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Chloe was a North-American Potential Slayer who sought protection in the Summers residence.[1]


When the First Evil declared war on the Slayer line and sent the Harbingers of Death to hunt down Potential Slayers around the world, Chloe was sent to Sunnydale to be protected and trained by Buffy Summers in the Slayer's home. Alongside her fellow potentials, Chloe witnessed the attack of a Turok-Han unleashed by the First Evil as well as Buffy defeating it.[1]

During a training session, Kennedy called Chole a "maggot" for doing a move incorrectly. That night, the First appeared to Chloe and they had a long talk, after which she hanged herself in the bathroom. When the others found her, the First appeared as Chloe to taunt them. Upon its goodbye with "TTFN" (ta ta for now), Amanda noted that Chloe loved Winnie the Pooh.[2]

Buffy buried her body in the house's backyard, beside Annabelle's. Afterward, Buffy declared that Chloe's decision made the girl an idiot, stupid, and weak.[2]


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