What you are, miss, is the package. I deliver the package. I don't much care what's inside.

Collins was an operative working for the Watchers Council and a member of the Watchers Council Special Operations Team.

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Collins was an operative working for the Watchers Council and, alongside agents Weatherby and Smith, a member of its Special Operations Team, an elite group employed by the Council to perform illegal acts not suited for Watchers or Slayers such as smuggling, interrogation and even assassinations.

Collins was the leader of the three members of the Operations Team, who were called when the rogue slayer Faith Lehane awakened from her coma. They successfully captured Faith, but only after she had switched bodies with Buffy Summers. Ignoring Buffy's pleas to free her, Collins ordered Faith to be killed when he could not secure her passage back to England. Buffy, in Faith's body, managed to escape from the Operations Team.

Collins once again led Weatherby and Smith in an attempt to capture Faith after she moved to Los Angeles. However, they once again failed, despite being armed with machine guns and a helicopter. This was thanks to the combined efforts of Angel, Buffy, as well as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Collins, who was firing his machine gun at Buffy and Faith, was tackled and beaten up by Buffy.


Collins was the most level-headed of the three, willing to make a deal with Wesley that allowed Angel to be unharmed in their attempt to capture Faith. As true with most of the Operations Team, Collins was willing to kill anyone in the pursuit of justice.

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