If they bring in a conviction, bye-bye, California. I say the magic word, the only people left standing are gonna be the ones that are already dead.
―Corbin Fries[src]

Corbin Fries was a client of Wolfram & Hart, both a businessman and a dangerous mobster. He had a son named Matthew, whom Corbin was not above using for his own purposes.

Biography Edit

Of course I'm guilty. What the hell are you changin' the subject for? [...] Now, I bring a lot of money into this firm, more than most, and I don't do that so I can be handed over to the frickin' law.
―Corbin Fries[src]

In late 2003 Corbin was on trial for smuggling Asian girls for cheap labor and prostitution, facing the possibility of being imprisoned for twenty years. Prior charges included drugs and gun running, yet thanks to the Wolfram & Hart's representation and Holland Manners that he was supporter, he had never been convicted. Fries was also an important investor to the firm.

Corbin hired a freelance mystic to mystically implant a biological weapon created by the Black Tomorrow cult within his son's heart, menacing to explode all Los Angeles city, to use as leverage to ensure the full legal backing of Wolfram & Hart, now led by Team Angel.

After research and weighing the possibilities, Team Angel decided that they had no choice but to oblige Corbin and defend him at trial. While Angel set his focus on saving Matthew Fries, Charles Gunn completed his law-knowledge implant procedure and showed up at Corbin's trial, relieving Desmond Keel and taking charge of the deliberation. In the end, Gunn saved Corbin due to a mistrial by linking the judge hearing the case to a consortium owned by Corbin Fries, thus preventing her overseeing the matter due to her having a potentially personal stake in the outcome.

Angel rescued Matthew and he was safely returned to Wolfram & Hart where Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and Winifred Burkle had time to disable the charm which held the bomb within Matthew. Corbin was set free, and once the spell within Matthew was disabled, he was returned to Corbin, although Gunn noted that he could prevent Corbin committing any further crimes for at least the next few months, by drawing out the legal processes necessary to clear his name and thus making it impossible for Corbin to commit further crimes.

Personality and traits Edit

You think I give a ferret's anus about your new regime here? Yeah, I know who you are, and I care to the sum of zero. You're my lawyers. And if you don't do every last thing to keep me out of jail, you will regret it.
―Corbin Fries[src]

Corbin Fries was an aggressive and dangerous criminal. He had no concern for the wellbeing or lives of others, not even that of his son, which he seemingly considered more of a tool for his own purposes.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Rod Rowland.
  • According to Joss Whedon's DVD commentary, Fries was named after Whedon's nephew, who was not amused at being the namesake of such an evil character.

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