First People, who dwell in Mishupashup, hear me and descend,walk with me upon Itiashup again. Hear me also, Nunashush, spirits from below, creatures of the night, dwellers in Cayinashup, take human form, and join the battle... apoilis, untakas, isana -- bring me my revenge

The Chumash Warriors were seven Native American spirits warriors of the Chumash tribe which returned invocated and guided by Hus to exact vengeance against those who wronged his people.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Their spirits was somehow bound within an old Sunnydale Mission which was buried by a huge earthquake in 1812. Everyone assumed the mission had been leveled by the earthquake, and the town unknowingly built over it.

In, Thanksgiving 99', Hus invoked them for to attack Rupert Giles' apartment, Hus battled Buffy and her friends in the form of a black bear and was killed again when Buffy stabbed him in the neck with his own knife, which seemed to destroy him and his followers.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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