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This article is about the character. For the writer, see Chris Boal (writer).

Darla: “Maybe it's something…
Chris: “Maybe it's some thing.
Darla and Chris[src]

Chris Boal was a former Sunnydale High School student and a victim of Darla in 1997.


Chris tried to seduce Darla and took her to Sunnydale High at night, not knowing her true nature. He was surprised and drained by the innocuous-looking vampire when he broke into the school with her.[1]

His body then was dumped inside Aura's locker in the girls' changing room. Rupert Giles thought Chris would come back to life as a vampire, but Buffy Summers was sure he hadn't been sired.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • He was portrayed by Carmine Giovinazzo.
  • Despite his name is never mentioned on screen, Chris Boal is identified as such in a deleted scene from the first draft of the unaired pilot's screenplay.
  • Chris is the first character to appear on screen in the TV series, if the shot of Buffy Summers in the prologue sequence is excluded, as well as its first character to die.