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Darla: “Maybe it’s something...
Chris: “Maybe it's some thing.
— Darla and Chris[src]

Chris Boal was a former Sunnydale High student who tried to seduce Darla, not knowing of her true status, ending up drained by the innocuous-looking vampire.

Behind the scenes

  • The character is named Chris Boal according to a deleted scene from the first draft of the unaired pilot script.[1]
  • Chris was the show's first clever decoy into making the audience think he was a vampire due to his pale complexion, dark clothing and his attempt to seduce a seemingly innocent female figure. However, it turned out that he was merely a victim and Darla was the vampire in this instance.
  • His death is a twist on the opening of Night of the Living Dead, where the creepy brother, Johnny, is seen teasing Barbara, the horror film cliché blonde girl, about monsters in a way that she doesn't find funny and he eventually ends up eating her. In this case, the blonde eats the creepy guy.


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