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And that's actually one of his better compositions!
―Charles, on William Pratt's poem.[src]

Charles was a gentleman who attended a party in London, 1880.

Biography[edit | edit source]

During a party in London, 1880, Charles discussed with Cecily, an unidentified maid, and an unidentified gentleman about a recent rash of disappearances in the town. When William Pratt arrived at the circle, the amateur poet changed the subject to poems, prompting the unidentified gentleman to snatch his unfinished work and read it out loud. The poem amused the crowd, who all laughed at him. Apparently, Charles had hears others of his works, as he commented that, ironically, the poem had been one of his best compositions.[1]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • He was portrayed by Matthew Lang, the actor who also portrayed the High Priest Minion.
  • Charles' name is never addressed during episode "Fool for Love", credited simply as "2nd Male Partygoer". In the original script, though, his name is revealed when the unidentified maid address him as "Charles". Notably, in the non-canon novel These Our Actors, he's named Charles Gladham.
  • In the comic Old Times, Charles and all party-goers die immediately after William leaves the house; in response to his wish that they were the bloody ones, all present bleed from their eyes, and Charles' blindness cause a fire.

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