This is not justice that we serve. It is Vengeance.
―Enyos Kalderash[src]

Clan Kalderash is a clan of Romani people. Its members live across Eastern Europe, and their homeland is Romania. The Clan had many interactions with infamous vampires.

Nineteenth CenturyEdit

In 1898, Darla kidnapped a Kalderash girl as a gift for Angelus. The girl's father, who was an Elder of the Clan, found them just after Angelus had drained and killed her. Angelus escaped, but the Clan had one of their members curse him through the Ritual of Restoration. The girl's father told Angel of the curse, taking a little satisfaction in the pain the vampire was suffering.

Hours later, as Darla, Drusilla, and Spike massacred the Kalderash encampment, although Darla had come to try to convince the Elder to have Angelus' soul removed, because Spike had already killed the rest of the family, she was left without leverage and had to kill him too.

Twentieth CenturyEdit

In 1997, the Elder Woman sent Jenny Calendar to Sunnydale to watch over Angel in order to ensure he kept suffering. In 1998, she sensed that Angel's pain was lessening and sent Enyos to investigate. Enyos demanded a report from his niece, Janna, and was enraged to know that Angel had fallen in love with Buffy Summers, the Slayer. Regardless of the fact that Angel was a force of good thanks to his love for the Slayer, Enyos demanded Jenny break the two apart so Angel would suffer again, though he neglected to tell her of the loophole in Angel's curse.

Jenny failed, however, and Buffy and Angel consummated their relationship, which caused Angel to experience absolute happiness and lose his soul. When Buffy asked Jenny to recurse Angelus, she stated it was currently beyond the Clan's ability as the ability to cast those magics was lost long ago. It was later revealed that what was actually lost was the ability to translate the curse into something that could be understood so it could be cast. Angelus subsequently tortured and killed Enyos and later killed Jenny, who managed to translate the curse once again. Months later, Willow Rosenberg and Buffy found a copy of the ritual translated by Jenny and Willow managed to recast the curse on Angelus, restoring Angel, as her first spell. With this, Angel was forced to suffer once more for his crimes against the Clan Kalderash and everyone else he ever hurt as Angelus.


Nineteenth CenturyEdit

Twentieth CenturyEdit


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