Clive was a Warlock and the spiritual leader of magic coven in Oakland, which included Julie, and has shared a kiss with Andrew Wells.

Biography Edit

When Julie introduced Andrew to Clive, Andrew expressed some discomfort with him being a man, immediately turning his interest to the coven's potion. Julie explained to Andrew that the Asclepian Vial was a magic potion supposed to transform an individual into their perfect self. However, it was meant only to be a symbolic or metaphoric-like initiation ritual. Ironically, the potion was effective on Andrew, revealing for the first time his sexual orientation (an attraction to Clive), and making him invincible in order to chase off the Sculptor, a demon that was attacking the coven to steal the potion. After Andrew's success, Clive proclaimed him to be a superhero.

Clive and Julie then teamed up with the Scooby Gang to track down and disarm the Sculptor. During the planning, Clive said that working with Willow Rosenberg, a renowned witch, was "every coven's dream." In the battle, Andrew protected Clive and Julie from one of the demon's attacks. Afterwards, Andrew kissed Clive passionately in front of the entire Scooby gang. When the effect of the potion expired, Andrew run away in shame.

After some time, Jonathan, as a vengeance demon, hurtfully shared with Andrew a vision of a conversation Clive had with Brian, one of Andrew's online dates. Brian talked about Andrew being exhaustive and repressed, overcompensating his years on the closet; while Clive, despite defending that "not everyone grew up in San Francisco" (with the privilege of a prominent LGBT scene), the matter wasn't just his sexuality, but "so much he doesn't seem to get." Saddened and angered, Andrew texted Clive to meet him before moving to Mykonos, mentioning the conversation. Clive then explained the context: he was worried about Andrew, and hurt by his absence despite their chemistry. He then proceed to tell the rest of the conversation, in which he praised his braveness, strength, and potential, comparing him once again to a hero. He then alerted Andrew to question if the person who told this partial truth was really his friend, which motivating him to return to help the Scooby Gang.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Because of their similar design and leader position, Clive could be a reference to Charles Xavier, the mentor of the X-Men.
  • Jonathan has compared Clive with English singer and actor David Bowie.

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