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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Chelsea Monroe was the host of Los Angeles talk show LA After Dark.

She visited Angel Investigations when preparing for a new show, Your Cheating Heart, about spouses cheating on their partners, but Angel turned down the offer on the grounds that Angel Investigations didn't handle that kind of case. Intrigued at his agency's mission to 'help the helpless', Chelsea offered to do a one-off 'documentary' on Angel Investigations itself, but Angel again turned the offer down on the grounds that he preferred his secrecy. Even as he recognized that Chelsea was expressing interest in him for more than purely professional reasons, Angel was reluctant to pursue a relationship with Chelsea as he felt that she had fallen for the 'lie' of his seemingly human image without knowing the truth about his past. Chelsea later attempted to arrange a dinner date with Angel, but he was called away on his current case.

Making a final visit to Angel Investigations, Chelsea asked Angel why he was resisting the attraction between them. Although Angel contemplated answering her question by explaining that his past was murkier than it appeared, he decided to admit the truth; inspired by a recent confrontation with a Vishrak demon whose glamour powers had caused it to appear to him as his heart's desire, Angel explained that he was still getting over someone who meant a lot to him. Accepting his explanation, Chelsea departed Angel Investigations, commenting that the 'someone' Angel referred to was a lucky woman.


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