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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Charles Gunn was a vampire hunter and social media influencer living in Los Angeles, 2019.


As a child, Gunn witnessed a friend being killed by a vampireOkasa, under the name Lukas —, and for ten years he kept this a secret. Certain he would still be in LA, Gunn hunted vampires that crossed his path in his search for vengeance. Gunn covered his night activities as urban explorations, which he livestreamed as StunnaGunna213.[1]

One night, Gunn was intercepted by Angel, who assisted him against a group of vampires. He identified as a vampire himself, but Gunn understood he should not judge Angel before knowing him. Angel then informed that he had been sent by Lilith to gather Gunn to his new group, and offered him in exchange to help finding Lukas. Gunn accepted the offer going to Angel's residence, where Winifred Burkle, the first to be gathered, awaited for him.[2]

Lilith then appeared to them and showed Gunn the true identity of Okasa, and explained that a vampire poet named Spike would led Gunn to him. With fancy new clothes, the three then sough him in a night club, but, as they found Spike, they saved him from an attack that intended to sacrifice the vampire in the name of Baphomet. Gunn defeated the attacker, when Spike attempted to run away. As Gunn was able to catch him, though, Fred was kidnapped by a group of Baphomet worshipers named Wolfram & Hart.[3]



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