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Looks like Charlotte's heading back to the web.
Buffy Summers[src]

"Charlotte" was the nickname Buffy Summers gave to a Ragna Demon that Andrew Wells bred to capture the rogue Slayer Simone Doffler. Andrew used Charlotte to capture Nisha, another rogue Slayer and member of Simone's gang. Simone nicknamed it Arachnophobia.

After Buffy and Andrew released the trapped Nisha, Simone teleported and used a tranquilizer gun to subdude the Ragna Demon and take it with her. Buffy and Andrew travelled to an island taken over by Simone and her gang to confront her but were captured by the rogue Slayers. The Italy squad managed to rescue Buffy and Andrew but refused to fight Simone's gang due to their firearms. Uneasy with letting Simone and her followers free reign of the island, Buffy broke Charlotte free.


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