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| class="CanonColor" |'''[[Jonathan (comic)|Jonathan – Codename: Comrades]]''' ''[by [[Jane Espenson]]]''
| class="CanonColor" |'''[[Jonathan: Codename: Comrades]]''' ''[by [[Jane Espenson]]]''
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| class="CanonColor" rowspan="2" align="center" |''Sunnydale, 2000''

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This article contains a list of stories and events that take place in the Buffyverse presented in chronological order. It includes stories from various media, such as episodes, books, comics, video games, etc.

Colors are used to mark some stories as confirmed canon according to the below key.

Buffyverse Chronology Key
Confirmed canon
Not canon or unconfirmed canon

Ancient – 1600

Type Title/Description Time/Location
The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart Before Time
Ancient entities, including Myresto Mor and Rowant Mor, observe the creation of the universe.
Only Human Vahla ha'nesh, Primordium Age
The Old One Illyria suppresses a rebellion by the demon Darque Wurms, leaving a single survivor buried alive.
TV Episode
A5.15 A Hole in the World Primordium Age
The spirits of the Old Ones are imprisoned within sarcophagi and entombed in the Deeper Well.
TV Episode
B7.15 Get It Done Africa, Prehistory
Sineya, the First Slayer, is created by the Shadow Men.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Prologue Africa, Prehistory
The First Slayer is rejected by her village and instructed to fight alone.
Portal Through Time Uruk, Sumer, 2700 BCE (approx.)
The Watcher of the Slayer Ejuk is slain by time-traveling assassins intent on destroying the Slayer line.
TV Episode
B4.02 Living Conditions 1000 BCE (aprox.)
The Mok'tagar Demon who will later be known as Kathy Newman is born.
Dark Congress Marrakesh, Morocco, 996 BCE
The Slayer, unable to destroy the river goddess Kandida, imprisons her inside a sarcophagus.
TV Episode
B2.09 What's My Line, Part One 970 BCE (approx.)
The Order of Taraka, a mystical guild of assassins, operates in the time of King Solomon.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: A Good Run Greece, 490 BCE
In order to protect an important messenger, the Slayer Thessily must run 300 miles in three days while fending off vampires.
Go Ask Malice Thebes, Greece
The Slayer Artemia is tortured and killed by Kakistos, but her daughter returns as a vengeance demon to grant her wish for revenge.
The Blood of Carthage Rome and Carthage, 149–145 BCE
War rages betwen Cato's Rome and the demon Vraka, culminating in the summoning of the Old One Ky-laag by the Roman general Scipio.
The Evil That Men Do Rome, 41
The Slayer foils the plans of a nefarious vampire duo to raise the demon Meter by stealing the ashes of the Emperor Caligula.
Night Terrors (Stake-Your-Destiny series) Britain, 52
The Night Terrors forcibly eject the spirit of the Slayer, a Celtic warrior, allowing vampires to feast on her corporeal body.
TV Episode
B3.12 Helpless 800 (approx.)
The Watchers Council establishes the Cruciamentum as a trial of the Slayer on her 18th birthday.
TV Episode
B7.05 Selfless Sjornjost, Sweden, 880
Aud transforms Olaf into a demon, and is herself dubbed the vengeance demon Anyanka by D'Hoffryn.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: Lady Shobu Sagami Province, Japan, 980
Kishi Minomoto is summoned as a Slayer and sent to locate demons, only to discover that her Watcher is not who he claims to be.
The Heart of a Slayer France, 11th Century
The Slayer Adja sets off in pursuit of the time-traveling demon assasin Karfarnaum.
Buffy Season 8: Last Gleaming 12th Century
The Master, already a powerful vampire, is enslaved by the Seed of Wonder in order to protect it.
TV Episode
B1.05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date 12th Century
The vampire Aurelius prophesies the eventual rise of the Anointed One as the Master's greatest warrior.
TV Episode
B5.13 Blood Ties 12th Century
The Order of Dagon is founded by Tarnis to protect The Key.
TV Episode
B5.09 Listening To Fear Reykjavík, Iceland, 12th Century
A meteor containing an extraterrestrial Queller Demon impacts in the region.
The Blood of Carthage North America, 12th Century
Vraka and the Blood of Carthage move the trapped demon Ky-laag to what would later become Sunnydale.
TV Episode
B3.21 Graduation Day, Part One Koskov Valley, 1200 (approx.)
A sorcerer in a village in the the Koskov Valley becomes the embodiment of the demon Lohesh. Only three people escape alive.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer III: Dark of the Moon New Mexico, 1229 and 1250
A Slayer is trained but becomes frustrated when she fails to fulfill her duty through no fault of her own.
The Book of Fours Jerusalem, Mid-13th Century
While attempting to save a French knight, the Arabic Slayer is killed by a primal evil known as the Gatherer.
Long Night's Journey China, 1310
A dying vampire hunter, Perfect Zheng, allows himself to become a vampire in order to escape death.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: Abomination Beauport, Brittany, France, 1320
The Slayer Eliane resists being called, but after the death of her son, she eventually passes the Slayer title to her infant daughter.
The Origin Italy, Mid-14th Century
The Slayer, a barmaid at the height of the bubonic plague epidemic, is killed by the vampire Lothos outside the Boar's Head tavern.
TV Episode
B1.08 I, Robot... You, Jane 1418
Moloch's soul is trapped in a tome by an order of monks.
The Death of Buffy (main story) France, 1424–1431
Jehanne Darc – a.k.a. St. Joan of Arc – serves as the Slayer.
TV Episode
B1.11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight 15th Century
The Pergamum Codex, an important book of Slayer prophecies, is "misplaced."
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: The Rule of Silence Seville, Spain, 1481
The Marrano Slayer Esperanza de la Vega, living secretly as a Jew under the Spanish Inquisition, is arrested and charged as a witch.
TV Episode
B2.04 Inca Mummy Girl Peru, Late 15th Century
A young princess is chosen as a sacrifice by her people.
Tempted Champions Greece, 1527
The Slayer Cassia Marsilka is turned by the ancient vampire Cyrus the Gladiator.
TV Episode
B5.16 The Body Europe, 16th Century
The creature who will later be known as Santa Claus begins disemboweling children.
TV Episode
B5.05 No Place Like Home France, 16th Century
The sorcerer Cloutier creates a spell called Tirer La Couverture, which allows the caster to see the signature of spells cast nearby.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Righteous England, 16th Century
A reluctant Slayer fights to save a walled medieval town from vampires, but faces suspicion from the town's established clergy.
Tales of the Vampires: Framing Story Rouen, France, 16th Century
The hardworking cobbler Roche is sired by the ancient (and elegantly shod) vampire Die Einsame.
The Origin England, 16th Century
The noble-born, castle-dwelling Slayer is slain by the vampire Lothos.
TV Episode
B5.01 Buffy vs. Dracula Late 16th Century
Anyanka encounters Dracula after cursing a man by making him incredibly fat.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: The White Doe London and Roanoke Colony, 1586
An English Slayer among the Croatoans is transformed into a white doe when she refuses the advances of a wizard.

1601 – 1900 History

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: Die Blutgrafin Hungary, 1609
The Slayer Ildikó infiltrates the castle of Countesse Elizabeth Bathory (die Blutgrafin) in an attempt to stop a series of mysterious deaths.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla Virginia Colony, 1609
A dying prostitute is visited by a mysterious stranger (revealed to be The Master), who sires her to become the vampire Darla.
Halloween Rain Ireland, Early 17th Century
The Slayer Erin Randall kills the Tatzelwurm, but is killed by the demon Samhain after facing him on two separate Halloweens.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Plymouth Colony, 1625
The Slayer Abigail Cole stops a series of mysterious deaths that had been attributed to unknown animals.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: Blood and Brine The Caribbean, 1661
A ship's crew mutinies against its captain, Robin Whitby, upon discovering she is a woman, only to be attacked by a sea monster.
Happy New Year New England, 17th Century
Jealous alchemist Nathaniel Filmer accuses two friends of witchcraft, and is cursed by them as they are burned at the stake.
Buffy Season 8: Twilight 1680s
Fearing that the current Slayer will bring about Twilight, thirty fearful Watchers commit suicide by poisoning their drinks in a dining hall.
Night of the Living Rerun Salem, Massachusetts, 1692
The Slayer Samantha Kane is summoned to investigate an accused witch but, uncovering a plot to raise The Master, dies to defeat him.
TV Episode
B3.17 Enemies Sharpesville, May 26, 1723
An Ascension occurs and completely destroys a town, leaving no survivors.
TV Episode
A1.15 The Prodigal Galway, Ireland, 1727
Liam is born to a linen and silk merchant.
The Origin Hong Kong, 18th Century
A Slayer working as a prostitute runs away from her first customer, a British sailor, and is killed by the vampire Lothos.
TV Episode
A1.15 The Prodigal Galway, Ireland, 1753
Liam leaves home after fighting with his father.
TV Episode
B2.21 Becoming I Galway, Ireland, 1753
A drunken Liam is killed and sired by Darla, becoming Angelus.
TV Episode
A.15 The Prodigal Galway, Ireland, 1753
Liam rises from his grave and makes his first kill, later returning home to murder his family.
Cursed Galway, Ireland, 1753
At Darla's prompting, Angelus toys with and kills his friend Liam McHugh.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla London, 1760
Darla brings Angelus before The Master, but Angelus' lack of respect forces her to choose between them: She leaves with Angelus.
TV Episode
A3.08 Quickening York, England, 1764
Evading a trap set by vampire hunter Daniel Holtz, Darla and Angelus travel to Holtz's home to kill his wife and children.
TV Episode
A3.09 Lullaby York, England, 1764
Holtz returns home to discover that his daughter has become a vampire, forcing him to kill her.
TV Episode
A2.09 The Trial France, 1765
Fleeing Holtz, Darla and Angelus take refuge in a barn, but Darla abandons him when pursuers set the building ablaze.
TV Episode
A3.01 Heartthrob Marseilles, France, 1767
Darla and Angelus, evading Holtz, spend time with vampire couple James and Lisbeth.
Short Story
Tales of the Slayer I: Unholy Madness Russia, 1770
The current Slayer is killed by the vampire L'Hero.
TV Episode
A3.07 Offspring Rome, 1771
Holtz captures and tortures Angelus, before Darla rescues him, killing all present but Holtz.
TV Episode
A3.08 Quickening 1773
Holtz allows the demon Sahjhan to bring him into the future to exact revenge.
TV Episode
A1.11 Somnambulist Ireland, 1786
Angel sires a young Puritan named Penn, who goes on to kill his sister as his first victim, followed by the rest of his family.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: Unholy Madness France, 1789
The Slayer Marie-Christina, living in the royal palace at Versailles, battles against L'Hero, a vampire who is leading a rebellion among the poor.
TV Episode
A4.11 Soulless Prussia, 1789
The Beast attempts to convince Angelus to kill the Svear priestesses, but Angelus refuses.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: The Innocent Paris, France, 1790
Claudine, the Slayer during the French Revolution, is tricked by her Watcher into killing a human aristocrat.
TV Episode
A5.04 Hell Bound Los Angeles, 1791
Wolfram & Hart uses the blood of the killer Matthias Pavayne to de-consecrate the ground of a former church for its local headquarters.
Twilight France, 1792
Claudine is overpowered and killed by a vampire.
Portal Through Time Paris, France, 1799
The Slayer Marguerite is pursued by two time-traveling vampires intent on disrupting the Slayer line, but is saved by a future Slayer.
Comic Angel vs. Frankenstein Geneva, 1800
Angelus pretends to be the heir to the Frankenstein family fortune. Frankenstein's monster tries to stop him.
False Memories Japan, 1801
After her Watcher's death, The Slayer Yuki Makimura confronts The Master, who defeats and sires her as a vampire.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Some Like it Hot Europe, Early 19th Century
A vampire undergoes an experimental surgery that will allow him to survive in the sun indefinitely.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Presumption Somersetshire, England, 1813
Elizabeth Weston finds a novel way to seek out vampires in restrictive nineteenth-century English upper-class society.
Blooded England, 1817
The Slayer Justine is injured during one of her first battles, surviving a month before succumbing to her injuries.
TV Episode
A3.10 Amends Dublin, December 1838
Angelus kills a man named Daniel in a novel payment of the latter's gambling debt.
The Heart of a Slayer Sunnydale, 1840
The time-traveling demon Karfarnaum appears and attacks a church, but is driven away by the Slayer Adja.
Past Lives England, 1841
A group led by self-styled vampire hunter Sir Andrew Landry confronts Angelus, who kills all but Landry himself.
Tales of the Slayers: The Glittering World Sunnydale, 1841
A Navajo Slayer, Naayéé'neizgháni, confronts a fellow tribeswoman who has become a vampire, destroying a small town in the process.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: The Ghosts of Slayers Past London, 1843
An East End Watcher is unsympathetic toward his charge until he is visited by two Slayers from the past – and one from the future.
Past Lives England, 1845
Sir Andrew Landry leads another failed attack on Angelus.
TV Episode
A4.13 Salvage Tuscany, 1845
Angelus meets the vampire Rosaria, an encounter he will later forget.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Boston, 1845
The Slayer stops a series of grisly murders in the Boston shipyards.
TV Episode
A1.13 She 1850s
Angelus meets the French poet Charles Baudelaire, possibly inspiring the eponymous demon of the poem "Le Vampire" from Les Fleur du Mal.
Past Lives Sheffield, England, 1854
Angelus invades the estate of Sir Andrew Landry and turns his wife, forcing him to stake her.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer III: Ch'ing Shih Shanghai, China, June 10, 1856
A Slayer whose Watcher dies runs away from the monastery where she trained, posing as a man to survive.
Surrogates London, England, 1856
Angelus is imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl, but manages to escape before the rising sun comes through his cell window.
Past Lives Devonshire, England, 1857
Angelus torments an insane Andrew Landry in his sanitarium cell.
TV Episode
A2.05 Dear Boy England, 1860
Darla shows Drusilla, a woman with the gift of visions, to Angelus.
TV Episode
B2.21 Becoming I England, 1860
After killing a priest, Angelus taunts Drusilla in a confessional booth.
TV Episode
A2.05 Dear Boy England, 1860
Angelus and Darla slaughter everyone in Drusilla's convent; Angel announces his intent to make the traumatized Drusilla a vampire.
Portal Through Time Tennessee, 1862
Two time-traveling vampires attempt to kill the Slayer Agatha Primrose, secretly a Union spy, but are foiled by a future Slayer and her friends.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: The New Watcher Atlanta, 1864
The Slayer Pauline Francis Bernard, passing herself off as a man, enlists in the Union army until her new Watcher seeks her out.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Virginia, 1866
The unexplained disappearances of several Civil War widows are stopped when Slayer Lucy Hanover sets up camp in a nearby graveyard.
Immortal Venice, Italy, 1873
The Slayer Angela Martignetti pursues the body-switching vampire Veronique, foiling her plans and finally confronting her on a small island.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Alone Ireland, 1876
The Slayer Catherine Callan of Ulster must tolerate both her father and prejudice from the largely English Watchers Council.
Spike: Old Times London, 1880
Cecily Addams – in reality the vengeance demon Halfrek – rejects an unsuspecting William.
TV Episode
B5.07 Fool for Love London, 1880
A distraught William bumps into Angelus, Drusilla, and Darla.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla London, 1880
Drusilla, in want of a companion, sires William.
TV Episode
B7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me London, 1880
William sires and stakes his dying his mother, distraught that the resulting vampire is not the woman who loved him.
TV Episode
A5.08 Destiny London, 1880
Angelus welcomes William into their group, but they soon begin fighting over Drusilla's affections.
TV Episode
B5.07 Fool for Love Yorkshire, 1880
William – now using the name Spike, after his preferred method of torture – fights with Angelus at the bottom of a mine shaft.
TV Episode
A3.10 Amends London, 1883
Angelus kills a maid at a society party, indicating his intent to later consume her son as well.
These Our Actors London, 1880s
Spike decides to take his revenge on Cecily, rejecting her when she attempts to apologise for her earlier treatment.
The Evil That Men Do 19th Century
Angelus is involved in a romantic relationship with the ancient vampire Helen (a relationship that ends with the restoration of his soul).
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: Mornglom Dreaming Kentucky, 1886
Mollie Prater, 15-year-old girl living in Kentucky, is called as the new Slayer and must battle demons at her wedding.
Chaos Bleeds Mexico, 1886
The Texas-based Gorch family of outlaws slaughters an entire village.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Dodge City, Kansas, 1888
The Slayer Belle Malone manages to bring an end to forty deaths that occurred under suspicious circumstances.
Blood and Fog London, 1888
The Slayer Elizabeth, hunting the vampire Jack the Ripper with help from Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike, is killed by her intended prey.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Jack London, November 1888
Inspector Whitcomb, investigating Jack the Ripper's case, suspects the notorious killer may be a vampire, but holds a secret of his own.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Framing Story England, Late 19th Century
Young Watchers in training are taught about vampires via tales from the captive vampire Roche.
Spike: The Devil You Know Late 19th Century
While waiting to see The Master, Angelus points out Tansy Fry to Spike.
TV Episode
A3.13 Waiting in the Wings 1890
Angelus watches the ballet Gisele and cries, despite his evil nature.
Angel: The Hollower Vienna, 1892
Angelus leads a group of vampires (including Spike and Drusilla) against the Hollower, managing to repel it and save the vampire Catherine DeLancie.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Oklahoma, 1893
The Slayer, acting as a blacksmith, brings an end to a series of savage attacks that had claimed the lives of seventeen homesteaders.
Spike: The Devil You Know Europe, 1890s
Angelus, Spike, Darla, and Drusilla pass through an entire town that Tansy Fry has slaughtered after being mistaken for Darla.
TV Episode
A5.20 The Girl in Question Italy, 1894
Spike and Angelus are imprisoned by the mysterious Immortal, who seduces Drusilla and Darla in their absence.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: House of the Vampire London, 1897
Dracula has come to England, and Angelique Hawthorne, the current Slayer, must determine how to escape his influence and defeat him.
Promotional Material History of the Slayer Virginia City, Wyoming, 1897
Slayer Florence Gilbert stops a series of bizarre murders that beset a small hillside community.
The Evil That Men Do Yorkshire Moors, England, 1897
The vampire Helen kills the current Slayer and, along with Angelus, drinks her blood from goblets.
TV Episode
A1.18 Five by Five Romania, 1898
Angelus and Darla kill the favorite daughter of the Kalderash Tribe.
TV Episode
B2.21 Becoming I Romania, 1898
The elder woman of the Kalderash Tribe restores Angelus' soul.
The Curse Romania, 1898
Angelus' soul is restored by the Kalderash Tribe.
TV Episode
A1.18 Five by Five Romania, 1898
Darla rejects Angelus when she senses his soul.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla Romania, 1898
Darla, Drusilla and Spike nearly wipe out the entire Kalderash Clan.
TV Episode
A1.18 Five by Five Borşa, Romania, 1898
Angel, begging on the streets, finds that he can no longer bring himself to prey on humans.
Comic Spike vs. Dracula #1 1898
Dracula seeks to enthrall and destroy Drusilla and Darla, but is foiled when Spike incites an angry mob to attack.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: The Glittering World Sunnydale, 1899
The tale of the Slayer Naayéé'neizgháni is related to Richard Wilkins, who plans to build a new town on the ruins of a destroyed one.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla China, 1900
Angelus tracks Darla, Spike and Drusilla to China in the midst of the Boxer Rebellion.
TV Episode
B5.07 Fool for Love China, 1900
Spike kills Xin Rong, the Slayer.
TV Episode
A2.07 Darla China, 1900
Angelus leaves Darla when he can't bring himself to kill innocent humans.
Spike and Dru: All's Fair China, 1900
Relatives of Xin Rong swear vengeance on Spike and Drusilla.

1901 – 1970 History

Type Title/Description Time/Location
TV Episode
B7.01 Lessons Buffalo, New York, September 6, 1901
Anarchist Leon Czolgosz, acting under the influence of vengeance demon Anyanka, assassinates president William McKinley.
TV Episode
A4.15 Orpheus New York, 1902
Angel arrives at Ellis Island in New York.
The Blood of Carthage Vienna, 1903
Spike steals the Spells of Hammurabi from the demon Vraka to gain his help in freeing a captive Drusilla from the Astrides.
TV Episode
B7.05 Selfless St. Petersburg, 1905
Anyanka observes the start of the Russian Revolution with Halfrek.
Comic Angel: Barbary Coast San Francisco, April 1906
Angel, looking for a "cure," seeks out a Chinese healer and finds himself battling a dragon in the midst of a major historical event.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Sideshow Slayer Duluth, Minnesota, 1911
The Slayer Millicent "Millie" Rose Gresham, traveling with a carnival side show, is approaching her Cruciamentum when plans go wrong.
Comic Angel: Blood & Trenches Sometime between 1914 and 1918
Angel, injured during World War I, must fend off Geoffrey Wyndam-Pryce and the vampire Kakistos.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Survivors Chicago, 1919
Slayer Dorothy "Dot" Singers is approaching her Cruciamentum test, but her Watcher is suffering from severe mental illness.
TV Episode
A4.15 Orpheus Chicago, Early 1920s
Angel saves a puppy from an oncoming car.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: The War Between the States [by Rebecca Rand Kirshner] New York, 1922
A young woman is awed by the flapper Ardita O'Reilly until she learns that she is the Slayer.
Tales of the Vampires: Father Los Angeles, 1922
Tom Mitchell is turned into a vampire, but his predatory nature is tempered on seeing his young (and now orphaned) son.
Comic Angel vs. Frankenstein II New York, 1920s
Angel finds Frankenstein's monster alive and hungering for revenge.
TV Episode
A2.12 Blood Money Juárez, Mexico, 1920s
Angel fights a demon named Boone over a woman, but the fight is stopped at sunrise without a definitive resolution.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: Silent Screams Germany, 1923
At a screening of the film Nosferatu, the Watcher Lichtermann abandons his untested Slayer Britta to the film's vampiric creators.
Long Night's Journey London, 1920s
After the vampire Perfect Zheng defeats a drunken Angel in combat, the Kalderash attempt (and fail) to restore his soul.
Tales of the Vampires: Father Santa Monica, 1930
The vampire Tom Mitchell takes his young son to the Santa Monica pier.
Comic Spike and Dru: All's Fair Chicago, 1933
Spike and Drusilla attend the 1933 World's Fair and foil an attempt to summon an ancient evil.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Dust Bowl Kansas, 1933
Joe Cooper, a farmer trying to work a barren field, is "turned" into a vampire and must face this experience alone.
TV Episode
A1.01 City Of Missoula, Montanta, 1930s
Angel passes through Missoula, finding it "pretty country."
Comic Spike vs. Dracula #2 Los Angeles, October 1934
Spike and Drusilla attend a stage performance by Bela Lugosi, then do battle with the real Count Dracula (and a young Ed Wood).
Tales of the Slayers: Broken Bottle of Djinn New York, 1937
A poor Slayer named Rachel O'Connor is recruited by government operatives in an operation against a Nazi agent and a powerful spirit.
TV Episode
B1.02 The Harvest Sunnydale, 1937
The Master is trapped in a church when an earthquake interrupts his ritual to open the Hellmouth.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Sonnenblume Nuremberg, Germany, 1938
A young World War II-era German Slayer, Anni Sonnenblume, member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel, learns who the true monsters are.
The Final Cut Los Angeles, Late 1930s
Up-and-coming actor Fair Quinn dies under mysterious circumstances while working on a horror film.
Novel Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row 1940
Spike and Drusilla hunt down Slayers-in-Waiting around the world in a quest to gain the magical Freyja's Strand necklace.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer III: Voodoo Lounge Los Angeles, December 12, 1940
With the Watchers Council and Potentials decimated, the Slayer and her Watcher try to find a missing Council member.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: Stakeout on Rush Street Chicago, 1943
Betty, the Slayer as well as a private detective, accepts payment from a mob boss for killing a vampire gang member.
Comic Spike vs. Dracula #3 Germany, November 1943
Spike and Dracula raid a secret Nazi research facility in an attempt to rescue one of Dracula's brides and an imprisoned Darla.
TV Episode
A5.13 Why We Fight New York and Atlantic, 1943
Angel is conscripted into the Demon Research Initiative and sent to recover a German prototype submarine on which Spike is traveling.
Tales of the Vampires: Father Los Angeles, 1945
The vampire Tom Mitchell attends the evening wedding of his son, Cyrus.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Dames Las Vegas, 1940s
A gambling vampire "rescues" a woman from gangsters, but finds she may not be as helpless as she initially appears.
TV Episode
A1.05 Rm w/a Vu Los Angeles, 1946
Dennis is entombed in an apartment wall.
TV Episode
A4.03 The House Always Wins Las Vegas, 1946
Angel plays tennis with Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.
Spike: Old Wounds Los Angeles, 1946
Spike works as an enforcer for a sleazy Hollywood producer before running afoul of Los Hermanos Número, a group of demon-fighting luchadores.
Tales of the Vampires: Father Pasadena, 1950
Cyrus Mitchell and his wife Marcie have a child, but Marcie's mother is suspicious of Cyrus's (vampire) father Tom.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Undeadsville New York, 1952
A disapproving Watcher, Ian Sykes, conspires to ensure that his beatnik Slayer, Zoe, does not survive her Cruciamentum.
TV Episode
A2.02 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Los Angeles, 1952
Angel, staying at the Hyperion Hotel, becomes involved with a thief and is attacked by a mob under the influence of a Thesulac demon.
TV Episode
A5.06 The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco Los Angeles, 1953
Luchadores Los Hermanos Número fight gangsters and demons, finally defeating an Aztec warrior demon, during which four of the five are slain.
TV Episode
B2.19 I Only Have Eyes for You Sunnydale, 1955
Sunnydale High student James Stanley kills his teacher, Grace Newman, after she tries to break off their affair.'
TV Episode
B2.11 Ted Sunnydale, mid-50
Ted Buchanan create a robotic duplicate of himself.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer I: And White Splits the Night Florida, 1956
The Slayer Asha and her Watcher race to save a church from a vampire's racially-motivated bomb attack.
Vermin Los Angeles, 1956
A carnival magician attempts to invoke the wrath of the Old Ones, but inadvertently conjures up a rat demon, which goes into hiding.
TV Episode
A5.20 The Girl in Question Italy, 1950s
Spike and Drusilla visit Italy.
Comic Spike vs. Dracula #4 Rome and Cyprus, June 1959
Spike and Drusilla enjoy an evening with Comte de Saint-Germain, who has imprisoned Dracula within a statue.
Vermin New York, 1962
Living on the streets in the Bowery, Angel is beset by rats, contributing to his longtime antipathy toward the creatures.
TV Episode
A5.07 Lineage Vienna, 1963
Spike slaughters an orphanage, as well as two members of the Watchers Council.
TV Episode
A4.03 The House Always Wins 1960s
Angel meets the Rat Pack multiple times, giving advice to Sammy Davis, Jr.
TV Episode
A4.03 The House Always Wins Las Vegas, May, 1967
Angel attends Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception.
TV Episode
A4.03 Not Fade Away Los Angeles, September, 1967
Angel attends the first taping of the Carol Burnett Show.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Back to the Garden Nova Scotia, 1969
A pacifist Slayer, Beryl MacKenzie, joins a commune in Nova Scotia before facing her Cruciamentum.
TV Episode
A2.03 School Hard Bethel, New York, August 1969
Spike attends the Woodstock music festival, where he experiences the effects of psychedelic drugs after feeding on a fellow attendee.
Note from the Underground New York, 1969
Angel watches "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

1970 – 1996 (Origins)

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Nikki Goes Down! New York, 1970s
The Slayer Nikki Wood sets out to avenge the death of her cop boyfriend.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: It's All About the Mission New York, 1973
Nikki Wood's Watcher, Bernard Crowley, doubts that a pregnant Nikki can handle her Cruciamentum.
TV Episode
A4.15 Orpheus New York, 1975
Angel fails to prevent a diner shooting, choosing to feed on the victim afterward.
The Heart of a Slayer Sunnydale, 1976
The demon Karfarnaum and the Slayer Adja pass through and battle briefly as they travel forward through time.
Novel Blackout New York, July 1977
Nikki Wood fights against the forces of darkness while protecting her son, as Spike and Drusilla arrive in New York to hunt her down.
TV Episode
B7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me New York, 1977
Spike battles Nikki Wood in Central Park as her son looks on.
TV Episode
B5.07 Fool for Love New York, 1977
Spike kills Nikki Wood in a subway car, taking her coat for his own.
Vermin Los Angeles, 1978
Two workers tasked with clearing out the abandoned Dream-a-Dreamland amusement park are attacked by demon-controlled rats.
Giles: Beyond the Pale London, 1980
As a student, Rupert Giles discovers the Key of Amon-Rathna in the Watcher archives.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer IV: Two Teenage Girls at the Mall [by Jane Espenson] Keller, Nebraska, 1981
Julie Lemmer, a newly-turned teenage vampire, is locked in a mall with a Slayer as a Cruciamentum test.
TV Episode
A4.02 Ground State Gills Rock, Wisconsin, October 1985
Gwen Raiden enrolls at the Thorpe Academy and accidentally shocks a young boy.
TV Episode
B5.21 The Weight of the World Mid-1980s
Baby Dawn is brought home to Buffy by Joyce and Hank (at least in Buffy's memory).
Only Human Los Angeles, Mid-1980s
A vampire attacks Charles Gunn in his grandmother's kitchen, after which time she begins instructing him in fighting vampires.
TV Episode
B6.22 Grave Sunnydale, 1987
Willow breaks a yellow crayon on her first day of kindergarten.
The Blood of Carthage Sunnydale, 1987
Xander dubs Willow his "sidekick" as they play together.
TV Episode
B2.18 Killed by Death 1987 or 1988
Buffy witnesses her cousin's mysterious death in a hospital.
Play with Fire Sunnydale, Spring 1988
A group of teenagers attempt to raise a demon inside an old house, and one of them becomes trapped incorporeally within.
TV Episode
A5.11 Damage Los Angeles, 1988
A psychopath kidnaps and tortures a ten-year-old girl after murdering her family; the girl will remain in a psychiatric hospital for 15 years afterward.
The Blood of Carthage Sunnydale, 1989
Willow's mother warns against following Xander's rash actions. Later, while camping out, Willow plays dead to save the pair from Mad Jack.
The Blood of Carthage Sunnydale, 1991
Xander volunteers Willow to help fix their teacher's recalcitrant computer.
Only Human Los Angeles, Early 1990s
Charles Gunn and his sister visit their grandmother in the hospital; she is grateful to be dying in bed rather than fighting a vampire.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer III: The Code of the Samurai Tokyo, 1993
Slayer India Cohen and her Watcher, Kit, must help a clan destroy their vampire-ancestor, along with 50 other warriors.
TV Episode
A3.18 Double or Nothing Los Angeles, 1995
Gunn signs a blood oath with Jenoff at his casino.
Dead Love 1990s
Giles seeks out an old friend, and encounters a man obsessed with bringing his dead wife back to life.
TV Episode
A5.15 A Hole in the World Texas, Mid-1990s
Fred's parents help her pack for her move to Los Angeles to begin her studies at UCLA.
TV Episode
A5.16 Shells Texas, Mid-1990s
Fred packs up her car, says goodbye to her parents, and heads to L.A.
Comic Angel Yearbook: ...Dust to Dust Los Angeles, Mid-1990s
Charles and Alonna Gunn must confront the turned vampire form of the woman who cared for them after their grandmother's death.
TV Episode
A4.15 Orpheus New York, 1995
A derelict Angel, still distraught over his feeding on a human two decades prior, feeds on a rat.
TV Episode
B2.21 Becoming I New York, 1996
The demon Whistler invites Angel to become a hero.
Comic Buffy: The Origin Los Angeles, Spring 1996
A stranger informs Buffy Summers of her calling as a Vampire Slayer, a role she gradually accepts, defeating the vampire Lothos.
TV Episode
B2.21 Becoming I Los Angeles, Spring 1996
Whistler points out Buffy, the new Slayer, to Angel.
TV Episode
A2.19 Belonging Los Angeles, May 7 1996
While shelving a demon language book, Winifred Burkle recited the cryptic text out loud and was accidentally sucked into a dimensional portal to Pylea .Lorne, was sucked into the same portal on his side and ended up in Los Angeles.
TV Episode
A2.19 Double or Nothing Los Angeles, mid-1996
Charles Gunn enters Jenoff's casino. After a frisking by Jennoff's enforcer, Gunn speaks with the man himself, who recognizes him and knows his reputation as a protector of the young and innocent. Gunn hands Jenoff a photograph of his heart's desire (a camion). Jenoff says he can "make it happen," but it will cost Gunn his future. Gunn, thinking he has no future, agrees and signs a blood oath.
Comic Viva Las Buffy! Las Vegas, Summer 1996
Buffy and Pike find work in a Las Vegas casino, discovering that it is run by two vampires, as Angel provides hidden assistance.
Comic Dawn and Hoopy the Bear Los Angeles, Summer 1996
A violent, wish-granting stuffed bear is mistakenly delivered to Dawn instead of to Buffy.
Comic Slayer, Interrupted Los Angeles, Summer 1996
Buffy's parents have her put into a mental institution, where she faces the demon Rakagore.
Comic Angels We Have Seen on High Santa Monica, Summer 1996
Angel protects Dawn from vampires at the Santa Monica pier.
Comic A Stake to the Heart Sunnydale, Summer 1996
A worried Angel, aided by Whistler, inadvertently sets four malignancy demons on Buffy and her family.

Buffy Season 1: 1996 – 1997

Type Title/Description Time/Location
TV Episode B1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth Sunnydale, 1996
Buffy transfers to Sunnydale High, but is called back as a Slayer by her new watcher, Rupert Giles; a mysterious stranger offers advice.
TV Episode B1.02 The Harvest Sunnydale, 1996
Buffy recruits Xander and Willow, and confronts the minions of The Master, an ancient vampire intent on opening the Hellmouth.
Novel The Harvest Sunnydale, 1996
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B1.03 Witch Sunnydale, 1996
The Scoobies attempt to stop a witch intent on disrupting her daughter's cheerleader tryouts.
TV Episode
B2.05 Reptile Boy Sunnydale, 1996
Members of the Delta Zeta Kappa fraternity sacrifice two girls to the demon Machida.
TV Episode B1.04 Teacher's Pet Sunnydale, 1996
Xander is seduced and nearly eaten by a giant She-Mantis disguised as a substitute teacher.
Novel Xander Years 1: Teacher's Pet Sunnydale, 1996
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Novel Halloween Rain Sunnydale, October 1996
Buffy battles Samhain, the Pumpkin King, revived by a magical rain.
Novel Night of the Living Rerun Sunnydale, 1996
Spirits from old Salem, Massachusetts, inhabit the bodies of Buffy and her friends, attempting a ritual to raise The Master.
TV Episode B1.05 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date Sunnydale, 1996
Buffy begins dating a classmate while The Master arranges the rising of the Anointed One, his greatest warrior.
TV Episode B1.06 The Pack Sunnydale, 1996
Xander and a group of bullies are possessed by demonic hyenas.
Novel Xander Years 1: The Pack Sunnydale, 1996
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B1.07 Angel Sunnydale, 1997
Angel's vampire nature is revealed to Buffy, a fact Darla uses to trap the Slayer. Buffy learns the truth, and Angel stakes Darla.
Novel Angel Chronicles 1: Angel Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode Buffy the Animated Series: Pilot Sunnydale, 1997
As Giles warns the Scoobies about a plot by the Followers of Morgala, a large dragon attacks the Sunnydale High library.
(Dream Sequence)
After These Messages ... We'll Be Right Back! Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy wakes up in her bed in Sunnydale to her mother's voice and the presence of a young Dawn.
TV Episode B1.08 I, Robot... You, Jane Sunnydale, 1997
The demon Moloch escapes into the Internet, manipulating students (including Willow) until he can be trapped in a robot body and destroyed.
Novel Willow Files 2: I Robot, You Jane Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B1.09 The Puppet Show Sunnydale, 1997
The Scoobies pursue an animated ventriloquist's dummy, Sid, who they suspect is inhabited by a murderous demon.
TV Episode B1.10 Nightmares Sunnydale, 1997
Sunnydale students begin living out their nightmares, a condition caused by a boy in a coma.
TV Episode B1.11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy must protect Cordelia when she becomes the target of an invisible apparition of a former student who wants revenge.
Novel Cordelia Collection, Vol 1: Out of Mind, Out of Sight Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B1.12 Prophecy Girl Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy drowns in a confrontation with The Master, but Xander revives her, enabling her to battle and destroy The Master beneath the school library.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: Dust Sunnydale, Summer 1997
Buffy continually sees the death of everyone she touches while she heads out to Los Angeles to spend summer vacation with her father.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: Absalom Rising Sunnydale, Summer 1997
Absalom tries to obtain The Master's bones from Giles, who has them kept in his house.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: Looks Can Kill Sunnydale, Summer 1997
Giles, Angel and Jenny must deal with a shapeshifter before it gets to the Slayer.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: No Place Like... Los Angeles, Summer 1997
While shopping, Buffy runs into a fortune-teller who tells her that she's the warrior sent to free the spirit of her dead child.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July Sunnydale, Summer 1997
A newly risen vampire raises a crazed war veteran from the grave. Giles, Jenny and Angel must stop him and his legion of zombie followers.
Short Story How I Survived My Summer Vacation: The Show Must Go On Sunnydale, Summer 1997
Willow and Xander run a play at the local theater, not knowing that the stage crew are all vampires with a love for Shakespeare.
Comic MacGuffins Los Angeles, Summer, 1997
Buffy, vacationing at her father's house, must neutralize a pair of impish creatures sent by Rupert Giles as a test.
Novel Coyote Moon Sunnydale, Summer 1997
Buffy fights a pair of werecoyotes intent on raising their old master, Spurs Hardaway, from the grave.

Buffy Season 2: 1997 – 1998

Type Title/Description Time/Location
TV Episode B2.01 When She Was Bad Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy returns to Sunnydale; the Order of Aurelius attempts to resurrect The Master while the Slayer deals with the trauma of her experience with him.
TV Episode B2.02 Some Assembly Required Sunnydale, 1997
Using dead body parts, a student assembles a female companion for his similarly-revived brother.
Novel Cordelia Collection, Volume 1: Some Assembly Required Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: The Problem with Vampires Prague, 1997
Spike rescues Drusilla from torture at the hands of a human inquisitor, and the pair opt to leave for the Hellmouth.
Comic Spike and Dru: The Queen of Hearts St. Louis, 1997
En route to Sunnydale, Spike and Drusilla stop off in St. Louis for some riverboat gambling.
TV Episode B2.03 School Hard Sunnydale, 1997
Spike and Drusilla arrive in Sunnydale; Spike leads a failed raid on Sunnydale High, leading to his execution of the Anointed One.
TV Episode B2.04 Inca Mummy Girl Sunnydale, 1997
An ancient mummy, originally a 16-year-old Inca girl, revives and begins stealing others' life forces to remain youthful.
Novel Xander Years 1: Inca Mummy Girl Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.05 Reptile Boy Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy and Cordelia go to a fraternity party, unaware that the brothers are members of a cult making sacrifices to the demon Machida.
Novel Angel Chronicles 1: Reptile Boy Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.06 Halloween Sunnydale, October 1997
Ethan Rayne sets up shop in Sunnydale, casting a spell that causes people to become the characters their Halloween costumes portray.
Novel Angel Chronicles 2: Halloween Sunnydale, October 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.07 Lie to Me Sunnydale, 1997
An old friend of Buffy's comes to Sunnydale, but is secretly a member of a "vampire club" seeking to be turned into a vampire himself.
Novel Angel Chronicles 1: Lie To Me Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.08 The Dark Age Sunnydale, 1997
After a friend of Giles' dies mysteriously, the Scoobies learn an old demon from Giles' shady past is haunting him and Ethan Rayne.
TV Episode B2.09 What's My Line, Part One Sunnydale, 1997
Spike seeks a cure for Drusilla's weakness, and summons the Order of Taraka to destroy Buffy; Angel is trapped by a new Slayer.
Novel Angel Chronicles 2: What's My Line I Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.10 What's My Line, Part Two Sunnydale, 1997
New Slayer Kendra Young aids Buffy and the Scoobies in defeating the Order of Taraka and rescuing Angel from Spike and Drusilla.
Novel Angel Chronicles 2: What's My Line II Sunnydale, 1997
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Gamebook The Suicide King (Stake-Your-Destiny series) Sunnydale, 1997
The Scoobies investigate a number of suspicious student suicides, suspecting that something supernatural is to blame.
Gamebook Keep Me In Mind (Stake-Your-Destiny series) Sunnydale, 1997
Ethan Rayne releases an evil Middle Ages sorcerer, while Buffy goes up against a number of old adversaries.
Gamebook Colony (Stake-Your-Destiny series) Sunnydale, 1997
A self-help speaker is secretly an ant-like demon queen with a hidden agenda: seeking mates and workers to build her "colony."
Gamebook Night Terrors (Stake-Your-Destiny series) Sunnydale, 1997
The Night Terror, a demon that replaces another's soul with its own, sets its sights on Buffy as a stronger permanent host.
Novel After Image Sunnydale, 1997
A series of bizarre supernatural attacks surround the reopening of a drive-in theater and its mysterious proprietor.
Novel Carnival of Souls Sunnydale, 1997
A traveling carnival and its Hall of Mirrors begin affecting Sunnydale residents in unusual ways.
TV Episode B2.11 Ted Sunnydale, 1997
Joyce has a new boyfriend, but Buffy sees a side of him the others cannot, leading to a critical confrontation.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Broken Bottle of Djinn Sunnydale, 1997
A powerful spirit is released from a locker at Sunnydale High, but Buffy and Willow are able to transport it back to 1937.
TV Episode B2.12 Bad Eggs Sunnydale, 1998
Eggs being cared for as a school project turn out to be mind-controlling parasites seeking to distribute more of their mother's offspring.
Novel Portal Through Time Sunnydale, 1998
A group of vampire-assassins travel into the past in an attempt to kill previous Slayers, disrupting the Slayer lineage.
TV Episode B2.13 Surprise Sunnydale, January 1998
Spike assembles The Judge as a present for Drusilla; Buffy and Angel share their first intimate night together, causing him to revert to Angelus.
Novel Angel Chronicles 3: Surprise Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.14 Innocence Sunnydale, 1998
Angelus joins with Spike and Drusilla to lead The Judge in an attack, and Jenny Calendar is revealed as a member of Clan Kalderash.
Novel Angel Chronicles 3: Innocence Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.15 Phases Sunnydale, 1998
The Scoobies race against the hunter Cain to find a werewolf that is terrorizing Sunnydale, leading to a revelation about Oz.
Novel Willow Files 1: Phases Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Sunnydale, 1998
After Cordelia dumps Xander on Valentine's Day, he solicits assistance from witch Amy Madison to get back at her.
Novel Xander Years 1: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.17 Passion Sunnydale, 1998
As Angelus stalks and taunts Buffy, Jenny Calendar tries to find a way to restore his soul, but Angelus puts an untimely end to her plans.
Novel Angel Chronicles 3: Passion Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Ring of Fire [by Doug Petrie] Sunnydale, 1998
The armor of a samurai demon is taken from a cargo ship, and a fight begins for master of the "ring of fire."
Novel One Thing Or Your Mother Sunnydale, 1998
With Sunnydale suffering under a sleep-deprivation spell, Buffy must deal with a child vampire under the care of Spike and Drusilla.
TV Episode B2.18 Killed by Death Sunnydale, 1998
A hospitalized Buffy faces off against Der Kindestod, a demon that preys on sick children and may have a connection to her past.
TV Episode B2.19 I Only Have Eyes for You Sunnydale, 1998
A pair of spirits possess students and teachers to reenact a traumatic incident from decades past; Spike may not he as helpless as he appears.
TV Episode B2.20 Go Fish Sunnydale, 1998
Xander goes undercover on the Sunnydale High Swim Team after members begin turning up apparently skinned alive.
Novel Xander Years 2: Go Fish Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B2.21 Becoming I Sunnydale, 1998
Angelus begins his plans to bring about apocalypse by using Acathla, a demon that came to suck the world into Hell.
TV Episode B2.22 Becoming II Sunnydale, 1998
Buffy allies with Spike to defeat Angelus, while Willow attempts to reenact the curse to restore Angel's soul.
Comic Spike and Dru: Paint the Town Red [co-authored by James Marsters] Italy and Turkey, 1998
Spike, angry at Drusilla's passion for Angelus, ends their relationship, but a battle with zombies reunites them.
Novel Go Ask Malice: A Slayer's Diary Boston, December 1997 to June 1998
Faith Lehane is shipped off to a foster home, where she learns about her destiny as a Slayer and battles an evil force called Malice.

Buffy Season 3: 1998 – 1999

Type Title/Description Time/Location
TV Episode B3.01 Anne Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 1998
As the Scoobies try to carry on without her, Buffy flees to an anonymous life in Los Angeles, where she uncovers an extradimensional slave ring.
TV Episode B3.02 Dead Man's Party Sunnydale, 1998
As Buffy adjusts to life back in Sunnydale, a Nigerian mask that Joyce has acquired causes an army of zombies to rise up all over town.
Novel Willow Files 1: Dead Man's Party Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Wu-tang Fang Sunnydale, 1998
The Scoobies come face to face with a group of martial-artist vampires and a mysterious figure in a straw hat seeking a worthy adversary.
TV Episode B3.03 Faith, Hope & Trick Sunnydale, 1998
A new Slayer, Faith – called after Kendra's death – arrives in Sunnydale, pursued by the demon Kakistos and his ally Mr. Trick; Angel escapes hell.
Novel Faith Trials: Faith, Hope & Trick Sunnydale, 1998
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B3.04 Beauty and the Beasts Sunnydale, 1998
As Buffy discovers and tends to Angel, Oz escapes confinement, leading to suspicion that he may be behind a series of animalistic murders.
Comic Halloween Sunnydale, October 1998
Buffy hopes for an uneventful night of trick-or-treating, but Willow's abduction by a group of vampires forces Buffy into action.
TV Episode B3.05 Homecoming Sunnydale, 1998
Competing for Homecoming Queen, Buffy and Cordelia get stuck amid SlayerFest '98, a contest aranged by Mr. Trick to eliminate Buffy and Faith.
TV Episode B3.06 Band Candy Sunnydale, 1998
Sunnydale High students are coerced into selling tainted chocolate bars that revert adults to their teenage personalities.
Novel Sins of the Father Sunnydale, 1998
Pike arrives in Sunnydale, pursued by a demon called Grayhewn, while Giles' new love interest may have a secret connection to his past.
TV Episode B3.07 Revelations Sunnydale, 1998
The Scoobies find out about Angel's suprising return, and a new watcher arrives in Sunnydale to replace Giles.
Video Game Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Xbox) Sunnydale, 1998
Buffy – with Spike's unlikely assistance – must stop the reformed Order of Aurelius from resurrecting The Master in a new body.
Comic The Dust Waltz Sunnydale, 1998
As Giles' niece comes to visit, two mysterious sisters, Lilith and Lamia, also arrive in Sunnydale for a ritualistic battle of champions.
Novel Blooded Sunnydale, 1998
A sword leaves Willow and Xander possessed by a Chinese vampire and a Japanese warrior, and Buffy must stop them without harming her friends.
Novel Child of the Hunt Sunnydale, 1998
A group of mystical beings called the Wild Hunt use a Rensaissance Faire as cover to claim souls, but they encounter resistance from within.
Comic Cold Turkey Sunnydale, November 1998
As Buffy prepares for Thanksgiving, a vampire who may have survived a Halloween massacre returns.
TV Episode
B5.07 Fool for Love Brazil, 1998
Drusilla dumps Spike, insisting that after their encounter with the Slayer, he is no longer the same creature she loved.
TV Episode B3.08 Lovers Walk Sunnydale, 1998
Spike returns to Sunnydale in an effort to win Drusilla back, kidnapping Willow and Xander to force the former to perform a love spell.
Comic Dance With Me Sunnydale, 1998
A student who Buffy repeatedly rejected for a date is transformed into a vampire, but must still deal with his feelings.
Novel Ghoul Trouble Sunnydale, 1998
A day-walking vampire seeks to confront the Slayer, and a new band playing The Bronze seems to have an unusual power over its audience.
Novel Paleo Sunnydale, 1998
A paleontologist exploits a new student's eagerness to fit in with a plan to resurrect prehistoric creatures from dinosaur eggs.
TV Episode B3.09 The Wish Sunnydale, 1998
A vengeance demon grants Cordelia's offhand wish that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale.
Novel The Evil That Men Do Sunnydale, 1998
A centuries-old vampire and her lover arrive in Sunnydale in an effort to both kill the Slayer and resurrect a goddess of destruction.
Comic White Christmas Sunnydale, December 1998
Buffy takes a job at the mall to pay for an expensive dress, but her new boss hides a cold secret.
TV Episode B3.10 Amends Sunnydale, 1998
As Christmas comes to Sunnydale, Angel is tormented by the First Evil, who appears as Angelus' past victims to force him to kill Buffy.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Numb Sunnydale, December 1998
Angel tries to control his evil side as he is visited by visions of victims past, as well as his Angelus persona.
Comic Happy New Year Sunnydale, December 1998
A cursed Puritan arrives in Sunnydale, looking to break a hex placed on him centuries before, but trouble follows in the form of a giant Hellhound.
Comic New Kid on the Block Sunnydale, 1999
Vampires invade a slumber party coordinated by Willow's new friend Cynthia, who may be harboring a deadly secret.
Comic Food Chain, Part One Sunnydale, 1999
A new arrival in Sunnydale falls in with a rough crowd, but she may be more in control of her destiny than she lets on.
Comic Play With Fire Sunnydale, 1999
Willow attempts to free a trapped spirit from a demon-inhabited house.
Comic Food Chain, Part Two Sunnydale, 1999
A Sunnydale youth, having gotten a taste for the supernatural, summons a wish-fulfillment demon with disastrous results.
Comic The Final Cut Sunnydale, 1999
An aspiring filmmaker recruits the Scooby Gang to help with his new film, but his true motives lie in a secret alliance with a ghostly actor.
TV Episode B3.11 Gingerbread Sunnydale, 1999
Joyce's discovery of two children's bodies leads her on a crusade to find the killer, with escalating consequences leading to a very real witch hunt.
Novel Willow Files 2: Gingerbread Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic The Latest Craze Sunnydale, 1999
A new series of collectible dolls inspires obsession through Sunnydale, but an old adversary may be behind the less-than-cuddly beasts.
Comic Bad Blood Sunnydale, Early 1999
The vampire Selke allies with an alchemist to restore her appearance, create a breed of super-vampire, and avenge herself on Buffy.
Comic Bad Dog [by Doug Petrie] Sunnydale, 1999
A wolfen Oz escapes, but Buffy finds and uses him to track a kidnapped Willow.
Comic Hello Moon Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy's selfless example inspires a discouraged emissary from an undersea world to continue his quest for a new home.
Comic Cursed Sunnydale, 1999
A confrontation with a vampire from Angel's past brings up old memories.
TV Episode B3.12 Helpless Sunnydale, 1999
As Buffy turns 18, she faces her Cruciamentum, a Watchers Council test in which she must fight without her powers, but plans for the test go awry.
Novel Journals of Rupert Giles: Helpless Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Dead Love Sunnydale, 1999
While poking around the library waiting for Angel, Buffy discovers an old journal of Giles's.
TV Episode B3.13 The Zeppo Sunnydale, 1999
As the rest of the gang tries to stop another apocalypse, an isolated Xander befriends an intimidating student, only to discover a deadly plot.
Novel Xander Years 2: The Zeppo Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Stinger Sunnydale, 1999
A demonic scorpion that feeds on cruelty targets a bully who has been tormenting Xander.
Comic Mall Rats Sunnydale, 1999
Cordelia's skills prove essential when a swarm of demonic rats attacks the mall while she and Buffy are shopping.
TV Episode B3.14 Bad Girls Sunnydale, 1999
With a stuffy new watcher on the job, Buffy begins embracing Faith's wilder nature – until a careless Faith kills the Mayor's human assistant.
Novel Faith Trials: Bad Girls Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Comic Spike and Dru: Who Made Who? Rio de Janeiro, 1999
At Carnivale, a morose Spike tries to regain Drusilla's love, but despite repeated acts of cruelty, she feels he's no longer the evil he once was.
TV Episode B3.15 Consequences Sunnydale, 1999
A remorseless Faith tries to escape the consequences of her crime, but when her actions endanger others, Angel and the Watchers Council act.
Novel Faith Trials: Consequences Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B3.16 Doppelgängland Sunnydale, 1999
The now-human Anya tricks Willow into casting a spell that brings the vampiric Wishverse Willow into their reality, with deadly consequences.
Novel Willow Files 2: Doppelgängland Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Novel Doomsday Deck Sunnydale, 1999
A fortune teller uses her powers to control the last people she needs to complete a mystical Tarot deck that will bring about "ultimate peace."
Novel Immortal Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy faces a vampire who reincarnates in a new body every time she is staked, and whose plans entail summoning an ancient demon.
Short Story
Tales of the Slayer II: Again, Sunnydale [by Jane Espenson] Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy, Xander and Willow, their 2001 consciousnesses inhabiting their 1999 bodies, must figure out how (and if) to return.
TV Episode B3.17 Enemies Sunnydale, 1999
The now-invulnerable Mayor Richard Wilkins and Faith – his new assistant – plot to steal Angel's soul and induce Angelus to kill Buffy.
Comic Angel: The Hollower Sunnydale, 1999
Angel allies with a Catherine DeLancie from his past to stop a demon who extracts the demonic essence from vampires, but the Scoobies doubt his true motives.
Novel Prime Evil Sunnydale, 1999
An ancient primal witch assumes the guise of a new teacher in her quest to assemble a new coven – including Willow.
Novel Revenant Sunnydale, 1999
The criminal activities of a newly arrived Chinese gang escalate racial tensions, but experimentation with the occult results in new dangers.
TV Episode B3.18 Earshot Sunnydale, 1999
Exposure to demon blood gives Buffy telepathic abilities, abilities that soon become overwhelming – but also reveal an imminent murder plot.
TV Episode B3.19 Choices Sunnydale, 1999
The Scoobies attempt to recover an artifact vital to the Mayor's Ascension, but he and Faith use a kidnapped Willow as a bargaining chip.
Novel Willow Files 2: Choices Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Novel Power of Persuasion Sunnydale, 1999
The Moon family arrives in Sunnydale with the goal of creating a "Womyn Power" group, with dire consequences for the men of Sunnydale.
TV Episode
B6.11 Gone Sunnydale, 1999 (approx.)
Andrew Wells summons flying monkeys to attack the school play, an incident the Scoobies will later have no recollection of.
TV Episode B3.20 The Prom Sunnydale, 1999
As Angel grapples with the dangers of his relationship with Buffy, she fights to stop a pack of Hellhounds from disrupting the school's prom.
Novel Cordelia Collection, Volume 1: The Prom Sunnydale, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
Novel Resurrecting Ravana Sunnydale, 1999
During midterms, a group of demons called the Rakshasa begin wickedly influencing people in their quest to raise an ancient Hindu god.
Novel The Gatekeeper (trilogy) Sunnydale, Boston, and Europe, 1999
The Scoobies must stop a sinister group from opening portals to evil realms, and find the heir to the wizard charged with keeping them secured.
Novel Return to Chaos Sunnydale, 1999
A group of Druids come to Sunnydale to attempt a spell that will close off the Hellmouth, but their leader may have an agenda of his own.
Novel Visitors Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy is stalked by a korred, a giggling beast that feeds off of people's life forces by making them dance to his magical song until they die.
Novel Unnatural Selection Sunnydale, 1999
Willow is tasked by a strange faerie with saving Weatherly Park from development, but the faeries also have other, less altruistic plans for her.
Novel Obsidian Fate Sunnydale, 1999
The discovery of a centuries-old Spanish expedition reveals a mystical mirror purported to contain an ancient Aztec spirit.
Novel Deep Water Sunnydale, 1999
An offshore oil spill strands a selkie – a girl who can change into a seal – and other sea creatures begin a turf war with the vampires of Sunnydale.
Novel Here Be Monsters Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy and Joyce are put on trial by the goddess of Balance for Buffy's slaying of teenage vampire twins.
Novel The Book of Fours Sunnydale, 1999
A woman sends minions armed with elemental axes to kill the Slayers, Buffy and Faith, in order to end the Slayer line and bring forth the Gatherer.
TV Episode B3.21 Graduation Day, Part One Sunnydale, 1999
As the team works to avert the Ascension, Faith infects Angel with a vampire-killing poison – one that requires Slayer blood to cure.
TV Episode B3.22 Graduation Day, Part Two Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy forces Angel to feed on her; at graduation, the Mayor transforms, but well-armed students fight back, destroying both him and the school.
Comic Double Cross (a.k.a. Graduation Day) [by Doug Petrie] Sunnydale, Summer 1999
As Angel drives to Los Angeles, demonic forces hope to exploit his separation from Buffy.
Comic Haunted (main story) [by Jane Espenson] Sunnydale, Summer 1999
The disembodied spirit of former Mayor Wilkins masters bodily possession and goes after Buffy.

Buffy Season 4 / Angel Season 1: 1999 – 2000

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Doyle: Spotlight Los Angeles, 1999
After failing to protect a friend in danger, Doyle investigates her death, uncovering a shop with a grisly clientele.
TV Episode A1.00 Angel pitch tape (Pilot) Los Angeles, 1999
Angel stands on a skyscraper over nighttime Los Angeles, reflecting on the key moments in his history that brought him to the city.
TV Episode A1.01 City Of Los Angeles, 1999
Now living in Los Angeles, Angel teams with Cordelia and a half-demon named Doyle to investigate the latter's visions of people in danger.
Novel City of Los Angeles, 1999
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode B4.01 The Freshman Sunnydale, 1999
Adjusting to college proves difficult for Buffy, though she returns to form investigating a nest of vampires who steal their victims' possessions.
Comic Take Back the Night Sunnydale, 1999
Swarms of insects presage an attack by their much larger demonic cousins.
TV Episode B4.02 Living Conditions Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy is convinced that escalating conflicts with her roommate point to an evil secret, but her friends suspect Buffy may in fact be possessed.
Comic Killing Time Sunnydale, 1999
A group of sorority girls inadvertently summon an elemental destroyer demon intent on stopping time itself.
TV Episode A1.02 Lonely Hearts Los Angeles, 1999
A Los Angeles police detective suspects Angel of being behind a series of mysterious killings surrounding a trendy singles club.
Novel Not Forgotten Los Angeles, 1999
Angel investigates a series of mysterious combustion deaths while Cordelia looks into a band of child thieves.
TV Episode B4.03 The Harsh Light of Day Sunnydale, 1999
As Buffy pursues a new love interest, Spike returns to Sunnydale, searching for an artifact that will render him invulnerable.
TV Episode A1.03 In the Dark Los Angeles, 1999
Spike enlists the help of a vampire torturer in an attempt to wrest the location of the invincibility-granting Gem of Amarra from Angel.
TV Episode B4.04 Fear Itself Sunnydale, 1999
While at a fraternity Halloween party, Buffy and her friends find themselves at the mercy of a fear demon preying on their phobias.
Comic Surrogates Los Angeles, 1999
Angel investigates a bizarre fertility clinic, where allegedly "stillborn" babies disappear and fathers are turned to brainwashed guards.
Video Game Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Game Boy Color) Sunnydale, 1999
During a week off from classes, a herd of bloodthirsty vampires and demons descends upon UC Sunnydale and the surrounding town.
TV Episode A1.04 I Fall to Pieces Los Angeles, 1999
Angel works to protect a woman being harassed by a stalker – a surgeon who can detach and control his body parts at will.
Comic The Changeling Wife Los Angeles, 1999
Angel attempts to help a woman in an abusive marriage, though she may not be as helpless as she first appears.
TV Episode B4.05 Beer Bad Sunnydale, 1999
Xander finds work as a bartender at the college pub, where Buffy's boorish upper-class drinking companions transform into Neanderthals.
TV Episode A1.05 Rm w/a Vu Los Angeles, 1999
As Doyle deals with a demon debt collector, Cordelia moves into a new apartment – one that may have a malicious ghostly inhabitant.
Novel The Lost Slayer (series) Sunnydale, 1999
In an alternate reality, a vampire-turned Giles leads a band a vampires in an attempt to squelch the Slayer line.
TV Episode B4.06 Wild at Heart Sunnydale, 1999
Oz finds himself attracted to a singer named Veruca, who – as a werewolf herself – encourages him to fully embrace his wild side.
TV Episode A1.06 Sense & Sensitivity Los Angeles, November 1999
A sensitivity spell engineered by Wolfram & Hart imperils the LAPD, endangering Kate and helping a mob killer escape.
Novel Oz: Into the Wild California, Fiji, Australia, China, and Tibet, 1999
Oz leaves Sunnydale, running form a werewolf hunter and seeking a solution to his lycanthropy problem.
Comic Oz Hong Kong and Tibet, 1999
Oz travels to a remote Tibetan monastery, in search of a monk who may be able to help him tame the beast within him.
TV Episode B4.07 The Initiative Sunnydale, 1999
Spike is targeted by a secretive paramilitary group after escaping from an expansive laboratory complex beneath the grounds of the college.
TV Episode A1.07 The Bachelor Party Los Angeles, 1999
Doyle's estranged wife comes looking for a divorce and his blessing for her to remarry, but the ceremony may have sinister implications.
Novel Close to the Ground Los Angeles, 1999
A wealthy Hollywood studio head pays Angel to guard his daughter, while the team is pursued by an unknown creature.
Novel Soul Trade Los Angeles, 1999
Angel, Doyle, and Cordelia discover an underworld black market for human souls.
Novel Redemption Los Angeles, 1999
An actress who plays a vampire on television is targeted by would-be slayers convinced she is a real vampire.
Novel Shakedown Los Angeles, 1999
Angel and company help a band of Serpentine demons against a clan of underground quake demons.
Comic Point of Order Los Angeles, 1999
Angel, Doyle and Cordelia confront a vampire court seeking to mete out justice against the new vigilante in town.
Novel Hollywood Noir Los Angeles, 1999
Angel teams with a PI to piece together a story involving a cigarette girl, a water commissioner, and a slew of disappearing demons.
Novel Avatar Los Angeles, 1999
As Cordelia pushes the team to create a website, a tech-savvy demon targets victims via their online-chatting hobby.
Comic Angel: The Nepalese Switcherooo Los Angeles, 1999
Doyle has his essence switched into a metal skull, while the sorcerer who had inhabited the skull takes over Doyle's body.
Novel Bruja Los Angeles, 1999
A woman who attacks a priest (after confessing to killing her son) may be the embodiment of "The Weeping Woman," a witch from Spanish lore.
Novel The Summoned Los Angeles, 1999
A shy woman from out of town may have a connection to a murderer who seems to be burning his victims beyond recognition.
TV Episode B4.08 Pangs Sunnydale, November 1999
Buffy tries to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, but Xander releases a Chumash vengeance spirit, and Angel secretly comes to protect her.
TV Episode A1.08 I Will Remember You Los Angeles, 1999
Angel experiences life as a normal human – allowing him to be with Buffy – but discovers the dreadful consequences of his choice.
Comic Earthly Possessions Los Angeles, 1999
Angel has suspicions about an excommunicated priest who repeatedly appears to perform exorcisms of demon-possessed people.
TV Episode B4.09 Something Blue Sunnydale, 1999
Willow's wish-fulfillment spell has unexpected effects – blinding Giles, causing Xander to attract demons, and making Buffy and Spike fall in love.
TV Episode A1.09 Hero Los Angeles, 1999
Angel joins Doyle's quest to save a group of peaceful demons, but the crisis forces Doyle to reveal secrets and make the ultimate sacrifice.
Comic Hunting Ground: Lovely, Dark, and Deep Los Angeles, 1999
Cordelia lands a leading role in a found-footage-style horror film, only to discover that the film may not be entirely fictional.
TV Episode B4.10 Hush Sunnydale, 1999
Terrifying fairy-tale monsters The Gentlemen silence all of Sunnydale, and the gang must stop their murderous spree without being able to speak.
TV Episode A1.10 Parting Gifts Los Angeles, 1999
As an old colleague joins Angel Investigations, Cordelia exhibits strange new abilities – abilities a sadistic adversary attempts to capitalize on.
TV Episode B4.11 Doomed Sunnydale, 1999
An earthquake presages an apocalyptic attempt by demons to reopen the Hellmouth, and the gang discovers that Spike may be an unlikely ally.
Comic Masks: Foreshadowing Los Angeles, 2000
Cordelia – now receiving visions of people in danger – saves a girl from a demon.
TV Episode A1.11 Somnambulist Los Angeles, 2000
Angel fears he may be killing in his sleep, but investigation leads to a vampire from his past, forcing him to reveal his true nature to Kate.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: All That You Do Comes Back Unto Thee Sunnydale, 2000
A UC Sunnydale student retaliates against bullies by summoning an ancient Egyptian spirit, but the spirit has an agenda of its own.
Comic Beneath the Surface Los Angeles, 2000
A vengeful demon begins slaughtering people in the access tunnels beneath the city, and making Angel appear responsible for the killings.
TV Episode B4.12 A New Man Sunnydale, 2000
After drinks with Ethan Rayne, Giles awakens transformed into a demon and needs Spike's help to track Rayne down and reverse the spell.
Novel Journals of Rupert Giles: A New Man Sunnydale, 2000
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode A1.12 Expecting Los Angeles, 2000
Following a date with a photographer, Cordelia finds herself extremely pregnant, and the team's investigations lead to a demon's breeding plot.
Comic Strange Bedfellows Los Angeles, 2000
Angel's investigation of the death of a California congressman leads to a well-established vampire bordello with a very particular clientele.
TV Episode B4.13 The I in Team Sunnydale, 2000
With the Initiative tracking Spike, Maggie Walsh assesses Buffy as a threat and sends her on a mission from which she is unlikely to return.
Comic The Blood of Carthage Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy slays Mad Jack, Sunnydale's version of Bigfoot, necessitating an alliance with the demon Vraka to stop the Old One Ky-laag.
Comic Cemetery of Lost Love Sunnydale, 2000
A young woman seeking eternal life calls on Baron Samedi and a host of zombies to achieve her goal.
TV Episode A1.13 She Los Angeles, 2000
Angel joins forces with a demon princess trying to save females from her dimension, who must otherwise undergo a traumatic medical procedure.
TV Episode B4.14 Goodbye Iowa Sunnydale, 2000
The creature Adam escapes the Initative and begins a morbid investigation into his nature, and Riley suffers the effects of drug withdrawal.
Video Game Wrath of the Darkhul King (Gameboy Advance) Sunnydale, 2000
While on patrol in the cemetery, Buffy discovers two of the Gentlemen's henchmen, and must cope with Adam and the Gentlemen's plans.
TV Episode A1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin Los Angeles, 2000
The Angel Investigations team exorcises a demon from a possessed child, but in the process uncovers an even graver threat to the family.
Comic Vermin Los Angeles, 2000
Angel rescues a girl from a gang of kidnappers, but must battle a horde of rats and their demonic master in order to escape.
TV Episode B4.15 This Year's Girl Sunnydale, 2000
Faith awakens from her coma and – equipped with a final "gift" from the late Mayor Wilkins – seeks out Buffy to exact revenge.
TV Episode A1.15 The Prodigal Los Angeles, 2000
Kate discovers that her father may be unwittingly working with demon drug-runners, demons who have now ordered his death.
TV Episode B4.16 Who Are You? Sunnydale, 2000
Having switched bodies with Buffy (and abandoning her to the Watchers Council), Faith exploits her new appearance for nefarious ends.
Comic Giles: Beyond the Pale Sunnydale and England, 2000
Giles returns to England on hearing of the death of his mentor, learning of a dark secret being held by the Watchers Council.
TV Episode A1.16 The Ring Los Angeles, 2000
Cordelia and Wesley race to find Angel, who has been captured and forced to fight to the death in a demon combat arena.
Comic Little Girl Lost Los Angeles, 2000
Angel tries to find a save a girl cursed with pyrokinesis by her abusive, spell-casting stepfather – before she accidentally kills again.
Comic Jonathan: Codename: Comrades [by Jane Espenson] Sunnydale, 2000
"Superstar" Jonathan Levinson enlists the Scooby Gang's help in taking on a crime ring of Russian vampires.
TV Episode B4.17 Superstar Sunnydale, 2000
The ubiquitous Jonathan is a hero to everyone in Sunnydale, but when an evil monster appears, Buffy suspects something may be amiss.
Comic Past Lives Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2000
The Scooby Gang travels to Los Angeles to help solve the mystery of a mysterious demon-hunter claiming to work on Angel's behalf.
Novel These Our Actors Sunnydale, 2000
Willow's drama professor enlists her help in locating a powerful book, a tome for which he has secret plans.
TV Episode A1.17 Eternity Los Angeles, 2000
Angel befriends an actress who fears losing her youth and beauty – and wants to use Angel's vampire abilities to keep her looking young forever.
Comic One Small Promise Sunnydale, 2000
Riley is surprised by Buffy's present of jewelry, and the two argue while disposing of a group of attacking vampires.
TV Episode B4.18 Where the Wild Things Are Sunnydale, 2000
At a fraternity party, Buffy and Riley's passionate exchange fuels vengeful spirits dwelling within the house, wreaking havoc.
Comic Out of the Woodwork Sunnydale, 2000
A large-scale insect infestation escalates as Sunnydale residents begin transforming into demonic insects.
TV Episode A1.18 Five by Five Los Angeles, 2000
Wolfram & Hart induces Faith to assassinate Angel for them, but she soon reveals that her plans go much further than simply following orders.
TV Episode B4.19 New Moon Rising Sunnydale, 2000
Oz returns, apparently in control of his transformation and hoping to renew his relationship with Willlow, but he is captured by the Initiative.
Comic Punish Me With Kisses Goddard, California, 2000
While searching for a rare flower, Willow and Tara must reconcile a ghostly couple haunting a bed and breakfast.
Comic City of Despair Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2000
Angel and Buffy find themselves pitted against each other in an extradimensional demon combat ring.
TV Episode A1.19 Sanctuary Los Angeles, 2000
Convinced that Faith can be rehabilitated, Angel tries to help despite the counter-efforts of those around him – including Buffy.
TV Episode B4.20 The Yoko Factor Sunnydale, 2000
After Adam promises to remove his chip, Spike works through subtle insinuations to drive Buffy's allies apart (including the visiting Angel).
TV Episode A1.20 War Zone Los Angeles, 2000
Angel discovers a group of street-gang vampire hunters led by Charles Gunn, who are trying to rescue Gunn's sister from a nest of vampires.
TV Episode B4.21 Primeval Sunnydale, 2000
Adam captures Riley and launches his plot to create a monster army, but Buffy and her friends have a plan to unite their abilities against him.
TV Episode A1.21 Blind Date Los Angeles, 2000
Angel agrees to help Lindsey McDonald to save three blind children targeted for assassination, but Lindsey may not be entirely trustworthy.
TV Episode B4.22 Restless Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles all experience strange dreams in which they are each pursued by an angry and mysterious figure.
TV Episode A1.22 To Shanshu in L.A. Los Angeles, 2000
Wolfram & Hart seeks to raise a "great evil," and starts by cursing Cordelia, killing the Oracles and destroying Angel's apartment and office.
Comic Cordelia: Phantom Dennis Los Angeles, 2000
When Angel and Wesley stash the heart of a demon at Cordelia's apartment, she and Dennis must foil a demon trying to recover it.
Novel Unseen (trilogy) Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2000
Buffy and Angel investigate a series of missing teenagers and thwart a group of renegade scientists who have opened a demonic gateway.
Tales of the Vampires: Father Santa Monica, 2000
The vampire Tom Mitchell visits the pier with his now-aged son Cyrus.

Buffy Season 5 / Angel Season 2: 2000 – 2001

Type Title/Description Time/Location
TV Episode
B5.05 No Place Like Home Czech Republic, 2000
Monks from the Order of Dagon succeed in transforming The Key into human form, but are attacked by a powerful force.
TV Episode B5.01 Buffy vs. Dracula Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy and the Scoobies confront the very real Count Dracula, who has come to Sunnydale to make Buffy one of his vampire brides.
Comic Lost and Found Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy and the Scoobies investigate an alleyway that may be haunted – and by a spirit who may have a message to impart.
TV Episode A2.01 Judgement Los Angeles, 2000
After Angel mistakenly kills a demonic protector, he must face the twin perils of a trial by a mystical tribunal and singing at a karaoke bar.
Comic Haunted (prologue) [by Jane Espenson] Los Angeles, 2000
Angel visits Faith in prison, where she relates a troubling story about her coma experience.
TV Episode B5.02 Real Me Sunnydale, 2000
Dawn writes in her diary about the difficulty of living with a Slayer, but Harmony and her minions kidnap Dawn as bait in a trap for Buffy.
TV Episode A2.02 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Los Angeles, 2000
Angel revisits the Hyperion Hotel, destroying the Thesulac Demon living therein and choosing to make it the team's new headquarters.
Comic Demonology Menagerie Part One and Part Two Los Angeles, 2000
Willow and Tara must combat a horde of monsters brought to life out of Dawn’s handheld video game sytem.
Novel Image Los Angeles, 2000
The Angel Investigations team combats an old evil preying on a child and trying to use a painting to preserve the life of its body.
Novel Stranger to the Sun Los Angeles, 2000
A series of sleep-inducing packages presage a plan to plunge Earth into eternal darkness, so that vampires might rule over humans.
TV Episode B5.03 The Replacement Sunnydale, 2000
When Xander is hit by a spell intended for Buffy, his life is taken over by an apparent duplicate, leaving him unable to prove his identity.
Comic False Memories Sunnydale, 2000
A former Slayer seeks to resurrect The Master, and Dawn tries to prove her capability as the Scoobies remember her help in adventures past.
Comic Willow & Tara: WannaBlessedBe [co-authored by Amber Benson] Sunnydale, 2000
The envy of a girl toward Willow and Tara's relationship becomes dangerous.
TV Episode A2.03 First Impressions Los Angeles, 2000
With Angel weakened under the influence of the resurrected Darla, Cordelia and Gunn must work together to track down a dangerous demon.
Comic Long Night's Journey Los Angeles, 2000
Angel fights against Perfect Zheng, a vampire from his past, who may have been the intended recipient of the Kalderash curse.
TV Episode B5.04 Out of My Mind Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy seeks help as The Initiative's drugs begin killing Riley, while Spike and Harmony kidnap an Initiative doctor to have Spike's chip removed.
TV Episode A2.04 Untouched Los Angeles, 2000
Lilah schemes to forge an abused runaway with telekinetic powers into an assassin for Wolfram & Hart by playing on her insecurities.
TV Episode B5.05 No Place Like Home Sunnydale, 2000
While seeking a mystical cause for Joyce's illness, Buffy discovers the truth about Dawn's origins and learns of her need for protection.
TV Episode A2.05 Dear Boy Los Angeles, 2000
Darla reveals herself – as a human – outside of Angel's dreams, framing him for a series of murders and turning his allies against him.
TV Episode B5.06 Family Sunnydale, 2000
When Tara's family visits, she casts a spell to hide her "demon" secret, but the spell keeps the Scoobies from seeing Glory's real demons.
Comic The Heart of a Slayer Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy is hunted by a powerful demon, and her best hope for defeating it may be a fourteenth-century Slayer pursuing the creature through time.
TV Episode A2.06 Guise Will Be Guise Los Angeles, 2000
Wesley is forced to impersonate Angel when a powerful businessman asks him to protect his daughter, but the client may have hidden motives.
TV Episode B5.07 Fool for Love Sunnydale, 2000
After a vampire nearly kills her with her own stake, Buffy turns to Spike to learn how other Slayers met their end.
TV Episode A2.07 Darla Los Angeles, 2000
Angel tries to rescue Darla from Wolfram & Hart as she suffers from guilt over her demonic past and Lindsey's growing attraction to her.
TV Episode B5.08 Shadow Sunnydale, 2000
As Joyce enters the hospital, Glory summons a snake demon to find The Key, and Riley feels increasingly disconnected from Buffy's world.
TV Episode A2.08 The Shroud of Rahmon Los Angeles, 2000
Angel and Gunn go undercover to foil the theft of a demonic shroud, but the garment has a violent effect, leading to a confrontation with Kate.
TV Episode B5.09 Listening to Fear Sunnydale, 2000
An extraterrestrial demon preys on Sunnydale's increasing number of mentally ill patients, and the effects of Joyce's illness make her a target.
TV Episode A2.09 The Trial Los Angeles, 2000
Angel enters into a trio of deadly trials to help the terminally-ill Darla, but Lindsey has his own scheme to return Darla to health – and to evil.
TV Episode B5.10 Into the Woods Sunnydale, 2000
Riley, disillusioned about his relationship with Buffy, must make a difficult choice when he is asked to join a new demon-fighting organization.
TV Episode A2.10 Reunion Los Angeles, 2000
Drusilla and the newly-sired Darla wreak havoc in Los Angeles – their killing spree eventually bringing them up against Wolfram & Hart.
TV Episode
B5.16 The Body Sunnydale, 2000
At Christmas dinner, Joyce curses the oven after she and Buffy discover that the pie has burned.
TV Episode B5.11 Triangle Sunnydale, 2000
An argument between Willow and Anya accidentally results in the summoning of a troll, who wreaks havoc throughout Sunnydale.
TV Episode A2.11 Redefinition Los Angeles, 2000
Angel – now working alone – hunts down Darla and Drusilla, as the rest of the team moves on and Lilah and Linsdey jockey for position.
TV Episode B5.12 Checkpoint Sunnydale, 2001
The Watchers Council comes to tell what they know about Glory, but predicates their assistance on Buffy's submission to several tests.
TV Episode A2.12 Blood Money Los Angeles, 2001
Angel investigates a connection between Wolfram & Hart and a shelter for teen runaways, while the others form their own detective agency.
TV Episode A2.13 Happy Anniversary Los Angeles, 2001
As Gunn, Cordelia, and Wesley work alone, Lorne and Angel search for a physicist whose experiments with time may have catastrophic effects.
TV Episode B5.13 Blood Ties Sunnydale, 2001
With Spike's help, Dawn learns the truth about her nature – as well as the fact that Glory and Ben share a secret of their own.
Novel Journals of Rupert Giles: Blood Ties Sunnydale, 2001
Novelization of eponymous episode.
TV Episode A2.14 The Thin Dead Line Los Angeles, 2001
Both Angel and his former teammates find themselves investigating hordes of zombie policemen going after kids on the street.
TV Episode B5.14 Crush Sunnydale, 2001
After Buffy rejects him, Spike tries to take back up with the returned Drusilla, but in the end must decide where his loyalties really lie.
TV Episode A2.15 Reprise Los Angeles, 2001
With one of the Senior Partners coming to Earth for a "Review," Angel seeks an artifact that will protect him, but Darla has the same idea.
TV Episode A2.16 Epiphany Los Angeles, 2001
After sleeping with Darla, Angel realizes the error of his current path and races to save his friends from revenge-seeking demons.
TV Episode B5.15 I Was Made to Love You Sunnydale, 2001
The gang suspects that an odd – and strong – girl doggedly wandering around looking for her boyfriend may be more than she appears.
TV Episode A2.17 Disharmony Los Angeles, 2001
Harmony comes to Los Angeles and tries to help Angel Investigations track down a cult-like group of vampires led by an inspirational speaker.
Novel Vengeance Los Angeles, 2001
A popular motivational speaker has a secret plan to balance the scales between the haves and have-nots, bringing about a "perfect world."
TV Episode B5.16 The Body Sunnydale, 2001
When Buffy discovers Joyce's lifeless body, the group must deal with mundane tasks and come to grips with the emotional impact of her death.
TV Episode A2.18 Dead End Los Angeles, 2001
After Lindsey receives a new hand from Wolfram & Hart, both he and the Angel look into the origins of several body-part transplants.
Novel Haunted Los Angeles, 2001
Cordelia wins a spot on a reality show and must spend several nights in a haunted house, but visions reveal there may be more than she suspects.
TV Episode B5.17 Forever Sunnydale, 2001
As Buffy tries to deal with Joyce's death, Dawn – with Spike's assistance – peforms a resurrection spell to bring her mother back.
Comic Night of a Thousand Vampires Sunnydale, 2001
Buffy accidentally open an old portal through which a rampaging horde of hungry vampires is summoned forth.
TV Episode A2.19 Belonging Los Angeles, 2001
An investigation into a strange disappearance five years earlier leads to the appearance of a demon warrior through a dimensional portal.
Comic Ugly Little Monsters Sunnydale, 2001
A trio of Avendshrook demons, feeding on anger and jealousy, lead the Scoobies to begin accusing and attacking each other.
Comic Chaos Bleeds Sunnydale, 2001
The walls between realities begin "bleeding" into each other as people from Buffy's past descend on a chaotic Sunnydale.
Video Game Chaos Bleeds Sunnydale, 2001
With Ethan Rayne engaged in a struggle with The First, Buffy and the gang must face the resultant army of vampires, zombies, and demons.
Novel Chaos Bleeds Sunnydale, 2001
Novelization of eponymous video game.
TV Episode B5.18 Intervention Sunnydale, 2001
As Buffy embarks on a spiritual quest, Spike takes comfort with a substitute before being captured by Glory in her search for the Key.
Novel Tempted Champions Sunnydale, 2001
As Buffy battles a vicious and skilled new fighter, Anya must decide whether to return to her former vengeance-demon self.
Novel Little Things Sunnydale, 2001
Buffy must struggle with both financial troubles and an army of miniature vampires seeking vengeance on Anya.
Comic Rock 'n' Roll All Night (and Sleep Every Day) Sunnydale, 2001
Spike must protect Dawn from an old enemy – a musician from Spike's old New York punk days.
Novel Crossings Sunnydale, 2001
A new virtual reality game system serves as a dimensional gateway, allowing demons to take over the players' bodies.
Novel Sweet Sixteen Sunnydale, 2001
A lonely and abused girl exhibits special powers, and must face the decision to keep her humanity or accept a more nefarious destiny.
TV Episode B5.19 Tough Love Sunnydale, 2001
Believing that Tara is the Key, Glory drains her mind, leaving her incoherent and driving an enraged Willow to seek dark-magic vengeance.
TV Episode A2.20 Over the Rainbow Los Angeles and Pylea, 2001
Angel, Wesley, Lorne and Gunn pursue Cordelia to Pylea, where humans are enslaved and Cordelia's visions have marked her as "cursed."
TV Episode B5.20 Spiral Sunnydale, 2001
With Glory now aware that Dawn is the Key, the gang flees Sunnydale – pursued by the Knights of Byzantium, who are intent on killing Dawn.
TV Episode A2.21 Through the Looking Glass Pylea, 2001
Cordelia finds she is to be mated to a warrior demon, while Angel saves a runaway slave and Wesley and Gunn meet a group of human rebels.
TV Episode B5.21 The Weight of the World Sunnydale, 2001
Willow struggles to reach a catatonic Buffy, while Glory finds the barrier between herself and Ben is thinning, causing her to feel human emotions.
TV Episode B5.22 The Gift Sunnydale, 2001
As the Scoobies try to stop Glory's ritual, Buffy must decide if she can kill Dawn in order to save the world – or find an alternative solution.
TV Episode A2.22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb Pylea, 2001
As the ruling priest plots to kill all humans, the rebels plan an attack while Cordelia tries to stop a lethal battle between Angel and Groosalugg.
Comic The Death of Buffy: Lost and Found Sunnydale, 2001
A demon begins feeding on the Scoobies' unbalanced emotional states.
Comic The Death of Buffy (main story) Sunnydale, 2001
As Willow tries to take the lead in continuing Buffy's work, a group of lizard-demons attack Sunnydale in hopes of resurrecting their leader.

Buffy Season 6 / Angel Season 3: 2001 – 2002

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Novel Cursed Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2001
In an alternate reality, as an organized effort to destroy Spike takes form, he and Angel must work together to find a mystical object from their past.
TV Episode A3.01 Heartthrob Sri Lanka and Los Angeles, 2001
After Angel stakes Elisabeth, an old vampire companion, her lover James has himself surgically altered to become invincible and exact vengeance.
TV Episode A3.02 That Vision Thing Los Angeles, 2001
Cordelia's visions begin causing dangerous physical effects, and Angel's investigations indicate that Lilah Morgan may be behind them.
TV Episode B6.01 Bargaining, Part One Sunnydale, 2001
The Scooby Gang tries to maintain the illusion that the Slayer is still active, while Willow prepares a spell to bring Buffy back from the dead.
TV Episode B6.02 Bargaining, Part Two Sunnydale, 2001
Demon bikers ravage Sunnydale as Buffy – resurrected within her coffin – wanders the streets, disoriented and confused.
Novel Sanctuary Los Angeles, 2001
When Fred is kidnapped, the Angel Investigations team must sort through an array of wildly differing demon eyewitness accounts.
TV Episode A3.03 That Old Gang of Mine Los Angeles, 2001
An investigation into the slaughter of harmless demons reveals that Gunn’s old vampire-hunting gang is taking their work to a new extreme.
TV Episode B6.03 After Life Sunnydale, 2001
A malevolent demon – brought about by Buffy's resurrection spell – terrorizes the gang, and Buffy makes a startling revelation to Spike.
TV Episode A3.04 Carpe Noctem Los Angeles, 2001
While looking into several young men's mysterious deaths, Angel discovers an old man switching bodies – and Angel's own body is next.
TV Episode B6.04 Flooded Sunnydale, 2001
Giles returns to Sunnydale as Buffy deals with mounting debts – and a new trio of villains launches plans to defeat the Slayer and take over.
TV Episode A3.05 Fredless Los Angeles, 2001
When Fred's parents arrive to take her home with them, Fred flees, leading the team to wonder if they have sinister motives.
TV Episode B6.05 Life Serial Sunnydale, 2001
As Buffy tries to adjust to her financial circumstances, the Trio sets out to torment her with a series of frustrating spells and devices.
Comic Reunion [by Jane Espenson] Sunnydale, 2001
Xander, Anya and Dawn speculate on Buffy and Angel's reunion, but a common element in their tales becomes reality.
Comic Willow & Tara: Wilderness [co-authored by Amber Benson] Sunnydale, 2001
Willow, Tara and Dawn must stop a group of angry forest creatures from exacting revenge on the local humans.
Novel The Wisdom of War Sunnydale, 2001
When sea creatures appear in Sunnydale, the Watchers Council arranges for Faith's temporary release to combat them, but Buffy has doubts.
TV Episode A3.06 Billy Los Angeles, 2001
Angel and Cordelia take different approaches to stopping a man who can instill murderous misogyny in other men with just a touch.
TV Episode B6.06 All the Way Sunnydale, October 2001
On Halloween, as Xander and Anya announce their engagement, Tara and Willow fight about Willow's overdependence on magic.
Comic Note from the Underground Sunnydale, 2001
Buffy is forced to fight in an underground demon gladiator ring, but Angel arranges a temporary furlough for Faith to come to Sunnydale to help.
Novel Monster Island Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2001
A demon-purity group plans an attack on a safe haven for half-blood demons, and Buffy and Angel must join forces to protect it.
Novel Endangered Species Los Angeles, 2001
A game hunter seeking a cure for his wife's vampirism enlists Angel Investigations to find her and save Faith from her clutches.
Novel Impressions Los Angeles, 2001
An identity-theft victim seeks help from Angel, but is reluctant to entirely trust him, having been approached by a false "Angel" already.
TV Episode A3.07 Offspring Los Angeles, 2001
As the team researches a prophecy about a portentous arrival, an angry and very pregnant Darla shows up at the hotel looking for Angel.
TV Episode
B7.05 Selfless Sunnydale, 2001
Following a bizarre coconut dance, Anya breaks into song with "Mrs."
TV Episode B6.07 Once More, with Feeling Sunnydale, 2001
A musical demon induces all of Sunnydale to break into song, a development that leads to the revelation of closely held secrets.
TV Episode A3.08 Quickening Los Angeles, 2001
A vampire cult pursues the pregnant Darla, Wolfram & Hart launches an attack on the hotel, and an old enemy resurfaces for revenge.
TV Episode B6.08 Tabula Rasa Sunnydale, 2001
Despite her promise to abstain from magic, Willow casts a forgetfulness spell that backfires, erasing the memories of the entire Scooby Gang.
Novel Blood and Fog Sunnydale, 2001
Buffy and Spike must stop Jack the Ripper, who has come to Sunnydale as a mist of blindness and terror seizes the town.
TV Episode A3.09 Lullaby Los Angeles, 2001
The team takes shelter at Caritas as Angel tries to find Darla, now in labor, before Holtz – undeterred upon learning of Angel's soul – does.
TV Episode B6.09 Smashed Sunnydale, 2001
As Spike enlists the Trio's help in evaluating his chip, Willow restores Amy to human form, the pair embarking on a wild night of magic.
TV Episode B6.10 Wrecked Sunnydale, 2001
Amy convinces Willow to visit a magic-dealing warlock, but Willow must confront her addiction when her carelessness brings Dawn to harm.
Short Story Tales of the Slayer II: Again, Sunnydale [by Jane Espenson] Sunnydale, November 8, 2001
Buffy, Xander and Willow are transported back into their 1999 selves, with all of their later memories intact.
TV Episode A3.10 Dad Los Angeles, 2001
With Darla dead, Angel must protect her newborn child from multiple attacks at the hotel as Holtz recruits a new follower.
Short Story The Longest Night: The House Where Death Stood Still Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
Angel searches for a missing child, taken by his father for an immortality ritual – one requiring a human sacrifice on the winter solstice.
Short Story The Longest Night: A Joyful Noise Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
A group is killing Santas and replacing them with their own in a plan to open a rift in space-time and allow a demon to consume the Earth.
Short Story The Longest Night: I Still Believe Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
Demonic chaos complicates a serious concern: Four days until Christmas and Angel still hasn't done his shopping.
Short Story The Longest Night: It Can Happen to You Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
Wesley meets two ghosts from the early Hollywood era who lead him to a better understanding of his life.
Short Story The Longest Night: Model Behaviour Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
Cordelia is invited to become a model, but there is a significant catch: An enchanted pocket mirror that produces unexpected effects.
Short Story The Longest Night: Have Gunn, Will Travel Los Angeles, December 21, 2001
The entourage from a prince of a small middle eastern country asks Gunn to impersonate him for an important gathering.
Short Story The Longest Night: Generous Presence Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
Lilah Morgan sends out Christmas presents, but her true agenda is a ploy to test the recipients' resolve.
Short Story The Longest Night: The Anchoress Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
A group of would-be Druids builds a stone circle to sacrifice a virgin, leading to time-traveling adventures.
Short Story The Longest Night: Bummed Out Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
Something is killing the city's down-and-outs, and the Angel Investigations team goes undercover to save the day (or night).
Short Story The Longest Night: Icicle Memories Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
An ice demon shows up at the Hyperion Hotel, using the team's desires for normal lives – particularly at the holidays – to overtake them.
Short Story The Longest Night: Yoke of the Soul Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
Angel must free a group of Christmas carolers who are being taken as hosts for a demon race – a task which inspires his musical spirit.
Short Story The Longest Night: The Sun Child Los Angeles, December 22, 2001
The creatures of the night are trying to prevent the new day from starting, and only Angel can ensure the new dawn.
TV Episode B6.11 Gone Sunnydale, 2002
A social worker threatens to remove Dawn from Buffy's custody, and the Trio develops an invisibility ray – accidentally using it on Buffy.
TV Episode A3.11 Birthday Los Angeles, 2002
Cordelia learns the visions are killing her and – helped by a demon guide – visits an alternate reality in which she never received them.
TV Episode A3.12 Provider Los Angeles, 2002
The Angel Investigations situation looks improved after actively pursuing business – until three cases turn out to be more than they appear.
Illustrated Novel Creatures of Habit Sunnydale, 2002
An old friend of Spike's sets up shop as a DJ in Sunnydale, luring teens into what will culminate in a feeding frenzy for the town's vampires.
TV Episode B6.12 Doublemeat Palace Sunnydale, 2002
Buffy is forced to take a job at a fast-food chain, but several strange events lead her to believe the food may be something other than beef.
Novel Fearless Los Angeles, 2002
The Angel Investigations team wakens feeling euphoric but amnesic, and Angel fears his slow recovery will leave him unable to protect them.
TV Episode A3.13 Waiting in the Wings Los Angeles, 2002
Angel takes the team to the opera, but suspects a sinister influence when he realizes it is the exact performance he saw more than a century ago.
Comic Withdrawal Sunnydale, 2002
The vampire DJ Velatti, having survived the Faint club assault, enlists Hoopy the Bear in a plan for revenge against Buffy.
TV Episode B6.13 Dead Things Sunnydale, 2002
When Warren kills his ex-girlfriend after a plan goes awry, the Trio uses magic to convince Buffy that she actually committed the murder.
TV Episode B6.14 Older and Far Away Sunnydale, 2002
After Dawn inadvertently makes a wish in front of a Vengeance demon, everyone becomes trapped in the house during Buffy's birthday party.
TV Episode A3.14 Couplet Los Angeles, 2002
The Groosalugg, newly arrived from Pylea, joins the Angel Investigations team (to Angel's chagrin) as Wesley discovers a disturbing prophecy.
TV Episode A3.15 Loyalty Los Angeles, 2002
Wesley looks for signs that Angel will harm Connor, Holtz's minions lure Fred and Gunn into a trap, and Sahjhan moves his own plans forward.
TV Episode B6.15 As You Were Sunnydale, 2002
Riley returns – with his new wife, also a demon-hunting soldier – and enlists Buffy's help in tracking down a demon black market dealer.
TV Episode A3.16 Sleep Tight Los Angeles, 2002
Convinced that Angel's increasing violence poses a threat to Connor, Wesley kidnaps the child, but Holtz and Justine have their own agenda.
TV Episode B6.16 Hell's Bells Sunnydale, 2002
As Xander and Anya's wedding day arrives, a mysterious visitor gives Xander a desperate warning that makes him question his path.
TV Episode B6.17 Normal Again Sunnydale, 2002
A demonic illusion makes Buffy believe that she is in a mental institution, and that her friends and Slayer career have all been hallucinations.
Comic Spike: Old Times Los Angeles, 2002
Spike struggles to protect a man from the demon Halfrek, who is exacting generations-long vengeance.
TV Episode A3.17 Forgiving Los Angeles, 2002
As Angel attempts to go after Holtz and Connor, the demon Sahjhan reveals the disturbing manipulations behind Wesley's betrayal.
TV Episode A3.18 Double or Nothing Los Angeles, 2002
As Fred and Gunn become closer, a demon calls in an old debt of Gunn's, one with drastic implications for their relationship: his soul.
TV Episode A3.19 The Price Los Angeles, 2002
Angel Investigations – without Wesley – must battle demonic slugs whose appearance portends the imminent arrival of "The Destroyer."
TV Episode B6.18 Entropy Sunnydale, 2002
As the Trio enacts a new plan, Anya tries to exact vengeance on Xander but finds her efforts foiled until she finds another looking to act out.
TV Episode A3.20 A New World Los Angeles, 2002
Angel chases after the newly-returned – and teenaged – Connor while the other members of the team attempt to close an interdimensional rift.
TV Episode B6.19 Seeing Red Sunnydale, 2002
With Tara and Willow reconciled, Buffy foils a plot by the Trio to become invulnerable – leaving Warren seeking the ultimate payback.
TV Episode A3.21 Benediction Los Angeles, 2002
After ostensibly making peace with Angel, Daniel Holtz arranges his own death, making Connor believe that Angel committed the crime.
TV Episode B6.20 Villains Sunnydale, 2002
An enraged Willow succumbs entirely to dark magic, healing Buffy's injuries before seeking out Warren for a brutal revenge.
TV Episode A3.22 Tomorrow Los Angeles, 2002
After a failed Wolfram & Hart abduction attempt, Connor traps Angel in a metal coffin on the ocean floor as Cordelia ascends as a higher being.
Novel Wicked Willow (trilogy) Sunnydale, 2002
In an alternate continuity, Willow – having surrendered to rage and seeking more power – defies her coven and tries to revive a lost spirit.
TV Episode B6.21 Two to Go Sunnydale, 2002
The Scoobies attempt to protect Andrew and Jonathan from Willow's vengeance, but Willow absorbs more dark magic before confronting them.
TV Episode B6.22 Grave Sunnydale, 2002
A nigh-invulnerable Dark Willow decides to end her suffering by destroying the world, but Xander sets out to stop her; Spike regains his soul.

Buffy Season 7 / Angel Season 4: 2002 – 2003

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Masks: Pencils and Paperclips 2002
Lindsey McDonald hides under a false identity until he meets Eve, Liaison to the Senior Partners.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Stacy 2002
Stacy, a young girl fascinated by the idea of magic, finds a sense of connection when she becomes a vampire.
TV Episode B7.01 Lessons Sunnydale, 2002
Three manifest spirits haunt the newly-reopened Sunnydale High; Buffy begins a job at the school while the ensouled Spike hides in the basement.
TV Episode B7.02 Beneath You Sunnydale, 2002
The Scoobies deal with the results of Anya's return to vengeance-demon work, and Buffy learns that Spike has recovered his soul.
Novel Seven Crows Arizona/Mexico border, 2002
In an alternate-continuity tale, Buffy and Angel come to the aid of Riley Finn and his wife Sam as they investigate possibly supernatural deaths.
TV Episode A4.01 Deep Down Los Angeles, 2002
Connor foils the team's attempts to locate Angel, while Wesley takes matters into his own hands, forcing Justine to lead him to Angel's coffin.
TV Episode B7.03 Same Time, Same Place Sunnydale, 2002
Willow returns to Sunnydale, but is unable to see or interact with her friends and finds herself the victim of a skin-eating Gnarl demon.
TV Episode A4.02 Ground State Los Angeles, 2002
Angel crosses paths with Gwen Raiden, an expert thief with dangerous electrical abilities, as they both seek a mystic talisman.
Novel Apocalypse Memories Sunnydale, 2002
In an alternate-universe story, Willow must overcome her fears of using magic when an angel brings on signs of an apocalypse.
TV Episode
B7.16 Storyteller Mexico, 2002
The First Evil (in the guise of Warren Mears) appears to Andrew Wells as he and Jonathan Levinson are in hiding.
TV Episode B7.04 Help Sunnydale, 2002
School counselor Buffy attempts to avert fate and help a student who has predicted her own death, all while foiling a demon-summoning plot.
TV Episode A4.03 The House Always Wins Los Angeles, 2002
Angel, Fred and Gunn go to Las Vegas to find Lorne, who is being coerced by a Vegas hotel boss into a scheme to steal people's destinies.
Novel Dark Mirror Los Angeles, 2002
The Angel Investigations team must face perfect clones of themselves – clones intent on destroying the originals.
Novel Mortal Fear Sunnydale, 2002
As the Scoobies bond with people outside their group, Buffy works to piece together an ancient sword. ("Historian's Note" in book is wrong.)
Novel Spark and Burn Sunnydale, 2002
Tormented by the First Evil and newly ensouled, Spike recalls the formative events throughout his life (and afterlife).
TV Episode B7.05 Selfless Sunnydale, 2002
Willow discovers that Anya's vengeance demon actions have taken a murderous turn, leading to a confrontation with Buffy and the Scoobies.
TV Episode A4.04 Slouching Toward Bethlehem Los Angeles, 2002
Cordelia, returned but with no memory, is driven to seek support from Connor after the Angel Investigations team's well-meaning deceptions.
TV Episode A4.05 Supersymmetry Los Angeles, 2002
Fred is reunited with a former professor, but discovers a secret that may lie behind her abduction to Pylea, forcing her to make a grim decision.
TV Episode B7.06 Him Sunnydale, 2002
When Dawn, Buffy, Willow, and Anya all fall for a handsome quarterback, Xander and Spike must stop them before they do any real damage.
Novel Solitary Man Los Angeles, 2002
As an elderly widow seeks to join Angel Investigations, the team must solve a theft of antiquities and battle a supernatural foe.
TV Episode A4.06 Spin the Bottle Los Angeles, 2002
Lorne performs a spell to restore Cordelia's memory, but the spell causes the entire team's memories to revert to those of their teenage selves.
Novel Heat Sunnydale and Los Angeles, 2002
Buffy and Angel battle a centuries-old Possessor seeking to resurrect an ancient dragon and drive humanity from his dimension.
Novel Book of the Dead Los Angeles, 2002
A colleague of Wesley's invites him to an auction, but harbors a personal agenda – and Wesley finds himself with a book he can't put down.
Novel Love and Death Los Angeles, 2002
A horde of angry demon-hunters descends on the city, but Angel and company soon learn that the mob makes no distinctions among demons.
Novel Monolith Los Angeles, 2002
Angel and Connor must work together to solve the mystery of a strange, demon-faced monolith that appears on Hollywood Boulevard.
TV Episode B7.07 Conversations with Dead People Sunnydale, 2002
The Scoobies are disturbed by separate supernatural visitations, while Jonathan and Andrew return to Sunnydale and Spike takes a deadly turn.
TV Episode A4.07 Apocalypse, Nowish Los Angeles, 2002
After Cordelia receives disturbing visions, she and Connor are attacked by a seemingly invulnerable creature at the site of Connor's birth.
TV Episode B7.08 Sleeper Sunnydale, 2002
When evidence suggests that Spike may be reverting to vampire attacks, Buffy investigates and learns of an insidious manipulation.
TV Episode B7.09 Never Leave Me Sunnydale, 2002
Both Spike and Andrew are imprisoned in Buffy's house, but the group comes under a surprise attack – as does the Watchers Council.
TV Episode B7.10 Bring on the Night Sunnydale, 2002
Buffy attempts to rescue Spike from The First, as Giles arrives in town with three Potential Slayers and some unnerving news.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Spot the Vampire New York, 2002
A vampire appears to hide in a department store within an innocent-seeming holiday tableau, though appearances may be deceiving.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Taking Care of Business San Gabriel, California, 2002
A 15th century vampire and former inquisitor wages holy war on all clergy, until he is confronted by an unusual stranger.
TV Episode B7.11 Showtime Sunnydale, 2003
The First continues to torment Spike, while Anya and Giles seek out an oracle and Buffy tries to restore the panicked Potentials' confidence.
TV Episode A4.08 Habeas Corpses Los Angeles, 2003
After The Beast begins slaughtering everyone at Wolfram & Hart, the Angel Investigations team follows, battling the reanimated victims.
TV Episode B7.12 Potential Sunnydale, 2003
A reveal spell hints that Dawn may in fact be a Potential herself, leading to her battling Bringers and vampires at the school with a classmate.
TV Episode A4.09 Long Day's Journey Los Angeles, 2003
Gwen Raiden helps Angel and the group avert The Beast's plan to blot out the sun, allowing demons and vampires free rein over Los Angeles.
TV Episode A4.10 Awakening Los Angeles, 2003
Wesley brings a mystic to extract Angel's soul – releasing Angelus – so the team can learn how to stop The Beast and restore the sun.
TV Episode B7.13 The Killer in Me Sunnydale, 2003
As Buffy seeks out government help with Spike's malfunctioning chip, a kiss with Kennedy transforms Willow into the image of Warren Mears.
TV Episode A4.11 Soulless Los Angeles, 2003
The team interrogates an imprisoned Angelus, learning his history with The Beast and of potential allies to help stop it, though it may be too late.
TV Episode B7.14 First Date Sunnydale, 2003
Buffy goes to dinner with Robin Wood, learning that his mother was a Slayer – and he, in turn, learns that Spike was the one who killed her.
TV Episode A4.12 Calvary Los Angeles, 2003
Cordelia attempts a ritual that may restore Angel's soul – but it fails, releasing Angelus from captivity, and Cordelia reveals a hidden agenda.
TV Episode B7.15 Get It Done Sunnydale, 2003
As the First continues to terrorize the Potentials, Buffy triggers a portal to meet the Shadow Men, who offer her more power, but at a cost.
TV Episode B7.16 Storyteller Sunnydale, 2003
Andrew narrates a video documentary on Buffy's adventures, but must come to grips with his own guilt over Jonathan's death.
TV Episode A4.13 Salvage Los Angeles, 2003
Wesley helps Faith Lehane break out of prison to help find Angelus – whose alliance with The Beast may not be entirely solid.
TV Episode A4.14 Release Los Angeles, 2003
Faith and Wesley track down and confront Angelus, while Cordelia – The Beast's real master – convinces Connor to keep her pregnancy secret.
TV Episode B7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me Sunnydale, 2003
As the Scooby Gang attempts to neutralize Spike's trigger, Robin and Giles plot to take more permanent action, against Buffy's wishes.
TV Episode A4.15 Orpheus Los Angeles, 2003
A mystical drug forces Angelus to revisit the events of his life with Faith as his virtual companion, while Willow struggles to restore his soul.
Novel Nemesis Los Angeles, 2003
When an old friend of Fred's is killed, she discovers that the murder may be connected to a group of wizards trying to hold the walls of reality together.
TV Episode A4.16 Players Los Angeles, 2003
Gwen deceives and recruits Gunn to help recover a device that will let her control her powers, as the team discovers Cordelia's true nature.
TV Episode A4.17 Inside Out Los Angeles, 2003
As Angel and the team confront Skip for answers, Cordelia tries to convince Connor to take a fateful step toward ensuring their child's safety.
TV Episode A4.18 Shiny Happy People Los Angeles, 2003
The team is enchanted by the newly-arrived Jasmine, but when Fred glimpses a more disturbing image, she must investigate the truth alone.
TV Episode B7.18 Dirty Girls Sunnydale, 2003
Caleb, a newly-arrived agent of the First in priest's garb, induces Buffy into leading the Potentials into a calamitous assault against him.
TV Episode A4.19 The Magic Bullet Los Angeles, 2003
As Jasmine’s followers gather at the hotel, Fred – now on the run – must figure out a way to awaken Angel from Jasmine’s thrall.
TV Episode A4.20 Sacrifice Los Angeles, 2003
Wesley, Gunn and Lorne join Angel and Fred in fleeing Jasmine, and discover a mysterious demon with a connection to Jasmine’s past.
TV Episode B7.19 Empty Places Sunnydale, 2003
The team continues to explore leads on Caleb, but Buffy's insistence on another attack leads to the group's selection of Faith as their new leader.
TV Episode A4.21 Peace Out Los Angeles, 2003
Angel navigates a hell dimension for information on defeating Jasmine while the others are captured by Connor and imprisoned at the hotel.
TV Episode B7.20 Touched Sunnydale, 2003
After being comforted by Spike, Buffy moves to confront Caleb alone, while Faith leads the Potentials in an attack action of her own.
TV Episode A4.22 Home Los Angeles, 2003
Having defeated Jasmine, Angel and the team are presented with a surprising opportunity – control of Wolfram & Hart’s Los Angeles branch.
TV Episode B7.21 End of Days Sunnydale, May 2003
Buffy, having taken a new weapon from Caleb, rescues the Potentials and tries to learn more about her powerful new asset.
TV Episode B7.22 Chosen Sunnydale, May 2003
Buffy develops a radical plan to defeat the First, and the entire crew heads directly to the Hellmouth for a final confrontation.
TV Episode
A5.02 Just Rewards Sunnydale, May 2003
Spike, using the power of the Wolfram & Hart Amulet to destroy the Turok-Han army, is consumed.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Father Los Angeles, 2003
A Slayer tracks down and kills the vampire Tom Mitchell, while his son Cyrus, now in his eighties, lies on his deathbed.

Angel Season 5: 2003 – 2004

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Novel Queen of the Slayers Worldwide, 2002
In an alternate continuity, evil forces run amok as a self-styled Queen of the Slayers seeks to claim the Slayer essence and fashion an army.
Novel Dark Congress USA, England, and Greece, 2002
The Scoobies reunite as a rare congregation of demons devolves into accusations, over which Buffy must act as arbiter.
TV Episode A5.01 Conviction Los Angeles, 2003
Angel and the team adjust to their new positions at Wolfram & Hart while trying to stop an unsavory client from releasing a biological weapon.
TV Episode A5.02 Just Rewards Los Angeles, 2003
Angel and company work to foil the plans of a necromancer, aided by the visible but incorporeal Spike – apparently returned by The Amulet.
TV Episode A5.03 Unleashed Los Angeles, 2003
Angel and the group try to help a young woman bitten by a werewolf – and now hunted by an exclusive club specializing in exotic meals.
TV Episode A5.04 Hell Bound Los Angeles, 2003
Fred tries to restore Spike, who is tormented by a vicious spirit who sends loose spirits to Hell in his place – and Spike is his next target.
Comic Tales of the Vampires: Antique Europe, 2003
Buffy and two other Slayers break into Dracula's fortress in an effort to rescue Xander, who has fallen under the Count's thrall.
Comic Wesley: Spotlight (No Sacrifice) Los Angeles, 2003
A lethal venom strikes down Knox, forcing Wesley to deal with his own affections for Fred and their ramifications.
TV Episode A5.05 Life of the Party Los Angeles, October 2003
Going all-out (and without sleep) for the Wolfram & Hart Halloween bash has disastrous effects on Lorne – and everyone else at the party.
TV Episode A5.06 The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco Los Angeles, November 2003
Angel must convince a retired luchador to help defeat a resurrected Aztec warrior demon feasting on the hearts of heroes.
Comic Spike vs. Dracula #5 Los Angeles, 2003
A noncorporeal Spike finally resolves his centuries-long feud with Dracula when the Count pays a visit to Wolfram & Hart.
TV Episode A5.07 Lineage Los Angeles, 2003
Wesley's father arrives at Wolfram & Hart and assists in investigating a series of cyborg warrior attacks, but may have a sinister hidden agenda.
TV Episode A5.08 Destiny Los Angeles, 2003
When Spike regains corporeal form, a struggle ensues with Angel over the implications of two ensouled vampires on the Shanshu Prophecy.
Comic Spike: Old Wounds Los Angeles, 2003
Spike attempts to solve a decades-old crime he is accused of committing: the infamous Black Dahlia murder.
TV Episode A5.09 Harm's Way Los Angeles, 2004
When Harmony wakes up next to a dead body – a critical demon-treaty negotiator – she must cover up the incident until she can clear her name.
TV Episode A5.10 Soul Purpose Los Angeles, 2004
Lindsey McDonald recruits Spike as a vampire champion, and Angel suffers nightmares in which Spike has claimed his destiny of redemption.
TV Episode A5.11 Damage Los Angeles, 2004
The reformed Watchers Council sends an emissary to help track down a psychotic Slayer, a condition for which she believes Spike is responsible.
Comic Spike: Lost and Found Los Angeles, 2004
Angel and Spike suspect that a vampire preying on victims in broad daylight may have discovered a second Gem of Amarra.
TV Episode A5.12 You're Welcome Los Angeles, 2004
Cordelia awakens from her coma to help a despondent Angel – intent on quitting his job – counter Lindsey's ultimate attack on Wolfram & Hart.
TV Episode
A5.21 Power Play Los Angeles, 2004
Cordelia and Angel share a farewell kiss.
TV Episode A5.13 Why We Fight Los Angeles, 2004
A vampire arrives at Wolfram & Hart, capturing Fred, Wesley and Gunn in order to force Angel to answer for a sixty-years-past incident.
TV Episode A5.14 Smile Time Los Angeles, 2004
While investigates a popular television program that may be rendering children comatose, Angel finds himself transformed into a living puppet.
Comic Angel: Smile Time Los Angeles, 2004
Comic adaptation of eponymous episode.
Comic Masks: Mystery Date Los Angeles, 2004
Nina Ash and Angel – still in puppet form – go out for supper and run into a former Wolfram and Hart client.
Comic Angel Yearbook: All the Time in the World Los Angeles, 2004
Wesley and Fred set out to enjoy a normal "first date" together, but their attempts are repeatedly interrupted by supernatural occurences.
TV Episode A5.15 A Hole in the World Los Angeles and England, 2004
A sarcophagus infects Fred with the spirit of an ancient demon, mobilizing the entire crew to scramble for a cure before she is irreversibly consumed.
TV Episode A5.16 Shells Los Angeles, 2004
Unable to save Fred – now completely transformed into Illyria – the team works to stop the demon's plans to find her temple and restore her army.
Comic Angel: A Hole in the World Los Angeles, 2004
Comic adaptation of eponymous episode along with "Shells."
Comic Masks: Unacceptable Losses Los Angeles, 2004
Illyria is unknowingly sent on a possible suicide mission by Angel, who works to convince Wesley that Illyria is not Fred.
Comic Willow: Goddesses and Monsters 2004
Willow wanders after the fall of Sunnydale, meeting a powerful serpent woman who may be the key to what Willow is – and will become.
TV Episode A5.17 Underneath Los Angeles, 2004
Wesley deals with Illyria as Angel, Spike and Gunn track Lindsey to a suburban hell dimension for information on the Senior Partners' plans.
Comic Illyria: Spotlight Los Angeles and Texas, 2004
The "monster" Illyria tries to understand the concept of remorse by questioning a convicted killer as to his own lack of guilt over his crimes.
Comic Spike: Asylum Los Angeles, 2004
Spike goes undercover at a rehab facility for demons, but finds himself targeted by both murderous inmates and the facility's malevolent staff.
TV Episode A5.18 Origin Los Angeles, 2004
Angel confronts the powerful demon sorcerer who created Connor's false memories, and who now wants Connor to fulfill his destiny and kill Sahjhan.
Comic Connor: Spotlight (Inheritance) Los Angeles, 2004
Connor suspects he might be behind a rash of vigilante attacks, fearing that he may be killing these criminals in his sleep.
TV Episode A5.19 Time Bomb Los Angeles, 2004
Illyria finds herself shifting uncontrollably through time, and the team must find a way to control her dangerously unstable power.
Comic Gunn: Spotlight Los Angeles, 2004
Gunn must find his naive cousin, who has run away to L.A. from his home in Ohio, before the city chews him up and spits him out.
TV Episode A5.20 The Girl in Question Los Angeles, 2004
Angel and Spike travel to Italy to recover the body of a demon lord, but find themselves facing an old nemesis — who may have Buffy under his spell.
Comic Spike: Shadow Puppets Los Angeles and Japan, 2004
Spike and Lorne try to stop the Japanese edition of "Smile Time" – fighting an army of ninja-puppets and becoming puppetized themselves.
Comic Fallen Angel: Reborn Bete Noire, Arctic, and New York, 2004
Illyria, accompanied by the fallen angel Liandra, seeks to recover three objects of power in hopes of restoring her former status.
TV Episode A5.21 Power Play Los Angeles, 2004
The team becomes increasingly concerned about Angel's motives when he pursues membership in an extremely powerful but evil secret society.
TV Episode A5.22 Not Fade Away Los Angeles, 2004
Angel implores the team to enjoy what may be their last day on Earth as they prepare for the final confrontation with the Circle of the Black Thorn.
Comic Angel: Not Fade Away Los Angeles, 2004
Comic adaptation of eponymous episode.

Angel: After the Fall: 2004

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Drusilla, Part One [co-authored by Juliet Landau] May 2004
Drusilla, institutionalized under the belief that her vampire state is a delusion, has visions that may portend the coming fate of the city.
Comic Angel: After the Fall: First Night Los Angeles, May 2004*
Connor, Gwen, Spike, Wesley, Kate, Lorne, Gunn, and the citizens of L.A. deal with the aftermath of the entire city being cast into a hell dimension.
Comic Spike: After the Fall Los Angeles, May 2004*
Spike tries to help Illyria – now shifting back-and-forth into Fred's form – and confront a ruthless demon leader and her band of female warriors.
Comic Angel: After the Fall (Volume One) Los Angeles, July 2004*
Months after the descent of the city, Angel attempts to rally his former teammates in a final confrontation with the demon Lords of Los Angeles.
Comic Angel: After the Fall: First Night Los Angeles, July 2004*
An imprisoned Betta George finds himself at the mercy of Gunn's vampire crew.
Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew Los Angeles, July 2004*
Eddie Hope makes a delivery to Gunn for Guard Captain Harros.
Comic Angel: After the Fall (Volume Three) Los Angeles, July 2004*
Angel – now exposed as human – and the team confront the vampire Gunn, who believes he is guided by visions from the powers-that-be.
Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew Los Angeles, July 2004*
Jacob Crane attempts to recruit Eddie Hope.
Comic Angel: After the Fall (Volume Four) (Chapters 1–4) Los Angeles, July 2004*/May 2004
An army of demons attempts to ensure Angel fulfills his apocalyptic destiny, but an enraged and irrational Illyria may destroy all of existence.
Comic Angel Yearbook: OMG Unicorns! Los Angeles, May 20–27, 2004
Harmony blogs about her dual struggles: trying to find employment after the demise of Wolfram & Hart and resisting her predatory urges.
Comic Angel: After the Fall (Volume Four) (Chapter 5) Los Angeles, June 2004
One month after the city's return, the (now-famous) Angel and company find themselves pitted against the resurrected Lords of Hell.
Comic Become What You Are (a.k.a. After the Fall - Epilogue) Los Angeles, July 2004
A comatose Gunn experiences remorse for his actions in Hell, but a revived Lord of Hell forces him to more directly evaluate his true nature.
Comic Only Human Los Angeles and Texas, July 2004
Gunn and Illyria travel to Texas, confronting a cult of demon supremacists seeking to restore an ancient enemy of Illyria's to power.
Comic Aftermath Los Angeles, July 2004
The team encounters a shape-shifting jaguar, while a renegade angel enlists Angel's help tracking a group of heavenly warriors with an extreme agenda.
Comic The Curse Romania, July 2004
Angel goes to Romania in search of the Kalderash and a cure for his curse, but finds himself embroiled in a gypsy rebellion against a local warlord.
Comic Old Friends Los Angeles, July 2004
Returning to Los Angeles, Angel joins his old teammates against a series of near-flawless duplicates of themselves – and an old associate.
Comic Angel Yearbook: My Only Friend Los Angeles, July 2004
Angel resumes his struggle against evil in Los Angeles, acknowledging his special connection to the city.
Comic Boys and Their Toys San Diego, July 2004
When the sword that killed Angel in Hell goes missing, Angel, Spike and Groosalugg venture to a science fiction convention to retrieve it.
Comic Lorne: The Music of the Spheres Los Angeles, 2004
A trio of ancient entities seeks to shatter the Music of the Spheres and destroy the universe, and Lorne may be the only one who can stop them.
Comic Last Angel in Hell Los Angeles, December 2004
The story of Los Angeles's descent into Hell is filtered through the lens of a Hollywood blockbuster, with accuracy sacrificed in favor of spectacle.
Comic Angel Yearbook: This One Time Los Angeles, 2004
When reality begins shifting for Angel and the team, they must decide whether to change history by choosing an alternate course of events.
Comic Auld Lang Syne Los Angeles, 2004
Angel and Spike find themselves confronting faces from their pasts, pitting them against each other and a demon that feeds on suffering.
Comic Immortality for Dummies Los Angeles, 2004
A new company promises to make problem-free immortality available for top-paying clients, with Angel as their unwitting accomplice.
Comic Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew (First Part) Los Angeles, 2004
The justice-seeking devil Eddie Hope hunts down people for their crimes during the fall of Los Angeles, and runs across an escaped Gwen Raiden.
Comic Spike: The Devil You Know Los Angeles, 2004
Spike and Eddie Hope reluctantly unite to stop a vampire from opening a miniature hellmouth beneath Los Angeles.
Comic Eddie Hope: Eddie and the Crew (Second Part) Los Angeles, 2004
Gunn finds himself in Eddie Hope's crosshairs, and must convince the justice devil that he was not responsible for his actions during the fall.
Comic Crown Prince Syndrome Los Angeles, 2004
Newcomer Laura Weathermill uncovers the truth about James, and the team deals with a warrior army who sees Connor as their "chosen one."
Comic Angel Yearbook: Fight for the Remote! Los Angeles, 2004
Angel and Spike battle over the team's entertainment choices – Angel wanting hockey with Spike preferring a soap-opera marathon.
Comic Illyria: Haunted Los Angeles and England, 2004
When she experiences an existential crisis, Illyria turns to Spike for advice, leading her to seek answers in the Deeper Well.
Comic Spike (comic series) Las Vegas, 2004
Spike teams up with Betta George and Beck to stop Wolfram & Hart's Las Vegas operations, as well as a deadly psychopath – and an old flame.
Buffy Season 8: Anywhere But Here Switzerland, 2004
Buffy leads a group of Slayers in the robbery of a Swiss bank vault stocked with Nazi-stockpiled treasure.
Comic The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart Los Angeles, Autumn 2004
With Connor in charge, the remaining members of Angel Investigations work to stop "James" from turning Earth into a demon breeding ground.
* Indicates timeline later reset to May 2004 by the return of Los Angeles from Hell.

Buffy Season 8: 2004 – 2005

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Buffy Season 8: The Long Way Home Europe and Sunnydale, 2004
Buffy leads the Slayers – now an organized fighting unit – against a secretive paramilitary force allied with an old enemy and a vengeful foe.
Comic Buffy Season 8: The Chain 2004
A young Slayer goes undercover – and underground – as a Buffy "decoy" to unite several squabbling mystical races to stop a demon invasion.
Comic Riley: Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin 2004
This one-shot shows how Riley agreed to be Buffy's double agent within the Twilight Group.
Comic Buffy Season 8: No Future for You Cleveland and England, 2004
Giles recruits Faith for an undercover (and unauthorized) mission to stop an aristocratic and psychotic rogue Slayer.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Anywhere But Here Scotland, 2004
Buffy and Willow seek out a demon for information on the Twilight Group, but find themselves facing uncomfortable secrets from both past and future.
Comic Buffy Season 8: A Beautiful Sunset Scotland, 2004
On a vampire hunt, Buffy confronts Satsu about her obvious attraction to Buffy, but the pair find themselves under attack from Twilight himself.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Wolves at the Gate Scotland and Japan, 2004
Buffy's Scythe is stolen by Japanese vampires with shape-shifting abilities – and the Slayers must team up with Dracula in order to recover it.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Time of Your Life Scotland and New York, 2005
Buffy is shanghaied to Melaka Fray's time to fight magical enemies.
Comic Buffy Season 8: After These Messages ... We'll Be Right Back! Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Harmonic Divergence Time/place to come
Description to come.
e-Comic Myspace Dark Horse presents Harmony Bites Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Swell Time/place to come
Description to come.
e-Comic Myspace Dark Horse presents Vampy Cat Play Friend Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Predators and Prey Scotland and California, 2005
Buffy's former classmate Harmony lands her own reality TV show.
e-Comic Myspace Dark Horse presents Always Darkest Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Safe Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Living Doll Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic The Thrill Time/place to come
Description to come.
e-Comic Myspace Dark Horse presents Harmony Comes to the Nation Time/place to come
Description to come.
e-Comic Myspace Dark Horse presents Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Retreat Berlin and Tibet, 2005
Upon arriving in Tibet, the group is filled in on what has happened to Oz since he departed Sunnydale.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Turbulence 2005
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Twilight 2005
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Last Gleaming (Parts I - IV of V) 2005
Description to come.
e-Comic Spike: Magical Mystery Tour, Featuring the Beetles Outer Space and San Fransisco, 2005
Spike adjusts to life on board an insect-crewed intergalactic spaceship while trying to return to Earth.
Comic Buffy Season 8: Last Gleaming (Part V of V) San Fransisco, 2005
Description to come.

Season Nine: 2005 – 2006

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic Angel & Faith: Live Through This Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 9: Freefall Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Angel & Faith: In Perfect Harmony Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 9: Slayer, Interrupted Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Angel & Faith: Daddy Issues Time/place to come
Description to come.
Comic Free Comic Book Day 2012 Buffy/The Guild flipbook: In Space No One Can Hear You Slay Outerspace, time to come
Description to come.
Comic Buffy Season 9: On Your Own Time/place to come
Description to come.

Outer Space and San Fransisco, 2005

Distant Future

Type Title/Description Time/Location
Comic The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart (partially) Los Angeles, 22nd Century*
Angel, pulled into the future by Wolfram & Hart, must fight to foil the demon-breeding plans of Myresto Mor and Rowant Mor.
Comic Fray: Big City Girl New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: The Calling New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: Ready, Steady ... New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: Out of the Past New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: The Worst of It New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: Alarums New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: The Gateway New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Fray: All Hell New York, 23rd Century
The demon Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her.
Comic Tales of the Slayers: Tales New York, 23rd Century
Fray discovers a former Watcher's sanctuary and records of her Slayer forebears.
Comic Time of Your Life (partially) New York, 23rd Century
Description to come.
* Indicates timeline later reset by Angel's return to the 21st century.
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