Willow Seed Connection

Willow performing the spell.

This was the spell Willow Rosenberg used before entering in the fray of the battle before the End of magic.


Standing in front of the Seed of Wonder, with The Master right behind her, bound in magical chains, Willow said words of power that allowed her to connect to the very source of magic in her dimension. Once she did so, she gained enough power to conjure massive tree roots from below to impale her opponents and blow apart multiple demons with willpower alone. She was also able to cast an unidentified Egyptian spell against a massive demon, but its full effects were not seen as Willow lost her powers shortly after.


Awake in peace. 

Your eyes that dart the rays of the sun.

Whose divine power is great on the head of the goddess.

Your heart that is the beat of life that gives life to all.

The queen of earth, undying.

The regent in the west and in the east.

The divine mother who ascends to the throne.

Let your sworn protector stand against your enemies, keeping evil from those who are faithful to you.


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