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Very sweet she was - like clover and honey.

Catherine Manners was the wife of Holland Manners, who was several years older than her.


Help us.
―Catherine to Angel[src]

Catherine helped Holland arrange a wine tasting at his mansion to celebrate what Holland considered a success regarding the firm's plans for Angel. She was severely injured by Drusilla, who bit her after she invited her and Darla to enter the Manners mansion, ignoring the fact that the two women were vampires. When Angel arrived at the mansion, seeking out Darla and Dru, Catherine begged him for help, thus allowing him entrance. However, Angel did not help Holland, instead locking him and his employees with the two vampires inside Holland's wine cellar. It is unknown if she died from her wounds, survived and managed to escape, or if Darla and Drusilla eventually killed her after they finished killing the other employees.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Katherine Ann McGregor.