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I can't take it easy. I can never take it easy. Not for one second, alright? The minute I forget that, someone like Alonna pays the price.

Charles Gunn was a vampire hunter and member of Angel Investigations.


Early life

Gunn was born in the Badlands, a section of inner-city Los Angeles where the police would not go, and looked after his sister, Alonna, from a very young age. They were taught vampire hunting by their grandmother[1] and came across his very first vampire in her kitchen. Although he had a few brushes with the law, he acted as a kind of urban Robin Hood to keep the streets in his neighborhood safe. In his teens, Gunn rose through the ranks to become the leader of a gang of street-fighters who protect their turf from vampires using guerrilla tactics. Possessing the mind of a military strategist and the strength of a back-alley brawler, life in the ghetto hardened Gunn to the extent that his life became less important than the cause, resulting in him trading his soul for a truck in a deal with a demon named Jenoff when he was only seventeen, because he believed he had no future.[2]

In 2000, Gunn joined Angel Investigations. Progressively, Angel become haunted by the visions and has become a recluse who communicates with Gunn and Wesley only to tell them what he has seen in his visions. Two years later, the famous TV actress Cordelia Chase (cautious of the reality) enters Angel's room where she finds him babbling and incoherent. She assumes that "everything will be OK" and kisses him. The reality returned into mainstream.



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