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The Class of '99 were the students of Sunnydale High that graduated in May 1999. Many of Sunnydale High's students would've been part of it had they not been killed during their school years. Despite the fact the school was rebuilt a few years later, this would be the final class to graduate from Sunnydale High.

During the Ascension of Mayor Richard Wilkins into the embodimient of the demon Olvikan, the Class of '99, organized by Buffy Summers and Xander Harris fought against the Mayor and his vampire servants. Several of the graduating students, including Larry Blaisdell and Harmony Kendall, did not survive the battle. 

According to Jonathan Levinson, this class had the lowest mortality rate of any other graduating class in Sunnydale history, all thanks to Buffy's arrival.

Known members (in alphabetical order by last name)[]