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Who I am is Coma. What I want is to get out of Sunnydale.

Coma was a mysterious figure covered in bandages, who commanded over various demons in Sunnydale.


After Doc’s death, Coma robbed from his belongings a scroll with a protection spell. His brother brothers did not know it was for their own good, so they took the scroll back from her, and sought Willow Rosenberg to destroy it. With the protective scroll destroyed, it caused the creation of the lizard wizards’ natural enemy: a luper demon, who soon killed the three remaining brothers. Coma then went after Willow to demand her to stop the demon, telling her innocent people were being killed and she knew the witch was one of the good guys.

Watching the fight between Willow and the demon, Coma payed Spike in exchange of Malian twigs.[1] With the item and Ezekiel’s Bane, which she had previously purchased from the vampire,[2] she was finally able to leave Sunnydale. Under the intention of completing her surgery in Africa, she then parted, after suggesting Spike to remember the place in case he wanted anybody to cut him up.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Discussing their department from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Classic series, writers Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe explained: “So, we thought if we were going to quit we should try to hit the issue 50 milestone. And yes, we planned on using that last arc to give our run its proper farewell and wrap up. But the deadlines were too cruel, and we weren’t able to make it across that final finish line. One of the saddest things about is that we didn’t get to wrap up certain things, Coma being one of the biggest. Indeed she would have been the main focus of that last arc — we hated that idea of introducing a new character within an arc that ends up dead by the arc’s end… better to build up a cast of Pascoe/Fassbender supplemental characters so that when there’s a new mysterious suspect it isn’t so obvious that it’s the ‘new guy’.”[3]



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