A Champion of the Powers That Be is an earthly agent of The Powers That Be, a warrior bound to serve the Powers' will and protect the innocent from the forces of evil. The vampire Angel is such a champion.

Initially, only Angel was the champion. However, he eventually met other beings who had the title of "champion". Additionally, as others started to help him more and more, they began to call themselves champions as well, such as when Angel refers to Winifred Burkle as a champion during her heroism against Jasmine.

Known or Named Champions

Behind the scenes

  • All of the explicitly mentioned champions have been at least part-demon or had demonic heritage.
    • Angel was a vampire.
    • Cordelia Chase became a half-demon through the Powers That Be.
    • Groosalugg was a half-demon from Pylea.
    • Connor was the miracle child of two vampires.
  • Cassandra Rayne, a character in the non-canon game Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, was also a champion of the Powers during the 12th century.


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