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Master, we had her trapped!

Colin was a vampire and brethren of the Order of Aurelius.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Colin was one of the vampires charged with killing Buffy Summers when the Master planned on luring her using the newly sired Jesse McNally as bait. After the Slayer escaped, the Master made Colin tell him he was sorry. As he said so, Colin was punished by the Master, who drove a finger through his eye.[1]

Colin, apparently recovered from the wound, was among the vampires who listened to the Master read from the Writings of Aurelius. The Master later threatened his minions to bring him the Anointed One, grabbing Colin by his throat and throwing him into a coffin. Before they left their church, the Master told them to give their own lives but not fail this task, and took a bug from Colin's shoulder.[2]

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