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Clement was a peaceful loose-skinned demon who lived in Sunnydale[1] and later Los Angeles.[2][3] He was a friend and ally to the Scooby Gang,[4] an occasional crypt-sitter[5] and poker buddy of Spike,[6] and eventually Harmony Kendall's assistant.[3]



Clem befriended Spike, with whom he regularly attended kitten poker at The Lounge Room, and he briefly met Buffy Summers during a game.[6] When he and Spike crashed Buffy's 21st birthday party, he became friendly with most of the gang.[1] He also attended the ultimately-aborted wedding of Xander and Anya, sitting among the groom's human friends and family.[7]

While house sitting Spike's crypt,[5] Clem ended up taking care of Dawn when her sister, the Slayer, needed to face the then corrupted with dark magic Willow.[5] He met Buffy again in a demon bar and assisted her when she was teaching the Potential Slayers.[4] Aware that something evil would soon come, Clem left Sunnydale in his car[8] shortly before the town's destruction.[9]

Harmony's assistant[]

Months later, Clem became a cast member of Harmony Bites, a reality TV show starring vampire and former Sunnydale resident Harmony Kendall,[2] in his capacity as Harmony's low-paid personal assistant.[3]

After the show was canceled, Clem and Harmony relocated to London to continue pursuing her reality TV career, which then included a judging spot on Britain's Got Talent. The pair sought help from Angel and Faith after someone began blackmailing Harmony with a tape of her siring a lover. Angel and Faith eventually deduced that Clem was the blackmailer, and he confessed that his plan had been to make Harmony love him by solving the case himself. While Harmony rejected Clem's romantic overtures outright, she forgave his betrayal and agreed to give him a raise — on the basis that his salary would be paid by Simon Cowell and not her.[10]

Back to California, Clem met Buffy and Spike again in San Francisco when Harmony negotiated for the new vampire to maintain their new powers. Harmony then stole the Slayer Handbook and intended to write on it magic rules that would make her most beloved person on Earth, but Clem argued that deserved to be loved for herself rather than making people love her. However, he did use the handbook to make unicorns exist, much to Harmony's joy.[11]

In the VampCon, Clem conducted the octagon in the traditional trial by combat between Buffy and Golgotha, then Spike and a demon, sealing the alliance between humans and demons.[12] For the following VampCon, Clem filmed Harmony's documentary on the changes the vampire community faced on the last few years.[13]

During the Supernatural Crisis Act, Clem followed Harmony on an international tour and stayed out of the United States, becoming expatriate.[14] In Paris, they blissfully ignored the events across the ocean.[15]

Personality and traits[]

Clems ugly face

Clem shows his hidden face.

Clem had large, floppy ears, loose skin, and a benevolent disposition, despite being a demon who occasionally played poker with live kittens as antes.[6][1] However, he later abstained from eating kittens for health and, ostensibly, moral reasons.[8]

Though his appearance was typically marked by his mostly saggy skin, once explained away as a "skin condition,"[1] he did have the ability to open his face, revealing a number of multicolored tentacle appendages. Such an occasion frightened the Potential Slayers, proving Buffy's point that that even the most harmless demon could be terrifying.[4] In another instance, he used the snakes which protruded from his face to protect himself and Harmony's dogs from vampires.[10]

According to Clem, loose-skinned demons did not kill, and they fed on emotion, particularly embarrassment. Many of his kind walked around naked for that reason, although Clem claimed he had internalized Western beauty standards.[10]



  • Brigitta — Clem had a date with Brigitta, a loose-skinned demon who had a procedure he described as making her look "amazing." Their date was interrupted when Harmony called for him to pick her up.[3]
  • Harmony Kendall — Clem worked for the vampire and endured her physical and verbal abuse, claiming he would never get tired of that.[11] He declared his love for her, but Harmony denied him, explaining that, as someone famous, she could only date hot people.[10]


Potential Clem Spike

Clem and Spike.

  • Spike — Both were players of kitten poker.[6] Clem accompanied Spike to Buffy's birthday party,[1] visited him with a bucket of hot wings to watch a Knight Rider marathon together,[16] and was responsible for taking care of Spike's crypt in his absence.[5] Clem also knew about Buffy and Spike's secret relationship, and he attempted to comfort his friend and advise him into being positive.[16]
  • Buffy Summers — Buffy first met Clem when Spike took her along to a game of kitten poker, but she stayed out of it. He told Spike Buffy's skin was so tight, he didn't know how he could look at her.[6] Clem crashed Buffy's birthday party with Spike, and he became friends in the days he spent with the Scoobies.[1] Buffy trusted Clem enough to watch over her sister Dawn during Spike's absence.[5] They hugged like old friends when she met him at a demon bar.[4] While Clem was leaving town, he attempted to cheer Buffy by saying: "If anyone can do it, you can, because you... rock! If you save the world, I'll come back, we'll have drinks. When. When, I mean."[8] Years later, Buffy said in their reunion that it was "almost worth" having Harmony in her apartment to see him.[11]
  • Dawn Summers — When Buffy asked Clem to take care of Dawn, he offered they play Parcheesi or watch The Wedding Planner, and he gave her "the comfy chair."[5] He ended up rating chips and felt bad for boring her, so Clem offered to take Dawn out and watch a PG-13 film. Dawn asked him instead to help her find Rack, which Clem did despite his concerns about her safety.[17]


Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by James C. Leary.
  • In the dubious-canon series Slayers: A Buffyverse Story, it's revealed that Clem's past brings him enough misery to distract simultaneously multiple Penthose demons (a species who feeds on this feeling). He kills their leader by using his previously unseen expanding abilities to bite off her head. Clem is also an antique cars collector ("Episode 3").