angeles.[citation needed]

Behind the scenes[]

  • While Cordelia was depicted having four legs in "Not Fade Away," he appeared having two legs in the comics.