Buffy: “Anyway, you can't blame me for being critical. Willow's the same way when we watch movies about witches, isn't she Xander?
Xander: “What? Oh-yeah… She's all "What's that? A Cauldron? Who uses a cauldron anymore?
Buffy Summers and Xander Harris.[src]

A cauldron was a type of pot commonly used as a cooking vessel, but more importantly used by Witches to mix magical ingredients together to brew potions and cast certain spells. According to Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, a witch herself, claimed that cauldrons were outdated. But this proved to be quite untrue, as they were still used in the 21st century.[1]

Despite their popular usage, cauldrons weren't necessary in using magic as mixing bowls[2], chalices [3] and even beakers [4][5] have been used when casting spells. 





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