My Angel of Death.

Claudine was a Slayer active in Paris during the French Revolution. A man named Jean was her Watcher and her lover as well.


You made me... a killer. A cold blooded murderer

Claudine was a French teenager who lived in Paris during the height of the French Revolution. She was tricked by Jean, her Watcher, into killing an aristocrat by telling her he was a vampire who fed from the poor. Afterward, she confronted Jean, who confessed he intended her to hunt down every aristocrat in hiding. However, Claudine rejected Jean and left him, overwhelmed with guilt for having killed a human.[1]

In 1792, Claudine was fighting a vampire and, thinking she had the upper hand, tried to stake him. Instead, he overpowered her, flipped her onto the ground beneath their feet then picked her up and snapped her neck, killing her.[2]



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Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Marie-Christine Du Lac
The Slayer
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually Yuki Makimura
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