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It's very powerful and probably very dangerous. It has a purifying power, a cleansing power, possibly scrubbing bubbles. The translation is— Anyway, it bestows strength to the right person who wears it.

An amulet meant to be worn by a champion was a powerful mystical artifact with purifying powers. It was in the possession of Wolfram & Hart and proved to be instrumental during the battle at the Hellmouth.[1]


Battle of Hellmouth[]

In exchange for his acceptance of the position as C.E.O. of Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch, Lilah Morgan offered the amulet to Angel. She explained it had purifying powers, and she gave Angel a file with information about the situation in Sunnydale. In handing the amulet to the vampire, Lilah said that, apparently, the object was crucial for "some kind of final battle."[2]

At first, Angel wanted to keep neither the file nor the amulet, saying that Buffy could handle herself. However, after watching Connor in trouble, he took the amulet[2] and went to Sunnydale to give it to the Slayer. There, he told Buffy that the amulet was "very powerful" and "probably very dangerous." He mentioned inscriptions, but Angel couldn't describe the amulet in more details than it had a purifying or cleansing power, bestowing strength when worn by someone ensouled, but stronger than human — a Champion.[1]

Buffy, being about to fight her ultimate battle against the First Evil and its Turok-Han army, gave the amulet to Spike, who promptly accepted the charge despite knowing the object was volatile and its powers unknown. During the battle, Spike finally felt the amulet start working. It initially burned to the touch and made him stumble back, until the amulet suddenly broke the barriers between the vampire and the sunlight above, then it channeled powerful beams through his soul, quickly dusting a dozen of Turok-Hans. The amulet's power began to cause the Hellmouth to collapse, and Spike chose to stay behind to close it forever. In the process, the vampire was consumed from within, burning to ashes, and dying as a hero.[1]

Los Angeles[]

Nineteen days later, and the amulet reappeared in Los Angeles, at Wolfram & Hart, inside an envelope (without sender) sent to Angel. From it, Spike was released[3] in a ghostly form. After some researching, Wesley concluded that Spike's essence had been trapped in the amulet, and nothing could destroy it — except if the object was taken to a consecrated place, like a church or a cemetery. Spike was also bound to the amulet; if it was destroyed, then Spike would cease to exist altogether. In addition, due to the effects of the amulet, Spike was also bound to Los Angeles and unable to leave the city limits.[4]

After Spike's physical body was eventually restored,[5] the amulet and what it did to him was mentioned several times. At one event, when Team Angel were about to destroy the Circle of the Black Thorn, Angel gave Spike his assignment, who adamantly declared: "First off, I'm not wearing any amulets."[6]

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