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There are layers upon layers at Wolfram & Hart, Angel, things you'll never understand. What am I? I'm a child of the Senior Partners, created to do their bidding.

Child of the Senior Partners was the title of immortal beings the Senior Partners created to act as agents for Wolfram & Hart.[1]


Eve and Marcus Hamilton were the only two known children. Eve was sent to act as liaison between Angel and the Senior Partners after he took over the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch in 2003.[2] Hamilton was some kind of emissary and enforcer that eventually replaced Eve in her liaison duties.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

I am a part of them. The Wolf, Ram, and Hart. Their strength flows through my veins. My blood is filled with their ancient power.
―Marcus Hamilton[src]

Marcus overpowers Angel.

Depending on what purpose they were created for, the children were granted different abilities in addition to their immortality. Eve, having been created simply to act as their liaison, had the average abilities of a common human,[1] while Hamilton, who served as an enforcer, possessed superior strength and durability, sufficient to beat up the depowered Illyria, as well as outmatch both Angel and Connor in a two-on-one brawl.[3]

Both Eve and Marcus had human appearance and couldn't be identified as non-humans by vampires, though an Old One like Illyria was able to tell the difference. Despite not being human, their blood was rich in power and could feed a vampire.[3]