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Willow: “I've got the basics down: levitation, charms, glamours… I just feel like I've plateaued, wicca-wise.
Buffy: “What’s the next level?
Willow: “Transmutation, conjuring, bringing forth something from nothing. Gets pretty close to the primal forces. A little scary.
Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers.[src]

Anya conjures a rabbit after casting a spell

Conjuration was a form of magic that involved creating matter out of nothing. It was considered an advanced form of magic as it involved invoking primal forces, and the notion of a novice witch or warlock attempting to conjure something was ill-advised.[1]


Conjuration could range from basic substances like fire, light and electricity to more complex material forms such as inanimate objects and even living creatures. Since Willow Rosenberg and Anya Jenkins claimed that magic itself did not break the laws of physics, it's likely that magic practitioners did not truly make something from nothing, but instead brought matter forth into their dimension using magical energies from other dimensions.[2]

Magic practitioners had a tendency to use the word "conjuring" when summoning deities or beings during magic rituals, implying that conjuration might only be relative in this dimension as they were summoning that being out of it dimension, making it real in theirs.[3]

A banishing spell had been used by Rupert Giles as countermeasure to conjuration.[4]


Willow conjures party decorations

Willow Rosenberg started practicing conjuration during her third year as a witch, having learnt the basics of magic before trying her hand at the next level which involved conjuration alongside transmutation. While not ready, Willow went out of her way to conjure a firefly, though this ended up backfiring when the firefly multiplied and attacked her.[1]

A year later, when in battle with Glory, Willow was able to conjure a snake, only for the snake to be easily broken down into nothing after Glory shrugged it off.[5] By this time, Willow was already able to conjure powerful forcefields.[6] The following months, Willow easily conjured paper lanterns, flowers, streamers and tinsel following the announcement of Xander Harris' engagement to Anya. According to Willow, the decorations she conjured were "biodegradable" as they would go "poof" in a couple of hours.[7]

Anya Jenkins, having lost her memory, aimlessly cast a Rabbit conjuration spell, that instantly resulted in a rabbit popping into existence. Fearful of rabbits, Anya attempted to vanish the rabbit by casting multiple spells, only to create dozens of more rabbits. Managing to get rid of them, she ended up making a living skeleton warrior and then unseen beast before being able to deal with those too.[4]

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