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Chao-Ahn was a Potential Slayer who fought beside the Scooby Gang, activated into a Slayer in 2003 during the battle at the Hellmouth.


Chao-Ahn was one of the Potential Slayers who found refuge in Sunnydale from the First Evil's attempt to destroy the Slayer line. Rupert Giles picked Chao-Anh up in Shanghai,[1] and she spoke only Cantonese, so she wasn’t always able to communicate with the Scooby Gang.[2]

Since she never had a watcher, Giles tried to explain her situation using crudely drawn pictures, depicting Turok-Hans killing blooded girls, which scared her. Giles also offered her milk despite she had just got sick from the ice cream he bought her, without knowing she was lactose intolerant.[2]

Despite this, Chao-Ahn was able to train[3] and go on missions[4] with the other Potentials, fighting as well at the Hellmouth against the First Evil's army of Turko-Hans. She was one of the thousand girls activated with the Slayer activation spell, and escaped the destruction of Sunnydale.[5]


Behind the scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Kristy Wu.
  • Chao-Ahn's name comes from Chao'an (潮安), a Cantonese-speaking county in China.


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