This article is about the rank of the being that dwells in the White Room, for the position of Eve, Marcus Hamilton and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, see Liaison to the Senior Partners
I am not your friend. I am not your flunky. I am your Conduit to the Senior Partners.
―The "Big Cat" to Charles Gunn[src]

The Conduit to the Senior Partners was a high ranking position within the Wolfram & Hart hierarchy originally occupied by Mesektet, but later by an unidentified dark entity that for a time appeared in the form of a black panther, but later, when Charles Gunn approached it in an attempt to save Winifred Burkle from being taken over by Illyria, it appeared as Charles himself. It was at this meeting that the conduit confirmed that the physical form of the Conduit was determined by the viewer.

When Team Angel accepted the offer to manage the L.A. Branch of Wolfram & Hart, Gunn was selected as the link between the conduit and Team Angel. This placed Gunn in a position of power which he used on occasion to request information and assistance from the conduit and the Senior Partners, typically doing so whenever he had exhausted all other resources. The favors, however, were quickly cut short and Gunn was reminded that he and the conduit were not friends nor was it there for his convenience, brutally beating him to get the point across.

Following a trip to a future where Wolfram & Hart had been restored, Angel confronted the Conduit in a warehouse, where it briefly manifested as various people from Angel's past, including Lilah Morgan- Angel commenting that he missed Lilah because he had always known what to expect from her-, Angel informing the Conduit that he would always be present to thwart their plans.

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