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Collette Boisvert was a Potential Slayer living in Nice, France, in 1940.


Collette was the second to be hunted by Spike and Drusilla in an accord with Skrymir, the vampires having found her name in the Watchers Council's list of known Slayers-in-Waiting and their respective watchers.

Instead of living with her watcher, Henri Arno, at his villa, Collette lived in the center of Nice in a moderately appointed apartment provided by the Council. As her parents lived in Paris, they had been adamant that she had a chaperone, so Collette lived with Sally, an older woman appointed by the Council. She had as her favorite novel The Three Musketeers, and D'Artagnan named to the boy of her dreams.

The evening's dinner of June 2, 1940 would be accompanied by several toasts in honor of Collette completing her training in staves, and in the next day she would move on to fencing. Instead, Monsieur Arno had Spike and Drusilla as guests, pretending to be human siblings, and she was killed at thirteen years old.[1]



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