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Caveman was how Xander referred to a group of college students who had temporally reverted into a Neanderthal state due to the effects of the cursed Black Frost beer. Jack, the pub's owner, had brewed the potion as an act of revenge for being mistreated by college students for twenty years.[1]


In late 1999, Xander worked as a bartender in Jack's pub, but one of its patrons, the college student Colm, dismissed him and insulted Xander's intelligence. Colm then asked that Xander serve him a pitcher of Black Frost, to which Xander refused unless he could provide an ID. However, Jack told Xander to "just give him the beer," so Xander obliged. Colm brought the beer to share with his friends Hunt, Kip, Roy. Later, they invited Buffy for their table, who joined them for a few drinks.[1]

The nights passed as the five continued to drink together in Jack's pub and descend further into a state of confusion and stupidity, unable to form complete simple phrases, such as "You stupid" and "Where girl go?" Xander cut Buffy off, in an effort to protect her, but the four guys remained in the pub and continued to drink past closing time. Hunt and Kip eventually got into a slap fight, while Roy struggled to take his shirt off.[1]

Xander informed them that it was time to pay up and go home, but they were unable to calculate the tip. Colm then came from the bathroom in the form of a hairy, muscular men. He destroyed its door and knocked Xander out. He woke up to find Colm lying on top of him and yelling in his face. Kip, Hunt, and Roy backed away from the creature. Colm then stood up and yelled. Kip, Hunt, and Roy were overcame with convulsions and began to devolve into cavemen themselves.[1]

Some transformations included backs hunching over, hair growing longer, teeth turning crooked and yellow, brows thickening, and a surge and increase in growth of body hair. The four cavemen surrounded Xander, who chased them away with his lighter, so they ran loose on the streets of Sunnydale. Jack explained to Xander about his plan of vengeance against snobby college students and that he learned this potion from his brother-in-law, a warlock. Xander was upset that he served the beer to Buffy, but Jack said the effects would wear off in a day or so.[1]

Buffy Summers beer bad 2

Buffy has a milder transformation into a cavewoman.

Meanwhile, Buffy had a milder transformation in relation to the four men, as she had consumed less beer in the night before. Her hair grew longer and disheveled, and her behavior was more violent and impulsive. Buffy also talked only in simple incomplete phrases and drew on her dorm's walls alike prehistorical cave paintings. She retained her feelings and memories in this state, associating Parker as "bad" and her identity as the Slayer as being "strong."[1]

The four loose cavemen invaded the Grotto bar, where they knocked Willow and Parker unconscious and accidentally started a fire. Outside, Xander caught up with Buffy and they rushed to help when they saw smoke. Though afraid of the flames and unable to figure out how to use an extinguisher, Buffy saved Willow and — after hitting him — Parker. Outside, Parker thanked Buffy for saving his life and apologized to her, but she then knocked him unconscious by hitting him with her club again.[1] Buffy soon reverted to her human self again.[2]